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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Final voting figures released

THE Tasmanian Electoral Commission has tonight announced the names of the successful candidates elected to the Derwent Valley Council for the next four years. They are, in the order of election:

  1. Martyn Evans
  2. Paul Belcher
  3. Julie Triffett
  4. Ben Shaw
  5. Damian Bester
  6. Frank Pearce
  7. James Graham
  8. Barry Lathey

The election of councillors (above) is conducted separately to the elections for mayor and deputy mayor, which saw Cr Evans returned as mayor for a third time while newcomer Ben Shaw replaces and Cr Barry Lathey as deputy mayor.

All current councillors suffered a reduction in their previous levels of voter support and five councillors have lost their seats. Final voting figures for all 19 candidates have been released tonight and are as follows:

  1. Cr Martyn Evans 722
  2. Paul Belcher 396
  3. Julie Triffett 284
  4. Ben Shaw 267
  5. Cr Damian Bester 247
  6. Frank Pearce 237
  7. Cr James Graham 212
  8. Tim Morris 189
  9. Scott Shaw 155
  10. Jamie Hill 164
  11. Cr Barry Lathey 154
  12. Cr Chris Lester 146
  13. Cr Tony Nicholson 137
  14. Anne Salt 131
  15. Kylie Farrell 114
  16. Philip Bingley 101
  17. Cr Judy Bromfield 57
  18. Cr Wayne Shoobridge 34
  19. Jo Bilinski 15

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