Monday, July 7, 2014

Huge win for New Norfolk at Pontville

By Gary Williamson

New Norfolk 29.19 (193) defeated Brighton  6.8 (44)
NEW Norfolk continued their recent dominance and showed no mercy for arch-rival Brighton on Saturday. The Eagles travelled down to the Pontville oval and gave their neighbours a thrashing, eventually running out winners by 149 points in a one sided display.

The powerful Eagles were never going to let the young Robins into the contest and with a blistering first quarter dominance of 10 majors, they played all over their rivals and looked in for a big win as they raced to a match-winning lead of 60 points at the first change. Brighton increased the pressure in the second term and started to match its more fancied rivals during periods of the quarter but lapsed later and gave the Eagles some easy goals as they increased their lead to 100 points.

The third quarter saw Brighton kick four majors against New Norfolk’s five to stem the flow of goals and show some real character and endeavour. But the opposition was far too strong and experienced and their skilful players really started to take over in the last term as they showed the difference between the top side and Brighton who are just outside the top five.

Best players for the Eagles were young Booth who finished a fine game with five goals. He was well supported by Wardlaw, Crane and Belcher (five goals) along with the other key forward Josh Hall who continued his recent impressive form with a further bag of five goals. Best for Brighton were Burgess, Millhouse and Daly.

New Norfolk 10.7,  17.13,  22.14,  29.19 (193)
Brighton 1.1,  2.3,  6.4,  6.8 (44)
Goals - New Norfolk: B. Booth 6, R. Belcher 5, J. Hall 5, B. Chaplin 2, C. Wilson 2, M. Thompson 2, S. Hall 2, A. Tonks 2, J. McCulloch, J. Banks-Smith, B. Wardlaw; Brighton: T. Ford, K. Clark, J. Tubb, H. Parker, B. Manten, D. Newton.
Best - New Norfolk: B. Booth, B. Wardlaw, S. Crane, R. Belcher, R. Heron, N. Eiszele; Brighton: W. Burgess, T. Millhouse, C. Daly, N. Daly, A. Collis, A. Percy.

New Norfolk 4.2,  11.4,  14.6,  16.10 (106)
Brighton  4.2,  4.4,  6.5,  7.7 (49)
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Whitford-Marriott 5, P. Ross 4, B. Chaplin 3, D. Triffett 2, K. Cashion, P. Ling; Brighton: G. Wakefield 4, M. Chivers, A. Matcham, J. Mason.
Best - New Norfolk: J. Taylor-Evans, P. Ross, A. Minchin, J. Whitford-Marriott, S. Bonnitcha, B. Chaplin;
Brighton: B. Plunkett, L. McCarthy, A. Matcham, A. McCarthy, C. Fisher.

New Norfolk 4.7,  8.10,  11.17,  16.22 (118)
Brighton 1.0,  2.1,  2.2,  3.3 (21)
Goals - New Norfolk: J. County 4, C. Neads 3, B. Ransley 3, J. Whitford-Marriott 2, B. King 2, B. Elliott, J. Daley; Brighton: J. Walker 2, B. Whyte.
Best - New Norfolk: J. Whitford-Marriott, B. King, T. Purdon, J. County, R. Wakefield, T. Gray; Brighton:
B. Whyte, S. Tubb, B. Holmes, M. Howlett, J. Walker, J. Davie.


Claremont 23.14 (152) defeated Dodges Ferry 6.7 (43)
SECOND-PLACED Claremont travelled down to Shark Park in what looked set to be a danger game, but the Magpies showed their class and the huge gap between the top two sides and the other teams in the top five when they trashed a disappointing fourth-placed Dodges Ferry and ran out winners by 109 points.

East Coast 15.27 (117) defeated Cygnet 10.13 (73)
THE East Coast Bombers were back at home and looking for a big win over the lowly Cygnet but they kicked poorly for goal in difficult conditions before eventually defeating a gallant Port by 44 points.

Sorell 18.8 (116) defeated Hobart 11.9 (75)  
SORELL travelled up to the TCA to take on Hobart in what appeared to be a fairly even game until the young Eagles showed their improvement from the previous week’s game against Dodges Ferry and easily defeated a disappointing Hobart by 41 points in their best performance for the season.

Lindisfarne 22.23.155 defeated Huonville  9.2.56
LINDISFARNE continued its recent good form and showed no signs of weariness when it travelled down to Huonville to run out winners by 99 points in a one sided display. Despite the win, the Two Blues kicked poorly and the winning margin should have been a lot greater.

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