Saturday, July 19, 2014

Today's footy previews

By Gary Williamson

New Norfolk v Lindisfarne
TOP-PLACED placed New Norfolk plays at home today, taking on third-placed Lindisfarne in a game that should show the gap between the top two sides and the other premiership contenders.

New Norfolk was menacing last weekend away from home against Cygnet. The Eagles allowed the home side to kick only one goal for the game and whilst they would have liked a much harder contest they have now been able to rest players and allow others to get back into form and fitness. New Norfolk is a formidable side and will relish a quality side in Lindisfarne today.

Lindisfarne has also been in great form in recent weeks and will really look for an upset win to hang on to third position on the ladder. The Two Blues need to restructure their side and try to stop New Norfolk’s powerful marking forwards Gardam, Hall and Thompson. But they must not under-estimate New Norfolk's smaller players who have been crumbing the ball and kicking running goals at will in recent weeks.

The Two Blues have been playing great defensive football and really strangling the opposition sides but they may find this a difficult task on the wide open spaces of the Boyer Oval. Lindisfarne needs to get off to a good start and attempt to play possession football. It must keep the ball wide and not give New Norfolk the opportunity to use its marking power and strength around the ground if the Two Blues are to stay in the game for long periods.

You would expect the home side to record a comfortable victory at home as they strive to play quality opposition to test their ability and it will be interesting to see how close Lindisfarne can get to New Norfolk today.

Sorell v Brighton
SORELL is back at home and looking to record its fourth win of the season when it takes on Brighton in what appears a fairly even contest today. Both sides should be desperate to record a win late in the season as neither side is in finals contention. The team that takes its opportunities and put some scoreboard pressure on the other side should take the points. Perhaps Sorell with a home ground advantage may sneak over the line in a very close contest.

Claremont v Cygnet
CLAREMONT looks set for another big victory when it takes on last-placed Cygnet in what appears to be another very one sided game today. You would expect the Claremont Magpies to record another big victory at home but let’s hope Cygnet can generate some scoring opportunities as they still have a few winnable games towards the end of the season.

Hobart v Huonville
HOBART stays at home to take on fellow struggling side Huonville in a game that should be close for most of the day as both sides are desperate to record another four points before the season ends. In a game that could go either way, perhaps Huonville is hitting better form towards the end of the season than the Hobart side and make take the points. However, a win for Hobart would not surprise the football public.

Dodges Ferry v East Coast
DODGES Ferry faces a real challenge at home today as it takes on the fourth-placed East Coast Bombers in what appears to be a very even game. These two sides are the most likely to meet in the elimination final in a few weeks’ time. The home side may have a little advantage towards the end of the game and may take the points in a game that should be decided by under a goal.

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