Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Colts final in review

Dodges Ferry 11.4 (70) defeated New Norfolk 9.11 (65)
NEW Norfolk's quest to win three premierships in the one day was derailed early on when the colts side was defeated by a dominant Dodges Ferry in the last quarter of the first match of the day on Saturday. he Sharks ran out winners by 5 points in a thrilling game.

It was a very even game of football to kick of SFL grand final day at KGV Oval. In the first half no side could get a real advantage. At the first-quarter break the Eagles held a narrow three-point lead and the game could go either way.

New Norfolk slowly got the upper hand towards the end of the third term and they moved to an 11-point lead and appeared to be finishing the stronger side.

In a nail biting final quarter, Dodges Ferry with more accurate kicking finished with four last term goals to get with their noses in front of unlucky New Norfolk whose inaccurate kicking for goal probably cost them the premiership. It was a thrilling end as the Sharks ran out winners by five points.

Best players for the Sharks were Davis, Edwards, Wilson and McKnight whilst Wilkinson was their leading scorer with four goals. Best for the disappointed New Norfolk side were Wakefield, Hodge, Neads with three goals, and Chaplin.

Dodges Ferry             3.0,  5.3,  7.3,  11.4  (70) 
New Norfolk             2.4,  5.6,  8.8,  9.11  (65) 
Goals - Dodges Ferry: B. Wilkinson 4, L. Edwards 3, C. Blackley 2, J. Wilson, J. Booth; New Norfolk: C. Neads 3, J. Banks-Smith 3, H. Bielleman, J. County, B. Chaplin. 
Best - Dodges Ferry: H. Davis, L. Edwards, J. Wilson, T. McKnight, B. Wilkinson, T. Sutton; New Norfolk: R. Wakefield, B. Hodge, C. Neads, B. Chaplin, T. Purdon, H. Bielleman. 

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