Monday, August 18, 2014

New Norfolk's big win in final round

Southern Football League
Round 18 review
By Gary Williams

New Norfolk 23.16 (154) d Dodges Ferry 4.4 (28)
NEW Norfolk sewed up top position on the ladder with percentage and were never going to let Dodges Ferry into the game on Saturday. The Eagles as they showed their class in a great tune up for the finals series, defeating an extremely disappointing Dodges Ferry by 126 points.

New Norfolk hit the ground full of running and played all over its opponents. Despite missing several easy shots at goal the Eagles were still able to move to a 35 point lead at quarter time and looked in total control.

The Eagles continued their dominance in the second term, allowing Dodges Ferry to only kick two goals to half time as they showed the difference between the top side and their fifth-placed opponent, racing away to at 80-point lead at the main break.

The second half was similar style of play as the Sharks could not penetrate any scoring opportunity as New Norfolk’s defence was rock solid. While they dropped off in the last term the Eagles still celebrated a great tune up for their finals campaign.

New Norfolk had a lot of good players but Josh Hall was again outstanding with 10 goals to reach the magical 100 goals for the season in a great year. Hall will be a key player in New Norfolk’s finals campaign. Other good players for the Eagles were Horne, Clayton who finished with three goals, Booth and Heron in an even team performance.

Best players for the Sharks were hard to find however captain Curran, Scott and Sutton were their best and they will need a lot of improvement if they are to win their first final this weekend.

New Norfolk 6.5, 14.8, 20.12, 23.16 (154)
Dodges Ferry 1.0, 2.0, 3.2, 4.4 (28)
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Hall 10, N. Clayton 3, B. Ransley 3, M. Thompson 3, C. Wilson, N. Ross, B. Booth, A. Tonks; Dodges Ferry: J. Curran, J. Scott, R. Sutton, I. Bennett.
Best - New Norfolk: M. Horne, N. Clayton, B. Booth, R. Heron, S. Crane, C. Wilson; Dodges Ferry: T. Little, J. Curran, R. Dann, M. Cusick, R. Sutton, N. Griffith.

New Norfolk 8.0, 15.5, 20.9, 23.9 (147)
Dodges Ferry 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 1.1 (7)
Goals - New Norfolk: K. Cashion 13, T. Triffett 3, A. Minchin, B. Kaye, D. Triffett, L. Menzie, P. Ross, J. Murray, N. Lester; Dodges Ferry: M. O'Donovan.
Best - New Norfolk: K. Cashion, P. Ross, A. Minchin, L. Browning, N. Lester, B. Chaplin; Dodges Ferry: N. Parker, S. Monson, J. White, M. McLoud, T. Bluett, M. O'Donovan.

New Norfolk 2.0, 5.2, 6.4, 12.4 (76)
Dodges Ferry 1.1, 2.1, 3.4, 3.5 (23)
Goals - New Norfolk: J. County 6, C. Neads 3, B. Elliott, R. Wakefield, J. Whitford-Marriott; Dodges Ferry: J. Wilson 2, L. McLean.
Best - New Norfolk: C. Neads, T. Gray, B. Coles, J. Daley, K. Walker, R. Wakefield; Dodges Ferry: J. Bowling, J. Wilson, J. Booth, H. Davis, L. McLean, J. Williams.


Lindisfarne 19.18 (132) d Brighton 8.14 (62)
LINDISFARNE took on sixth-placed Brighton and recorded a great win to sew up third position on the ladder and the all-important double chance. Brighton finished a promising season with eight wins - just outside the top five.

Claremont 21.12 (138) d Sorell 8.8 (56)
CLAREMONT took on the lowly-placed Sorell and should have won by a lot more than 82 points. Coach Excell will be disappointed with this tune up for the finals as the Magpies have a much tougher contest at home this weekend against Lindisfarne. Sorell's season ends with four wins.

East Coast 25.18 (168) d Hobart 4.9 (33)
EAST Coast had a great tune up for the finals, thrashing a disappointing Hobart by 135 points at the TCA. The win was not enough to get the Bombers the double chance as they finished fourth on the ladder by percentage. Hobart finished its first year back in the SFL with four wins.

Huonville 12.14 (86) d Cygnet 7.9 (51)
IN the battle for the wooden spoon, Huonville proved superior on its home ground, kicking away in the second half to record a 35-point win in a great display against a disappointing Cygnet. Huonville celebrated its third win of the season in a promising display, while Cygnet ends the season with only one win.

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