Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Huge victory for New Norfolk at Cygnet

By Gary Williamson

New Norfolk 39.23 (257) defeated Cygnet 1.2 (8)
TOP side New Norfolk travelled down to Cygnet on Saturday and showed no signs of complacency as it they slammed on 11 goals in the first term to blow away the home side. After quickly reaching a 67-point lead the only interest in the game was the final winning margin to the powerful Eagles side.

The rest of the game was completely dominated by the Eagles. While the home side was only able to kick two points for the last three quarters, New Norfolk piled on a further 28 majors to race away to a huge percentage-boosting lead. New Norfolk remains on top of the ladder on percentage.

Eagles coach Jon Murray would be happy that his team showed killer instinct to really nullify the opposition but I’m sure they would appreciate a much harder challenge. Port coach Tyrell will need to regroup his charges to regain some confidence and try to sneak another win before the end of the season to climb off the bottom of the ladder.

Good players for New Norfolk were plentiful with Wilson the standout up forward with four goals. He was well supported by Horne, Josh Hall (eight goals), Zeke Gardham (nine goals) and young Wardlaw who continued his good form. Direen, Doran and Brereton were the best for the Port as they struggled to match the top side in the competition.

New Norfolk 11.7,  16.12,  29.17,  39.23 (257)
Cygnet 1.0,  1.2,  1.2,  1.2 (8)
Goals - New Norfolk: Z. Gardam 9, J. Hall 8, C. Wilson 4, B. Lovell 3, R. Belcher 3, J. Clifford 3, S. Bonnitcha 2, M. Thompson 2, J. Horne 2, M. Horne, B. Wardlaw, R. Heron; Cygnet: J. Direen.
Best - New Norfolk: C. Wilson, M. Horne, J. Hall, Z. Gardam, B. Wardlaw, M. Thompson; Cygnet:
M. Direen, J. Doyle, G. Brereton, A. Palmer, R. Jennings.

New Norfolk 3.2,  9.2,  13.4,  18.5 (113)
Cygnet 1.2,  2.4,  3.5,  4.6 (30)
Goals - New Norfolk: B. Chaplin 6, B. Chaplin 2, K. Cashion 2, D. Triffett 2, S. Triffitt, J. Murray, J. Papera, J. Kelly, J. Taylor-Evans, T. Triffett; Cygnet: J. Shields 2, J. Direen, B. Carver.
Best - New Norfolk: J. Kelly, B. Chaplin, P. Ross, J. Taylor-Evans, D. Walsh, K. Cashion; Cygnet: C. Polley, H. Thorp, J. Shields, T. Bannister, J. Direen, A. Paul.

New Norfolk 9.5,  20.10,  29.17,  40.21 (261)
Cygnet 0.0,  0.0,  0.1,  1.1 (7)
Goals - New Norfolk: J. County 20, J. Daley 4, B. Ransley 4, C. Neads 3, J. Foster 2, H. Bielleman 2, K. Walker 2, A. Pearton, J. Evans, J. Whitford-Marriott; Cygnet: J. Bester.
Best - New Norfolk: J. County, J. Whitford-Marriott, H. Bielleman, J. Daley, J. Foster, D. Smith; Cygnet: B. Gordon, T. Cowen, R. Polley, R. Dobie, J. Parker, J. Bester.


Claremont 33.27 (255) defeated Hobart 1.0 (6)
CLAREMONT continued its recent good form as it showed Hobart no mercy and allowed them to kick only one goal for the entire game on Saturday, dominating every quarter and eventually running out winners by 249 points in a very one-sided affair.

Dodges Ferry 8.16 (64)  defeated Brighton 4.8 (32)
Dodges Ferry travelled to Pontvillle to take on Brighton in what appeared a danger game for the Sharks, but their strong defensive game did not allow the home side to get into the game at any stage. Dodges recorded an impressive 32-point win in a great display.

East Coast 16.8 (104) defeated Huonville 10.12 (72)
THE East Coast Bombers travelled to Huonville expecting a percentage-boosting victory, but the home side put up an improved performance and really took it up to their more fancied rivals before eventually going down by 32 points in an entertaining game.

Lindisfarne 16.23 (119) defeated Sorell 3.5 (23)
LINDISDFARNE continues its recent good form but inaccuracy again cost them a much larger victory as they displayed a good defensive performance at home and allowed the opposition to only kick three goals while the Two Blues powered away to a 96-point win which cemented their position to third on the ladder and gives them a healthy percentage advantage over their rivals.

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