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Friday, June 20, 2014

It's on! New Norfolk v Claremont


New Norfolk v Claremont

IN the clash of the season, second-placed New Norfolk takes on the undefeated Claremont in what will probably be a preview of this year’s grand final as both sides have clearly dominated the first half of the season.

The Eagles are coming off a big win at home last weekend. Similarly, the Magpies have also suffered too many easy wins in recent weeks. Both sides have been able to kick big scores in recent weeks and with multiple goal kickers up forward the game will be decided in the midfield battles.

Claremont will need to restructure its side against New Norfolk’s key marking forwards, especially as Hall has now got back into top form. The Pies may need to push forward Hunt to the backline to stem the flow if New Norfolk gets a run on.

The Eagles will also need to do their homework as Claremont may have a slight edge in running ability and key players around the contest. It will be a test of the players' nerves and the coaches skills as any small advantage may win out the day.

In a game that should be close all day, perhaps the New Norfolk side with the advantage of a vocal home crowd may get the points. However a victory for the Magpies would not surprise the footy public.

East Coast v Brighton
EAST Coast remains at home for the second week in a row to take on the improving Brighton in a danger game for the Bombers as they have been plagued by inconsistent form in recent weeks and really need to put together four good quarters of football. If the Robins get their running game going and their small players find space then an upset could be on the cards.

Lindisfarne v Hobart
LINDISFARNE will be looking to cement its position of third on the ladder when it takes on a struggling Hobart. It will be interesting to see if the young Tigers can put up a better fight early in the game however one expects Lindisfarne to be far too strong.

Sorell v Cygnet
SORELL is back on home ground and hoping to secure its second win of the season when it takes on last-placed Cygnet. In a game that would be close all day, perhaps the home ground advantage may give Sorell the edge but any lapses of concentration could see a hungry Port side take the points and jump above them on the ladder.

Dodges Ferry v Huonville
DODGES Ferry will be looking to cement its position in the top five when it takes on an under-manned Huonville in what looks like a very one sided affair. While the Sharks will be hungry to record a big victory it would be good to see the young Lions side be a bit more competitive.


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