Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Eagles storm into sixth grand final

NEW Norfolk showed yet again that it is the side to beat for this year’s Southern Football League premiership when it totally outplayed Lindisfarne at home on Saturday, powering to an impressive 97 point win in a very dominant display.

The Eagles showed they meant business in the first term as they pressured the Two Blues all over the ground and really asserted their authority. With some late goals they moved to a well-deserved 21 point lead at the first change.

The second term saw New Norfolk really up the pressure and Lindisfarne could only manage a point and looked totally outclassed all over the ground.  The Eagles piled on six unanswered goals and moved to a match-winning lead of 64 points at the main break as a shell shocked Lindisfarne could find no way to get back into the game.

The Two Blues were a little bit more competitive in the second half, kicking six goals, but they allowed the Eagles to cruise home with a further 10 majors in the second half to show the opposition - and other sides still in the finals - that when they play their best football they are a class above any side in the competition.

New Norfolk had plenty of good players with Nathan Ross outstanding all day. He set up many scoring opportunities for his team mates and he was well supported by key forward Gardam with five goals, and Thompson and Wilson with three each. Other good players for the Eagles were Wardlaw and Rainbird in a very even team performance. New Norfolk’s other key forward Josh Hall had three goals early in the second term but left the ground with an injury which would cause major concerns for New Norfolk coach Jon Murray.

Good players for Lindisfarne were hard to find however Edmonston, Phillips and Blazely were their best as a lot of their recognised star players were extremely quiet and will need to bounce back this weekend.

New Norfolk now enjoys a bye that allows the Eagles to sit back and watch Lindisfarne and Claremont fight it out for a shot in the grand final at KGV in a fortnight's time. The colts are also through to the grand final but the reserves will have to  meet Brighton in the preliminary final at 2pm on Saturday.

New Norfolk  4.3,  10.11,  16.15,  21.16  (142) 
Lindisfarne  1.0,  1.1,  4.1,  7.3  (45) 
Goals - New Norfolk: Z. Gardam 5, M. Thompson 3, C. Wilson 3, J. Hall 3, N. Ross 2, N. Clayton 2,
B. Lovell, B. Booth, S. Hall; Lindisfarne: M. McCulloch 2, M. Howell 2, D. Crawford, M. Phillips, R. Edmondson.
Best - New Norfolk: N. Ross, C. Wilson, M. Thompson, Z. Gardam, B. Wardlaw, T. Rainbird; Lindisfarne: R. Edmondson, B. Phillips, D. Blazely, J. Ford, M. Howell, M. McCulloch.

Claremont  1.2,  5.5,  8.9,  14.9  (93) 
New Norfolk  2.5,  5.5,  7.5,  8.7  (55) 
Goals - Claremont: S. Webster 6, T. Kelly 3, M. Carr 2, N. Burdon, A. Robinson, B. Nightingale; New Norfolk: K. Cashion 4, B. Chaplin 2, D. Triffett, D. Triffett.
Best - Claremont: N. Burdon, B. Nightingale, J. Atkin, T. Kelly, B. Steele, S. Webster; New Norfolk: P. Ross, T. Triffett, K. Cashion, L. Browning, N. Lester, J. Murray.

New Norfolk  4.2,  6.4,  9.5,  11.6  (72) 
Dodges Ferry  3.0,  3.0,  5.1,  6.4  (40)
Goals - New Norfolk: J. County 4, C. Neads 2, B. Ransley, H. Bielleman, J. Whitford-Marriott, K. Walker, J. Banks-Smith; Dodges Ferry: L. Edwards 2, J. Booth, L. McLean, H. Davis, B. Richmond.
Best - New Norfolk: R. Wakefield, B. King, J. Eiszele, J. Daley, H. Bielleman, T. Purdon; Dodges Ferry: C. Thiessen, C. Britten, J. Bowling, M. Hammer, C. Blackley, J. Booth.

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