Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Seventh win for the Eagles


New Norfolk 22.25 (157) defeated Sorell 4.6 (30)
NEW Norfolk travelled down to Pembroke Park to take on Sorell and showed no fear. After a dominant first quarter where they kicked five unanswered goals, New Norfolk raced to a 36-point lead and looked to have the game well at hand at quarter time.

Sorell played a more defensive game in the second quarter and whilst they held the high-scoring New Norfolk to only four goals they did not appear to have any structure up forward and the game was over at half-time with the visitors leading by 60 points and a big win was assured. The second half was all New Norfolk but they still regularly miss easy shots at goal and some goal kicking looks to be on the agenda for coach Jon Murray.

Best players for the New Norfolk were Clifford, Horne, Belcher and Josh Hall who kicked six goals and was well supported by fellow forward Wilson with six. Gardam kicked three and continued his fine season.. Best for Sorell were Chapman, Taylor, Evans and Pace.

New Norfolk 5.8 9.14 13.21 22.25 (157)
Sorell 0.2 1.2 2.4 4.6 (30)
Goals - New Norfolk: C. Wilson 6, J. Hall 6, Z. Gardam 3, R. Belcher 2, M. Thompson 2, J. Banks-
Smith, B. Booth, M. Horne; Sorell: C. Howlett 2, W. Lyon, B. Pace.
Best - New Norfolk: J. Clifford, M. Horne, R. Belcher, J. Hall, B. Lovell, C. Wilson; Sorell: D. Chapman, J. Taylor-Evans, J. Chapman, B. Pace, D. Lewis, R. Mills.

New Norfolk 3.3 6.5 10.6 15.9 (99)
Sorell 3.1 6.4 9.6 9.6 (60)
Goals - New Norfolk: K. Cashion 7, R. Thompson 2, A. Minchin, A. Pearton, P. Ling, B. King, S. Triffitt, S. Bonnitcha; Sorell: D. Navickas 2, S. Cleary 2, M. Hawkins 2, K. Barwick, A. Mills, A. Priest.
Best - New Norfolk: T. Purdon, Z. Graham, K. Cashion, T. Triffett, S. Bonnitcha, A. Minchin; Sorell:
M. Hawkins, N. Kane, T. Pears, R. Williams, D. Navickas, I. Bateman.

New Norfolk 3.7 7.12 12.13 16.13 (109)
Sorell 0.2 3.2 5.2 7.3 (45)
Goals - New Norfolk: J. County 5, B. Chaplin 2, B. Ransley 2, J. Whitford-Marriott, R. Wakefield,
K. Walker, C. Neads, C. Stewart, K. Tomkinson, D. Smith; Sorell: I. Bateman 2, R. Scott 2, B. Klok, M. Braithwaite, C. Rosendale.
Best - New Norfolk: R. Wakefield, J. County, T. Gray, H. Bielleman, K. Walker; Sorell: I. Bateman, E.
Batchelor, B. Klok, R. Scott, J. Bateman.


Brighton 13.21 (99) defeated Huonville 9.10 (64)
BRIGHTON continued their recent good form and remain two games out of the top five after a dominant display at home other than their inaccuracy in front of goal. They eventually defeated Huonville by 61 points in a one-sided affair.

Claremont  24.13 (157) defeated  East Coast 9.5 (59)
CLAREMONT finally pulled together four dominant quarters and really made a statement to the East Coast Bombers to show them how far they are away from the top two sides. With a brilliant display at home, the Magpies eventually ran out comfortable winners by 98 points.

Dodges Ferry 19.14 (128) defeated Hobart 8.6 (54)
DODGES Ferry bounced back after last week’s disappointing performance against New Norfolk and showed no fear against an improving Hobart at the TCA, eventually running out winners by 74 points to move a game clear in third position on the ladder.

Lindisfarne 30.15 (195) defeated Cygnet 8.4 (52)
LINDISFARNE did not allow Cygnet to get into the game as they came out of the sheds full of running and with an accurate display raced to a 25-point lead at the first break. The game was over at half-time when the Two Blues held a 48-point lead. The second half showed why Lindisfarne is right up there with the top sides this season. They had the opportunity to relax but piled on a further 15 goals while holding the opposition to one goal.

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