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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Eagles now on five flags from six starts

Best on ground: Nathan Ross.
New Norfolk 28.9 (177) d Claremont 14.10 (94)
NEW Norfolk easily defeated a gallant Claremont in Saturday’s SFL grand final, running out winners by 83 points in a display that showed once again why the Eagles are the dominant side in the competition.

Everyone expected Claremont to come out firing in the first term if they were to win this game and they had full ascendancy for most of the quarter, kicking seven goals and grabbing a 20-point lead at the first change.

After a blast from coach Murray the Eagles responded like the champion side they are in the second term, kicking seven goals to one as they moved to a 15-point lead at the main break. They were starting to win the centre clearances and with the onballers creating havoc their key forwards were starting to dominate the game.

Michael Thompson and his
dad Hedley Thompson.
In the premiership quarter where most grand finals are decided the Eagles decided to make a statement and shell-shocked a Claremont side which again had a bad lapse allowing the sharp shooting New Norfolk side to kick 12 unanswered goals. The game was well and truly over at three quarter time with New Norfolk leading by 88 points as it appeared Claremont was out of its depth and had conceded defeat.

The last term faded out as it appeared the New Norfolk boys were already celebrating their win and Claremont was able to kick six goals in junk time to make the scoreboard more respectable. There is no denying New Norfolk’s third premiership in a row and five flags in the last six years prove what a dominant side they are and all avenues point to more success for this powerful club.

Claremont was clearly the second best side in the competition this year but they were not able to match New Norfolk's depth and experience on the big stage.

Brothers Josh and Sam Hall
The best player for the Eagles was their champion player Nathan Ross who dominated all over the ground and really stood up to set them alight in the third term, eventually kicking six goals. This shows the strength of New Norfolk as he was a late starter to the season.  Other good players were Josh Hall who finished a fine game with eight goals and he was well supported by Clayton, Wardlaw and Eizsele while forward opportunist Gardham finished with five goals.

Best players for Claremont were Grant, Butterworth, Spencer and Kamaric whilst Bennett was their leading goal scorer with three goals all kicked in the first term.

New Norfolk      4.0,  11.2,  23.4,  28.9  (177) 
Claremont          7.2,  8.5,  8.6,  14.10  (94) 
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Hall 8, N. Ross 6, Z. Gardam 5, B. Booth 3, N. Clayton 2, T. Rainbird, M. Thompson, B. Wardlaw, J. Clifford; Claremont: A. Bennett 3, D. Hunt 2, N. Brown 2, N. Matthews 2, T. Kelly, T. Arnold, S. Jones, J. Gillie, P. Bedford.
Best - New Norfolk: N. Ross, J. Hall, N. Clayton, B. Wardlaw, N. Eiszele, R. Belcher; Claremont: J. Grant, T. Butterworth, S. Spencer, D. Kamaric, B. Sweeney, S. Jones.

Mercury newspaper reporting of the win and the aftermath.

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