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Monday, June 30, 2014

Road weather alert

Road Weather Alert

for Upper Derwent Valley, Central Plateau, Central North, North East, Midlands and East Coast and forecast districts
Issued at 9.15pm on Monday 30 June 2014.

Icy roads will make driving conditions dangerous during Tuesday in parts of the Central North, North East, Central Plateau, Midlands, East Coast and Upper Derwent Valley forecast districts.

For information on any road closures, please contact your local council or the Police.

The next alert will be issued by 5am Tuesday.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Weather warnings tonight and tomorrow

Road weather alert | Bushwalkers Alert

Road Weather Alert

for the Upper Derwent Valley, Central Plateau, Midlands, East Coast and South East forecast districts
Issued at 10.04pm on Sunday 29 June 2014.

Icy roads will make driving conditions dangerous during Sunday and Monday morning in parts of the Central Plateau, Midlands, East Coast, Upper Derwent Valley and South East forecast districts.

For information on any road closures, please contact your local council or the Police.

The next alert will be issued by 5am Monday.

Bush Walkers Weather Alert

for the Central Plateau forecast district
Issued at 10.04pm on Sunday 29 June 2014.

Bushwalkers are advised that snow as low as 700 metres is expected during Sunday and Monday morning. These hazardous conditions are expected to occur in parts of the Central Plateau forecast district.

The next warning will be issued by 5am Monday.

New Norfolk noodle news

A NOODLE bar is one of two takeaway food businesses granted approval to open in vacant shops in High St, New Norfolk.

The Derwent Valley Council last week approved development applications for an Asian-style noodle restaurant and existing cafe seeking to relocate to High St.

The council has approved the former Wigston's shop at 63 High St to be converted from retail to a takeaway food shop. The shop has been vacant since Wigston's Sports relocated to 2 High St a year ago. The developers propose to open a takeaway noodle business.

Meanwhile, the popular The Cake Lady business is to relocate from its small shop in Charles St, New Norfolk, to larger premises in central High St. Proprietor Jean Roper has secured a central site opposite Banjo's Bakery Cafe.

The Cake Lady will move from 12 Charles St to 33 High St, premises which were occupied by Country Florals Florist for a long time and some will recall as the location of the fish and chip shop known as Jackson's or Jim and Stan's.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Weekend weather warnings

Bushwalkers Alert | Road Weather Alert | Strong Wind Alert | Small Craft Alert

Bush Walkers Weather Alert

for the Central Plateau forecast district
Issued at 7.21pm on Saturday 28 June 2014.

Bush walkers are advised that snow as low as 600 metres is expected during Sunday. These hazardous conditions are expected to occur in parts of the Central Plateau forecast district.

The next warning will be issued by 11pm Saturday.

Road Weather Alert

for the Central Plateau, Central North, North East, Midlands and East Coast forecast districts
Issued at 5.16pm on Saturday 28 June 2014.

Icy roads will make driving conditions dangerous early Sunday in parts of the Central North, North East, Central Plateau, Midlands and East Coast forecast districts.

For information on any road closures, please contact your local council or the Police.

The next alert will be issued by 11pm Saturday.

Marine Wind Warning

Issued at 4.07pm on Saturday 28 June 2014
for the period until midnight Sunday 29 June 2014.

Wind Warnings for Sunday, June 29

Strong Wind Warning for the following areas: Derwent Estuary, Frederick Henry Bay and Norfolk Bay, Storm Bay, Channel, Central North Coast, Banks Strait and Franklin Sound, Lower East Coast, South East Coast, South West Coast and Central West Coast

Small Craft Alert for the following area: Central Plateau Lakes

The next marine wind warning summary will be issued by 5am Sunday.

Check the latest Coastal Waters Forecast or Local Waters Forecast for information on wind, wave and weather conditions for these coastal zones.

Three big wins for the Eagles

TODAY'S SFL matches at Boyer Oval resulted in three huge wins for New Norfolk over Huonville.

SENIORS: New Norfolk 32.22 (214) d Huonville 4.3 (27)

RESERVES: New Norfolk 25-25 (175) d Huonville 0-0 (0)

COLTS: New Norfolk 19.17 (131) d Huonville 5.7 (37)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Weather warnings for tonight and tomorrow

Small Craft Alert | Warning to Sheep Graziers | Bushwalkers Alert

Marine Wind Warning

Issued at 4.07pm on Wednesday 25 June 2014
for the period until midnight Thursday 26 June 2014.

Small Craft Alert for the following areas: Central Plateau Lakes and South West Lakes

Warning to Sheep Graziers

for the Midlands, Central North, Upper Derwent Valley, South East, Furneaux Islands, North West Coast and North East forecast districts
Issued at 9.25pm on Wednesday 25 June 2014.

Sheep graziers are warned that cold temperatures, showers and strong westerly winds are expected during Thursday. Areas likely to be affected include the Upper Derwent Valley forecast district and parts of the Midlands, Central North, South East, Furneaux Islands, North West Coast and North East forecast districts. There is a high risk of losses of lambs and sheep exposed to these conditions.

The next warning will be issued by 5am Thursday.

Bush Walkers Weather Alert

for the Western and Central Plateau forecast districts
Issued at 9.25pm on Wednesday 25 June 2014.

Bush walkers are advised that snow as low as 700 metres is expected during Thursday along with strong winds. These hazardous conditions are expected to occur in parts of the Western and Central Plateau forecast districts.

The next warning will be issued by 5am Thursday.

Wind Warnings for Thursday

Strong Wind Warning for the following area: Derwent Estuary
Small Craft Alert for the following areas: Central Plateau Lakes and South West Lakes

The next marine wind warning summary will be issued by 5am Thursday.

Check the latest Coastal Waters Forecast or Local Waters Forecast for information on wind, wave and weather conditions for these coastal zones.

Junior football scores

LATEST results for New Norfolk's junior football teams include:

Kingborough Gold 2.3 3.5 7.7 9.8 (62)
New Norfolk 1.1 2.3 3.5 5.7 (37)
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Morgan 2, S. Upton, J. Graham, J. Guesdon.
Best - New Norfolk: P. Vout, B. Tomlin, J. Hills, W. Lockley, J. Farrow, J. Guesdon.

Lauderdale 1.2 3.2 4.5 8.6 (54)
New Norfolk 2.2 3.5 3.7 5.9 (39)
Goals - New Norfolk: T. Eiszele 2, A. Long, J. Bearman, S. Schramm.
Best - New Norfolk: T. Eiszele, B. Duncan, R. Franklin, R. Banks-Smith, C. Keleher, J. Bearman.

Lindisfarne 3.4 5.4 9.4 12.7 (79)
New Norfolk 0.2 1.2 1.2 1.4 (10)
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Triffett.
Best - New Norfolk: C. Kemmler, T. Harvey, D. Browning, H. Davis, J. Triffett, Z. Kelly.

Dodges Ferry 3.4 8.6 11.9 13.9 (87)
New Norfolk 1.4 3.5 4.5 4.5 (29)
Goals - New Norfolk: A. Henderson, M. Marriott, R. Blackaby, S. Logan.
Best - New Norfolk: B. Strong, C. Klemke, C. Kelly-Lennox, A. Henderson, R. Blackaby.

Did we miss your team's results? Send them in.

Weekend football scores

Round 10 - 21/06/2014

New Norfolk 3.3  8.6  12.13  17.20 (122)
Claremont 2.3  5.4  5.7  7.7 (49)
Goals - New Norfolk : C. Wilson 5, Z. Gardam 5, N. Clayton 2, J. Hall 2, R. Heron, M. Thompson, R. Belcher; Claremont: N. Brown 2, T. Arnold, S. Salter, D. Hunt, D. Cassidy, N. Matthews.
Best - New Norfolk: B. Lovell, M. Horne, Z. Gardam, C. Wilson, S. Hall, N. Clayton; Claremont: D. Fewkes, J. Grant, S. Salter, T. Butterworth, S. Spencer, B. Sweeney.

New Norfolk 36 points
Claremont 36
Lindisfarne 28
Dodges Ferry 28
East Cst Bombers 28
Brighton 16
Sorell 8
Hobart 8
Huonville 8
Cygnet 4

J. Hall ( New Norfolk) . . . . . . . . (2) 38
D. Hunt (Claremont) . . . . . . . . . (1) 33
C. Wilson (New Norfolk) . . . . . .(5) 30
M. Darcy (Cygnet) . . . . . . . . . . (-) 30
Z. Gardam (New Norfolk) . . . . (5) 30
M. McCulloch (Lindisfarne) . . .(1) 28

New Norfolk v Huonville; Claremont v Brighton; Cygnet v Hobart; Sorell v Dodges Ferry; Lindisfarne v East Coast.

Claremont 3.6  8.7  10.8  13.10 (88)
New Norfolk 1.1  2.2  4.4  6.5 (41)
GOALS - New Norfolk: K. Cashion 4, B. Kaye, T. Triffett; Best - New Norfolk: T. Triffett, K. Cashion, J. Kelly, B. Chaplin, S. Bonnitcha, A. Minchin.

New Norfolk 1.6  3.12  5.14  7.16 (58)
Claremont 1.0  1.0  2.0  4.0 (24)
Goals - New Norfolk: B. Chaplin, J. Foster, J. Daley, B. Ransley, B. Hodge, J. Whitford-Marriott, J. Banks-Smith; Best - New Norfolk: B. King, R. Wakefield, J. Whitford-Marriott, J. Daley, D. Smith, T. Gray.

New Norfolk junior soccer results

REPORTS from New Norfolk's junior soccer coaches:

Under 6 Red played a great game against Glenorchy. Thanks to Hemi and Shaun for helping us out. An excellent job by everyone and congratulations to Hemi and Ruby for their goals. Great teamwork.

Under 6 Black had a great game. Goal kickers: Hemi 2, captain Shaun 2 and Lucas 1.

Under 7 Red played a great game against Derwent United at Tynwald. We had some great goals scored by Tristan, Liam, Anthony and Brady. They are displaying some really great teamwork.

Under 7 Black played a good game at Brighton. It was the team’s first night match with all players showing good teamwork.  Many goals were saved, with Mikayla Bailey playing well in defence and Gemma Whyte playing a good game up forward. Well done team.

Under 8 Red was far too strong for Brighton Gold in the fog at Tynwald. Some great footwork was displayed by all our boys who once again showed they are coming together as a team beautifully. Goals were scored by J'Khobi, Nayte, Jack and Jacob P, who all attacked the ball well. Hamish, Declan, Josh and Jacob W showed some great defensive work and constantly intercepted the ball and sent it back into our attacking half. Thanks to Josh who filled in for us, allowing us to have one sub. A great game and good teamwork.

Under 9 defeated Moonah 5-1 with some awesome teamwork. Well done to Maiken, Oliver, Caleb and Jenny on their goals. Luke stopped some good shots. Thanks to Ella and Abby for playing a half each for Moonah. Well done Caylin who is getting in there and giving it her best. We are all very proud of each of you.

Under 10 had a fantastic morning, winning 15-1 against Dominic Maroon. Our goalkeepers were kept shivering (Alex Mc and Alex B) due to some fantastic defence work by Alex G, Jacob and Ostyn. Our goal kickers were Aidan 4, Ostyn 4, Luke 2, Maddy 2 and Kiara 1. There were another two goals but due to the fog we didn't quite see whose boot they came off. With no subs the team played exceptionally well and ran hard the whole game. Well done everyone, we are so proud of each of you.

Under 11 defeated Brighton Maroon 7-1 at Brighton this morning. Another brilliant full team effort. Goal scorers were Brayden 3, Levi, Jacob, Ella, Dylan. Well done Under 11s.

Under 16 played Southern FC, going down 14-6. The boys showed great determination, having to play the first 15 minutes with only seven players. Then the whole team came together and started to put the pressure on with Jayden Bartels scoring five goals. Nathan Coleman also scored a goal. Great effort team - keep it up.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Council rates up 2.8%



Derwent Valley Council rates will increase by 2.8%, the same as the Hobart CPI increase for the past year.  This along with other measures in the Derwent Valley Council Budget for 2014–15 was passed at the Council Meeting on June 19. For most households this equates to an increase of $30 per year.

Along with the setting of the rates, the Annual Budget includes capital works plans for the coming year, and a number of community projects. “Each year Derwent Valley Council calls for budget submissions from the public, this gives our community the opportunity to put forward infrastructure or community projects for consideration in the coming budget,” Mayor Martyn Evans said.

This year 19 submissions were received, with many of these being funded in part and some fully funded. Projects funded this year include:

  • Equipment for the Maydena swimming pool; 
  • Road overlay and associated works between Grey and Blair Streets;
  • Staged construction of a footpath between Lawitta Rd and Back River Rd,  this will build on funds set aside in the 2013–14 Budget; 
  • Upgrade of the playground at the Esplanade, as recommended in the Spatial Plan Review and supported by community submissions;
  • Investigation into a walkway between Peppermint Hill and Quarry St;
  • Continued support for a number of community events including the Derwent Valley Autumn Festival, Carols by Candlelight, Clean Up Australia Day, Seniors Week; and
  • Support for the Centenary of Anzac

“Budget deliberations were particularly hard this year, we are mindful of keeping rate increases to a minimum while still providing a level of service our community has come to expect.  This task was made harder because of changes to funding in the Financial Assistance Grants that Council receives from the Australian Government. Despite this, Council is very pleased to be able to keep rate increases to a minimum, and still invest in a number of infrastructure and other projects across the municipal area,” Martyn Evans said.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Eagles back on top

SATURDAY'S long-awaited clash with Claremont resulted in a massive win for the Eagles and a return to the top of the SFL ladder.

SENIORS: New Norfolk 17.20 (122) d Claremont 7.7 (49)

RESERVES: Claremont 13.10 (88) d New Norfolk 6.5 (41)

COLTS: New Norfolk 7.16 (58) d Claremont 4.0 (24)

Woolworths development progresses

Progress on the Woolworths development site in New Norfolk yesterday.
Click image to enlarge.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Great win for the Panthers

THE New Norfolk Division 4 team played a great game at home to DOSA/Friends at Tynwald Park today. After a slow first 15 minutes, New Norfolk found its rhythm and began to dominate the ball.

A lot of good play finally led to a goal off the boot of Josh Young which put New Norfolk in front. A few moments later Colin Banks nailed a volley to rival that of Tim Cahill against the Dutch to put the Panthers up by two just before the half time break.

The second half saw the pace quicken and Ollie Chaplin put another two in the back of the net, making the score 4-0 to the home side.  The last 20 minutes was full of opportunities but neither side could capitalise.

Some solid work by New Norfolk’s back line saw the score remain 4-0 at full time. It was a great all-round team performance with everyone playing their part. Next weekend sees New Norfolk on the road to Cygnet. It should be another cracker of a game.

Action from the New Norfolk v DOSA/Friends match at Tynwald today.
Photo by Wade Gleeson.

Belcher sets the pace

This banner greeted Roger Belcher on
arrival at the changerooms at Boyer
Oval yesterday. Photo from the
NNDFC Facebook.
CONGRATULATIONS to long-serving New Norfolk footballer Roger Belcher for breaking the record for the most senior games played for the Eagles.

Having recently equalled the previous record held by the retired great Chris Sproule, Belcher yesterday went one better and set the new record at 265 senior games and the number will only increase over the remainder of his playing days.

Yesterday's issue of the Mercury newspaper featured a story on Belcher's achievement and a lovely photo of the man and his daughters. This can be read online here.

Belcher's record capped a great day for the Eagles, which included a great win over arch-rivals Claremont and a 150 club game milestone for Nic Clayton.

Small craft alert

Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology

Updated Marine Wind Warning Summary

Issued at 5:01am on Sunday 22 June 2014
for the period until midnight Monday 23 June 2014.

Wind Warnings for Sunday 22 June

Small Craft Alert for the following area: Central Plateau Lakes

Wind Warnings for Monday 23 June

Small Craft Alert for the following area: Central Plateau Lakes

The next marine wind warning summary will be issued by 4:05pm Sunday.

Check the latest Coastal Waters Forecast or Local Waters Forecast for information on wind, wave and weather conditions.

Friday, June 20, 2014

It's on! New Norfolk v Claremont


New Norfolk v Claremont

IN the clash of the season, second-placed New Norfolk takes on the undefeated Claremont in what will probably be a preview of this year’s grand final as both sides have clearly dominated the first half of the season.

The Eagles are coming off a big win at home last weekend. Similarly, the Magpies have also suffered too many easy wins in recent weeks. Both sides have been able to kick big scores in recent weeks and with multiple goal kickers up forward the game will be decided in the midfield battles.

Claremont will need to restructure its side against New Norfolk’s key marking forwards, especially as Hall has now got back into top form. The Pies may need to push forward Hunt to the backline to stem the flow if New Norfolk gets a run on.

The Eagles will also need to do their homework as Claremont may have a slight edge in running ability and key players around the contest. It will be a test of the players' nerves and the coaches skills as any small advantage may win out the day.

In a game that should be close all day, perhaps the New Norfolk side with the advantage of a vocal home crowd may get the points. However a victory for the Magpies would not surprise the footy public.

East Coast v Brighton
EAST Coast remains at home for the second week in a row to take on the improving Brighton in a danger game for the Bombers as they have been plagued by inconsistent form in recent weeks and really need to put together four good quarters of football. If the Robins get their running game going and their small players find space then an upset could be on the cards.

Lindisfarne v Hobart
LINDISFARNE will be looking to cement its position of third on the ladder when it takes on a struggling Hobart. It will be interesting to see if the young Tigers can put up a better fight early in the game however one expects Lindisfarne to be far too strong.

Sorell v Cygnet
SORELL is back on home ground and hoping to secure its second win of the season when it takes on last-placed Cygnet. In a game that would be close all day, perhaps the home ground advantage may give Sorell the edge but any lapses of concentration could see a hungry Port side take the points and jump above them on the ladder.

Dodges Ferry v Huonville
DODGES Ferry will be looking to cement its position in the top five when it takes on an under-manned Huonville in what looks like a very one sided affair. While the Sharks will be hungry to record a big victory it would be good to see the young Lions side be a bit more competitive.


Police appeal for burglary witnesses


Police appeal for witnesses to New Norfolk coin burglary

Tasmania Police are investigating a burglary at the Star and Garter Hotel in New Norfolk.

Large amounts of gold coins in calico bags were taken when the glass front door of the hotel was smashed just after 2am on Thursday, June 19.

Two men were seen leaving the area in a white Ford Courier flat-tray ute, registration EV 2336.

The ute had been reported stolen from New Norfolk earlier in the evening. A yellow Holden Commodore sedan was seen travelling with the ute.

Investigating officer, Acting Sergeant Greg Clarke from Bridgewater CIB said: “We are retrieving CCTV from the hotel and speaking with witnesses. We would like to speak to anyone who saw either of the vehicles during the evening or who has information about the break-in. It is also suspicious if anyone tries to use large amounts of gold coins for purchases or tries to exchange them for notes.”

There may have been more than two people involved in the incident. Anyone with information that could help the police investigation is asked to contact Tasmania Police on 131 444 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

* It is the policy of Tasmania Police not to release information about the value of the cash taken during any burglary.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New Norfolk soccer results

New Norfolk Under 7 Black playing Bagdad at Bagdad.
Under 6 Red played a great game against Glenorchy, showing great team work and great improvement from everyone despite being defeated. Well done Noah, Jake, Anna and Ruby.

Under 6 Black played well and put in a good effort although being defeated by Holy Rosary. Good captaincy from Hemi. Well done boys.

Under 7 Red travelled to Brighton for a game but unfortunately Brighton did not show up. Newcomer Joel will need to wait one more week for his debut match.

Under 7 Black played Bagdad at Bagdad. It was a fantastic team effort with all players again showing great improvement. A standout was Tristan Nicholson scoring a great running goal. Well done to Amber Rainbird and Mikayla Bailey who both scored a goal each. Good luck for the next game on Friday night.

Under 8 Red played Brighton under lights on Friday night. The boys showed they are coming together so well as a team with some great work and set plays resulting in goals. J’Khobi and Jack provided some great defence and Declan and Jacob Priest had some great saves in goals. Nayte and Jack worked well in attack for a goal each and Jacob Priest kicked a lovely long range goal. Although undermanned, the team again showed great pirit.

Under 8 Black played a great game against Dominic at Tynwald Park. Thanks to Jacob and Jack for playing for us, they both played a great game. Great teamwork by Mikayla, Astrid, Mia, Jacob Judges-Abel, Jess and great goal work by Joshua.

Under 9 played a fantastic game regardless of the score. Well done to Caleb, Maiken and Caylin on their goals.

Under 10 was defeated in a fast paced game by Glenorchy Knights. Goal scored by Jacob. Good work in goals by Alex McMillan and Alex Bourne. Great play by both sides.

Under 11 defeated Brighton Gold at Tynwald Park. Goal scorers Brayden 2, Blake, Levi and Jed. Great job goalies Dylan and Josh. Well done all Under 11s on remaining undefeated.

Under 14 stopped the Cygnet Sea Dragons' winning streak, coming off two wins, defeating them 5-2. New Norfolk got off to a slow start with Cygnet scoring the first goal. With limited opportunities in the first half New Norfolk scored two great goals by Ryan Browning and Mika Wilson. Ryan Emery in goals and the New Norfolk backline had a lot of pressure on them with a fast Cygnet forward line but there were many great saves. A great goal from Sam from a throw in and quick pass from Jack Rose gave us our third goal. Great skill was shown by Jack Rose throughout the game which also led to a goal from a penalty. Ryan Browning had a great attacking game, scoring the final goal. With great coaching by Andy Nichols, New Norfolk has sneaked into third on the ladder. A great effort

Under 16 came away with another win against Nelson. Billy was outstanding on the wing and Jayden headed a great corner kick by Liam for a goal. The team showed great skills on the field, pushing forward constantly. A fantastic effort.

Ollie Chaplin.
Seniors: New Norfolk Division 4 lost 5-1 at home against the second top team, Metro. An outstanding first half had the team only one goal behind 2-1. To start with  Metro took the lead with a fine header and went two ahead following a wayward back pass, however the team rallied and dragged themselves back in the game with Ollie Chaplin firing an unstoppable shot past the hapless keeper. The second half started well for New Norfolk but they lost a third goal at the back post following a Metro corner. With nothing to lose New Norfolk threw caution to the wind and went on the attack. Despite creating chances to score they were unable to hit the back of the net and with space left at the back Metro scored twice more to kill off the game. This Sunday sees New Norfolk play another home game at 2.30, this time against DOSA.  Come along and support your team.

Eagles win Leo Cup

The Trevor Leo Cup
won by New Norfolk
on Saturday. Photo from
NNDFC Facebook.

New Norfolk 28.19 (187) d Hobart  3.3 (21)
NEW Norfolk continued its good recent form and again provided a dominant display on Saturday, thrashing an undermanned Hobart and eventually running out winners by 166 points.

The Eagles were never going to let the Tigers into the game and dominated play from the first bounce. They were too strong around the contested possessions and with multiple options up forward they kicked six first-term goals and raced to a 36-point lead at the first change.

The second term was again all one way traffic as the young Hobart players were unable to get their hands on the ball. The Eagles were too slick and moved the ball far too quickly and with the advantage in height they piled on another eight goals and the game was practically over at half time as the Eagles led by 80 points while the Tigers were only able to kick two goals.

The Eagles were not going to take their foot off the accelerator in the second half and they powered away to another percentage-boosting victory and moved a game clear in second spot on the ladder and will look forward to next weekend's clash against the undefeated Claremont.

Best for the Eagles was Josh Hall who returned to fine form with a dominant display up forward, kicking an amazing 13 goals. He was well supported by key forward Thompson who took multiple marks and kicked three goals along with Horne and Belcher. Better players for the Tigers were Hugh however Henderson, Huxley and captain Dennis can hold their heads high in a losing side.

New Norfolk 6.5 14.10 22.13 28.19 (187)
Hobart 1.1 2.2 3.3 3.3 (21)
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Hall 13, M. Thompson 3, Z. Gardam 3, B. Booth 2, J. Clifford 2, C. Wilson 2, R. Belcher, J. Horne, N. Clayton; Hobart: B. Goninon, A. Henderson, J. Munting.
Best - New Norfolk: J. Hall, M. Thompson, J. Horne, S. Hall, R. Belcher, R. Heron; Hobart: A. Henderson, D. Huxley, T. Dennis, M. Beck, R. Heald, L. Allie.

New Norfolk 3.3 8.6 15.11 21.15 (141)
Hobart 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 (6)
Goals - New Norfolk: K. Cashion 11, L. Browning 2, R. Thompson 2, B. Chaplin 2, B. Chaplin, T. Triffett, D. Triffett, J. Kelly; Hobart: M. Coulson.
Best - New Norfolk: J. Kelly, D. Triffett, L. Menzie, B. Chaplin, B. Chaplin, K. Cashion; Hobart: T. Butler, O. Howell, R. Rosendale, M. Coulson, G. Daza, J. Walter.

New Norfolk d Hobart by forfeit.


Brighton 15.16 (106) d Cygnet 9.9 (63)
THE young Robins showed how much they have improved this season with a dominant second half to eventually run out winners by 43 points over a disappointing Cygnet side.

Claremont 35.32 (242) d Huonville 5.3 (33) 
UNDEFEATED Claremont took on a struggling Huonville and the trip down the highway did not bother the high flying Magpies as they totally destroyed the home side by 209 points.

Lindisfarne 14.13 (97) d Dodges Ferry 11.8 (74)
LLINDISFARNE was able to get its nose in front towards the end of the game and held on for a 25-point victory which put them in third position on the ladder by percentage over East Coast and Dodges Ferry.

East Coast 17.14 (116) d Sorell 11.11 (77)
THE East Coast Bombers cemented their place in the top five after an unimpressive win over an improving Sorell.


New Norfolk car park upgrade

Laskey car park earlier today.
WORK has started this week on an upgrade to Laskey car park in Pioneer Avenue, New Norfolk. The $140,000 project will be carried out by local firm Statewide Earthworks for the Derwent Valley Council.

The project has been made possible through a State Government grant to develop the site as a fully accessible public transport bus stop and car park.

The work will include the full asphalt resurfacing of the car park, provision for recreational vehicles, a new bus stop and shelter, bike racks and solar lights.  

The State Government funding provides for Laskey car park to be used as a park-and-ride facility with all-day commuter parking and access to bus services to and from Hobart. It will become the focal point for public transport in New Norfolk and two existing bus stops in Burnett St will be removed.

Improved line markings and pathways are also expected to benefit people using the car park while visiting New Norfolk's town centre. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Junior basketball in New Norfolk

THE Derwent Valley Sports Centre is running a basketball roster for children aged up to 14, the New Norfolk Primary School newsletter reports. Games are played every Thursday with those for young tots starting at 3.30pm. Costs are $4 per game and $15 registration. For more information phone 6261 1342 or just turn up on the day.

Footy flashback

Thanks to Wade Gleeson for this photo from the 1959 TFL grand final
between New Norfolk and Hobart, when the Eagles were wearing the white
guernsey that was recreated for last weekend's SFL heritage game with Hobart.
The Tigers were victorious in the 1959 game but the tables were turned at
weekend when the Eagles had a big win. In this photo are New Norfolk
players Don Hume (1958 and 59 best and fairest) and L. Ackerley, and
Hobart's D. Powell and Trevor Leo. Leo of course went on to coach
New Norfolk  to its first TFL premiership win in 1968. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

New Norfolk v Hobart

YESTERDAY'S heritage game between New Norfolk and Hobart resulted in three wins to he Eagles from the two games played.

SENIORS: New Norfolk 28.19 (187) d Hobart 3.3 (21)

RESERVES: New Norfolk 21.15 (141) d Hobart 1.0 (6)

COLTS: New Norfolk d Hobart by forfeit.

Claremont 36 points
New Norfolk 28
Lindisfarne 24
East Coast 24
Dodges Ferry 24
Brighton 16
Hobart 8
Huonville 8
Sorell 4
Cygnet 4

D. Hunt (Claremont) . . .  . . . . . .  (5) 33
M. Darcy (Cygnet) . . . . . . . . . . .(6) 30
C. Wilson (New Norfolk) . . . . . .(2) 28
M. McCulloch (Lindisfarne). . .  (5) 27
Z. Gardam (New Norfolk) . . . .  (3) 27

SATURDAY: New Norfolk v Claremont; Lindisfarne v Hobart; Sorell v Cygnet; Dodges Ferry v Huonville; East Coast v Brighton.

MP's praise for Boyer conversion

FEDERAL Lyons MP Eric Hutchinson has congratulated paper manufacturer Norske Skog for its major investment in plant at the company’s Boyer mill. Mr Hutchinson said after attending the official launch of Norske Skog’s upgraded paper machine last Wednesday that the investment secured the company’s long-term presence in southern Tasmania.

"This means that 300 direct jobs at the Boyer plant and another 900 indirect jobs have been secured," Mr Hutchinson said. Mr Hutchinson acknowledged the big investment of funding by the previous Federal Government which allowed the expansion to get under way in early 2013.

Mr Hutchinson said Norske Skog’s conversion of one of its paper machines gave it a new production capacity of 140,000 tonnes of high quality magazine paper a year. "It makes Norske Skog the only paper mill with this kind of capability in Australia," he said. "The company will now be able to diversify, harness new business opportunities and secure its future here."

Norske Skog regional president Andrew Leighton thanked everyone associated with the machine conversion project and the new product’s development. “Vantage is a new and exciting product incorporating the latest advancements in paper making and coating technology.  It is truly a world class LWC that is ideally suited to the modern, high speed presses that operate in this region," Mr Leighton said.

"I would like to thank the Federal and Tasmanian Governments for supporting this project together with the significant capital investment by our owners. This project is a key component of our regional strategy to transform the business from being wholly a newsprint producer to having a more diverse future in paper, fibre and energy," he said.

"I congratulate the team at Boyer for their painstaking work in upgrading and extending an existing machine through the addition of state-of-the-art new equipment. This has been a real team effort across our entire business and literally hundreds of people have been involved in one way or another to make it a success. They can all be proud of their efforts."

Boyer Mill general manager Rod Bender thanked attendees for their support throughout the project. He said everyone employed at the mill appreciated its importance to the mill’s future and was grateful for the bi-partisan support received from both Federal and State governments.

Mr Bender said the project team had done an outstanding job, both in terms of the project itself and also in maximising local content and the associated flow on benefits to the Tasmanian economy. "Almost 200 Tasmanian firms were involved in bringing this project to fruition. Local expenditure was over $40 million, which is in addition to the $140 million we spend on wages and salaries and local goods and services every year."

The new product will be used by printers, publishers and retailers across Australia and offers the benefits of shorter lead times, lower inventory, less delays and greater flexibility. It also allows customers to deal direct with people who operate in the same time zone, whether ordering paper or obtaining assistance from Norske Skog’s technical support team.

Fast facts – Boyer Mill and Machine Conversion Project

  • The Boyer Mill produced Australia’s first newsprint in 1941 and has operating continuously for 73 years
  • The mill is one of Tasmania's largest employers and is a major contributor to the Tasmanian and Australian economies providing some 330 direct jobs and over 900 indirect jobs
  • Local expenditure is over $140 million each year in wages and salaries, goods and services and payments for wood, energy supplies and transport
  • Total capital cost of the machine conversion project was $85 million, and the project was delivered according to schedule
  • The number of Tasmanian businesses who were key suppliers of goods and services numbered almost 200 in total, with more than $40 million spent directly in Tasmania, and a total of just over $50 million in Australia
  • At the peak in construction there were over 250 people working directly on the project 
  • The converted machine has an annual capacity of around 140,000 tonnes of Light Weight Coated (LWC) paper suitable for the production of catalogues and magazines
  • The Boyer Mill will be the only Australian producer of LWC and will offset much of the current import of this paper 
  • The machine conversion project was assisted by a wide range of Tasmanian companies

Friday, June 13, 2014

New Norfolk tipped in heritage match

The New Norfolk 1959
heritage guernsey for
this weekend.
By Gary Williamson

New Norfolk v Hobart 
IT'S heritage round and New Norfolk will don a recreation of its 1959 strip when it takes on the undermanned Hobart at Boyer Oval tomorrow. The Eagles will be expected to get another big victory as they are hitting top form and are striving for a real challenge to bring the best out of their players.

The Eagles thrashed Sorell in the last round prior to last weekend's rest, while Hobart was soundly beaten at home against Dodges Ferry and will face a much harder task on the Boyer Oval. Their younger players may not have played the ground and this is the hardest road trip.

The Tigers need to get off to a good start and use the wide open spaces to play a possession game as New Norfolk will have too much height and strength and if they win the midfield battle they should be able to kick easy goals all day.

The Eagles will be far too strong and with their potent forward line you would expect a big victory if they are really hungry for some percentage.

Cygnet v Brighton
CYGNET is back on its home ground with a great opportunity to record a second win of the season when it takes on the improving Brighton Robins who will looking for a win to stay in touch with the top five.

The Port should be very competitive for most of the game but the Robins should have a bit too much scoring ability and will take the points, but they must be at their best.

Huonville v Claremont 
HUONVILLE faces a difficult assignment when it hosts the top-of-the-ladder and undefeated Claremont in what looks like being a one-sided affair.

Claremont will be far too strong all over the ground and it will be interesting if the Lions can put up a brave effort for most of the game, otherwise the scoreboard could be a big blowout and another percentage boosting win for the premiership favourites.

Lindisfarne v Dodges Ferry
FOURTH-PLACED Lindisfarne will host third-placed Dodges Ferry and may have the edge in experience. Now playing their best football after a slow start, Lindisfarne must be at their best against the most improved side of the competition.

East Coast v Sorell
THE East Coast Bombers are looking to get back on the winners list and have a great opportunity when they take on a struggling Sorell who are desperate to record their second win of the season The Bombers should have too much strength and firepower up forward and should record a comfortable victory, but the Eagles have played a very defensive game in recent weeks and this may slow the game and frustrate their opponents.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Panthers back on winners list

NEW Norfolk's Division 4 senior side got back to its winning ways with a comprehensive 4-1 victory over Peninsula Pirates at Nubeena on Sunday. Right from the kick off, New Norfolk went straight on the attack and created many opportunities but were caught offside a few times before taking the lead through Ollie Chaplin.

The team didn't take the foot off the pedal and kept piling on the pressure and were rewarded with three more goals. Chaplin converted them all after some excellent build-up play. Next New Norfolk takes on the talented Metro side at Tynwald on Sunday 2.30pm. Come on down and support your local team.

Under 6 Red played a great game on wet grounds to beat Metro by eight goals. Well done to Ruby Rainbird for her goal and a big thanks to Metro for lending us Kaiden who played really well. Good team work from Noah, Jake and Anna.

Under 6 Black had a good win. Special mentions go to Vincent and Zac for helping out the opposition and to Lucas for showing great effort. Goal scorers were Hemi 3, Shaun 3, James 2.

Under 7 Red played a very fast paced game against Brighton at Tynwald.  Liam kicked two goals for the team while Brady is showing some really great defence play and he also kicked a goal.

Under 7 Black had a good win with great improvement from the whole team. An extra-special mention goes to Mikayla Baily for scoring all four goals. Well done team, keep up the great work.

Under 8 Red had a great game against Dominic Yellow. The boys put into action the skills and plays they've been practicing in training, working as a team to setup and score. Well done to our goalies J'Khobi and Josh, while Declan and Hamish were on fire. Jacob P made a good forward attack in the second half and our other attacks and goal scorers were J'khobi, Josh, Nayte and Jack. The team spirit in the Under 8s is amazing as the kids often play two games to fill the teams. Well done!

Under 8 Black played another hard game against Metro. Thanks to J’Khobi, Jack, Hamish and Declan for filling in after playing their own game.  There was a great goal to J’Khobi and great work in goals by Joshua and Jack, while Mikayla, Caitlan, Astrid and Mia all had a good game. The score doesn't matter as long as you are having fun and learning for when it matters.

Under 9 – Cancelled.

Under 10 went down to Brighton Maroon 3-1 but the score doesn't represent the hard fought game. There were amazing saves in the goals by Alex Mc and Luke, and Brighton’s goalies were fantastic also. Kiara was our goal-scorer in a very fast paced game with both sides running hard all game. Well done everyone, you played really well.

Under 11 – Cancelled.

Under 14 – Cancelled.

Under 16 saw its persistence and fantastic team work rewarded with its first win of the season, 3-2 against Kingborough. Despite having low player numbers, all worked extremely hard throughout. Goal scorers were Jayden Bartel 2 and Josh Russell. Good luck this weekend!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Highland road warning

TAKE care if you are heading home via the lakes today. Emergency services are in attendance at a single vehicle accident on Highland Lakes Rd at Liawenee. The occupant is trapped with non-life threatening injuries and emergency rescue crews are working to free him.

Drivers in the area are asked to use extreme caution due to poor weather conditions including ice, snow and minimal visibility.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Tip open tomorrow

THE operators of the Peppermint Hill Refuse Site at New Norfolk have advised that the facility will be open as usual tomorrow (Monday, June 9) despite it being the Queen's Birthday Public Holiday. Opening hours are  10am-4.30pm. 

No, it's not the Loch Ness monster

IT'S an interesting scene on the River Derwent near Granton today where a long black pipeline is being towed from the powerboats circuit to its final resting place closer to the Bridgewater Bridge.

Mariners are advised that a 900 metre section of the River Derwent is closed to all vessels until this Wednesday while the work is carried out.  No vessels may pass through this closed section of the River Derwent during this period because of pipe laying operations.

The pipe hazard within the closed section will be demarcated with orange flashing lights spaced about 100 metres apart and orange buoys spaced about 200 metres apart. During this period, mariners may launch craft at the Bridgewater Boat Ramp and proceed to the south or at the New Norfolk Boat Ramp to access the northern part of the river.

The works form part of the South East Irrigation Scheme Stage 3, and are being carried out by Hazell Brothers. The pipeline has been assembled on the riverbank at the MYCT powerboat circuit near Granton over the last few weeks and earlier today the operation started to float the long length to its intended destination nearer the bridge.

More information about the river closure is at

The pipeline being laid across the Derwent will connect to this one on the northern side.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Waddamana walkers well


 Tasmania Police have now located all four men, initially reportedly missing in the Waddamana area since 6th June.

The men were all located safe and well. All parties were exhausted but did not require any medical treatment.

Tasmania Police would like to pass on their appreciation to the public for their assistance.

Local link to D-Day anniversary

The online version of Betty Beament's story

FORMER Derwent Valley Gazette reporter Jenny Crawley has written about the wartime love story of Molesworth's Betty Beament and her late husband Les.

Mrs Beament grew up in Belgium during World War II when the country was occupied by the Nazis. Mr Beament was a British Army medic and the pair met following the liberation of Brussels in September 1944.

Now widowed, Mrs Beament is well known and held in high regard in the Derwent Valley, not least among the many girls who benefited from her leadership of the Girl Guide movement locally for so many years.

Thanks to Betty for sharing her story, which was published in yesterday's issue of the Mercury newspaper and can also be seen online here.

Men missing at Waddamana



On the 6th of June 2014, police were alerted that four men staying in bushland in the Waddamana area, near Bothwell were overdue and may have become lost. Whilst one male has since been located, alive and well, the remaining three males are still missing.

The Rotor Lift Helicopter will be assisting in the search this morning and a media briefing will be conducted at the Bothwell Police Station at 1pm today.

The three remaining men were last seen driving a brown coloured square shaped early 1980s Range Rover wagon, with a loud exhaust.

Tasmania Police hold significant concerns for the welfare of these men and police are appealing to any persons in the Bothwell or Waddamana area who sight a Range Rover matching the description or have any information concerning the location of the men to ring 13 14 44 or the Bothwell Police Station on 6259 4044.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Future dates for Big River Growers Market

Big River Growers Market
Held fortnightly under the verandah at the Nurses Quarters, Willow Court, New Norfolk

Freshly baked cakes, pies and slices; Thai food, Chicken laksa and fried spring rolls; freshly picked vegies, jams and preserves; and more

Dates for the winter markets - Starting between 8.30 and 9am
June 7 & 21               July 5 & 19
August 2, 16 & 30      Sept 13 & 27
Oct 11 & 25

Last weekend's junior football scores

LATEST results for New Norfolk's junior football teams include:

NEW NORFOLK 3.5 7.12 8.20 13.24 (102)
NORTH HOBART DEMONS 1.4 3.6 6.7 8.11 (59)
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Morgan 5, S. Upton 3, B. Pauly 3, W. Lockley, J. Guesdon; Best - New Norfolk: J. Campbell, B. Pauly, B. Higgins, W. Lockley, J. Hills, A. Russell.

NEW NORFOLK 2.2 4.7 8.9 10.11 (71)
KINGBOROUGH B. 1.0 1.0 2.1 2.3 (15)
Goals - New Norfolk: A. Long 4, J. Bearman 4, T. Eiszele, N. Rice; Best - New Norfolk: T. Eiszele, R. Banks-Smith, C. Keleher, A. Long, J. Bearman, S. Schramm.

NEW NORFOLK 4.0 7.2 9.3 11.3 (69)
SOUTHERN STORM 1.2 1.2 2.3 3.3 (21)
Goals - New Norfolk: Z. Holdsworth 4, T. Auksorius 3, T. Scanlon 2, B. Golding, R. Higgins; Best - New Norfolk: B. Russell, W. Temple, B. Golding, Z. Holdsworth, J. George, C. Jenkins.

KINGBOROUGH G. 4.6 6.6 11.9 13.11 (89)
NEW NORFOLK 0.2 0.2 2.6 5.8 (38)
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Quarrell 3, J. Gray 2; New Norfolk: J. Gray, B. Strong, T. Eiszele, C. Klemke, R. Blackaby, J. Quarrell.

Did we miss your team's results? Send them in.

Great games in chilly conditions last weekend

Break time for New Norfolk Under 7 Black.
Under 6 Red played Derwent and put in a good team effort. Well done to Jake Smith for a goal from the centre and to Ruby, Noah and Anna for great team work.

Under 6 Black put in a great effort on a very cold morning, with a goal scored by Lucas. Well done boys.

Under 7 Red won in a fantastic effort against Holy Rosary at Holy Rosary. A top effort by Tristan for his goal kicking.

Under 7 Black played an awesome game versus Moonah in freezing conditions at Tynwald Park. A special mention to Oliver Rhodes for scoring his first ever goal. Amber Rainbird, Rodney Browning and Tristan Nicholson each scored a goal and well done to Lucy Gleeson who played one of her best games. Keep up the good work team.

Under 8 Red took on Glenorchy in freezing conditions. Despite being undermanned there was some great team work from our boys with Jack and Hamish scoring great goals from excellent play. Jacob Priest, Nayte and Declan all attacked the ball well. Special thanks to Glenorchy for lending us a player to serve as our goalie for each half.

Under 8 Black played a very hard game with only six players and no subs and they did a great job once again. Jack was a standout after playing in the Red team earlier. Only minutes into the game he was hit in the face with a very fast hard ball but his courage saw him come back on the ground after a very short break and he scored a great goal. Josh saved some great goal attempts from Brighton and stayed in goals the whole game. Mikayla, Astrid, Mia and Jess also tried very hard.

Under 9 had a fast-paced game against Dominic with Cruez being our only goal scorer for the day. Well done to Maiken and Oliver for some great kicking. Congratulations to every member of the team for their wonderful sportsmanship under trying conditions. Well done all of you!

Under 10 had a win against Holy Rosary. Goal kickers were Maddy, Alex Bourne, Ostyn, Alex McMillan and Brock (2). There was great defence work from goalies Luke and Alex Bourne, who were well backed up by Aidan, Alex Gunn and Jacob in defence.  Special mention to Kiara, Alex McMillan, Freya and Ostyn who all played a half for Holy Rosary with Ostyn kicking their only goal.  Well done everyone.

Under 11 defeated Bagdad 3-2 in -2C temperatures at Bagdad on Saturday. Another fantastic team effort with Lane, Levi and Brayden being this weeks goal scorers.

Under 14 lost to Tilford Zebras 3-0 but the scoreline didn’t reflect the closeness of the game. A few good stops in the goals kept the score down. New Norfolk had some long score attempts and if they had converted we would have had a much closer game on our hands. Good luck for next week team!

Under 16 lost to Glenorchy Knights at the Showgrounds. The team showed great commitment in the first half, pushing forward on numerous occasions and was unlucky not to convert a few more goals. Jacob George played hard in defence and Jordan Bailey was unlucky not to convert a cross pass. Liam Kalbfell scored our only goal from an accurate penalty shot.

Dion Barnhoorn played very well
for New Norfolk last weekend.
Seniors - Division 4 lost at home 2-1 against University. New Norfolk started brightly and took the lead through Ollie Chaplin after a defence-splitting pass from Tom Sheppard. Despite being completely outplayed, University managed to scrape in an equalizer before half time.

In the second half New Norfolk continued to take the game to Uni but just couldn’t put the ball in the net and with 15 minutes remaining lost a sucker-punch goal on the counter. The team has a long road trip to take on the Peninsula Pirates at Nubeena at 12.30pm this Sunday, June 8.

Monthly meal at Molesworth

Bring along a plate of food (and a friend or two) to share and meet great
people in your community. Children welcome. There is a disability ramp
and bathroom access available.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bridge bingle earlier tonight

A RIDE on the back of a truck was the outcome for this sedan following a collision at the Hamilton Rd end of the New Norfolk Bridge late this afternoon. Witnesses said a utility was the other vehicle involved in the crash. The incident prompted a flurry of comments on social media calling for a roundabout to be built at this busy junction.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Seventh win for the Eagles


New Norfolk 22.25 (157) defeated Sorell 4.6 (30)
NEW Norfolk travelled down to Pembroke Park to take on Sorell and showed no fear. After a dominant first quarter where they kicked five unanswered goals, New Norfolk raced to a 36-point lead and looked to have the game well at hand at quarter time.

Sorell played a more defensive game in the second quarter and whilst they held the high-scoring New Norfolk to only four goals they did not appear to have any structure up forward and the game was over at half-time with the visitors leading by 60 points and a big win was assured. The second half was all New Norfolk but they still regularly miss easy shots at goal and some goal kicking looks to be on the agenda for coach Jon Murray.

Best players for the New Norfolk were Clifford, Horne, Belcher and Josh Hall who kicked six goals and was well supported by fellow forward Wilson with six. Gardam kicked three and continued his fine season.. Best for Sorell were Chapman, Taylor, Evans and Pace.

New Norfolk 5.8 9.14 13.21 22.25 (157)
Sorell 0.2 1.2 2.4 4.6 (30)
Goals - New Norfolk: C. Wilson 6, J. Hall 6, Z. Gardam 3, R. Belcher 2, M. Thompson 2, J. Banks-
Smith, B. Booth, M. Horne; Sorell: C. Howlett 2, W. Lyon, B. Pace.
Best - New Norfolk: J. Clifford, M. Horne, R. Belcher, J. Hall, B. Lovell, C. Wilson; Sorell: D. Chapman, J. Taylor-Evans, J. Chapman, B. Pace, D. Lewis, R. Mills.

New Norfolk 3.3 6.5 10.6 15.9 (99)
Sorell 3.1 6.4 9.6 9.6 (60)
Goals - New Norfolk: K. Cashion 7, R. Thompson 2, A. Minchin, A. Pearton, P. Ling, B. King, S. Triffitt, S. Bonnitcha; Sorell: D. Navickas 2, S. Cleary 2, M. Hawkins 2, K. Barwick, A. Mills, A. Priest.
Best - New Norfolk: T. Purdon, Z. Graham, K. Cashion, T. Triffett, S. Bonnitcha, A. Minchin; Sorell:
M. Hawkins, N. Kane, T. Pears, R. Williams, D. Navickas, I. Bateman.

New Norfolk 3.7 7.12 12.13 16.13 (109)
Sorell 0.2 3.2 5.2 7.3 (45)
Goals - New Norfolk: J. County 5, B. Chaplin 2, B. Ransley 2, J. Whitford-Marriott, R. Wakefield,
K. Walker, C. Neads, C. Stewart, K. Tomkinson, D. Smith; Sorell: I. Bateman 2, R. Scott 2, B. Klok, M. Braithwaite, C. Rosendale.
Best - New Norfolk: R. Wakefield, J. County, T. Gray, H. Bielleman, K. Walker; Sorell: I. Bateman, E.
Batchelor, B. Klok, R. Scott, J. Bateman.


Brighton 13.21 (99) defeated Huonville 9.10 (64)
BRIGHTON continued their recent good form and remain two games out of the top five after a dominant display at home other than their inaccuracy in front of goal. They eventually defeated Huonville by 61 points in a one-sided affair.

Claremont  24.13 (157) defeated  East Coast 9.5 (59)
CLAREMONT finally pulled together four dominant quarters and really made a statement to the East Coast Bombers to show them how far they are away from the top two sides. With a brilliant display at home, the Magpies eventually ran out comfortable winners by 98 points.

Dodges Ferry 19.14 (128) defeated Hobart 8.6 (54)
DODGES Ferry bounced back after last week’s disappointing performance against New Norfolk and showed no fear against an improving Hobart at the TCA, eventually running out winners by 74 points to move a game clear in third position on the ladder.

Lindisfarne 30.15 (195) defeated Cygnet 8.4 (52)
LINDISFARNE did not allow Cygnet to get into the game as they came out of the sheds full of running and with an accurate display raced to a 25-point lead at the first break. The game was over at half-time when the Two Blues held a 48-point lead. The second half showed why Lindisfarne is right up there with the top sides this season. They had the opportunity to relax but piled on a further 15 goals while holding the opposition to one goal.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Long service recognised

Some of the past and present members of the New Norfolk
Historical Information Centre Committee at yesterday's event.
A GATHERING of past and present members of the committee of the New Norfolk Historical Information Centre was held yesterday to acknowledge the work of retiring member Colin Jones.

Mr Jones and his wife Wendy were guests of honour at a light lunch in the committee's rooms in the Shoobridge Centre in Circle St. Committee chairman Ruth Binny said it was lovely to see some of the committees former members and volunteers in attendance.

"We are here to thank Colin for putting in 16 years of service to the HIC," Mrs Binny said. This extended to all facets of the committee's work, from serving as secretary and writing grant applications, to design and carpentry work.

Mrs Binny said Mr Jones had also been an active member of the Derwent Valley Garden Club, Croquet Club, Willow Court Working Group and the Derwent Valley Tourism Association at various times concurrent with his historical committee service.

Mr Jones was presented with a certificate of appreciation and a book of maritime maps in keeping with his previous career at sea. Former committee member Vic Barnes presented a framed photo of the committee taken at the time of New Norfolk's bicentenary in 2008 and mayor Martyn Evans presented a token of appreciation on behalf of the council.

Eagles v Eagles at Sorell

YESTERDAY'S Southern Football League matches saw New Norfolk Eagles score three victories over the Sorell Eagles at Sorell.

SENIORS: New Norfolk 22.25 (157) d Sorell 4.6 (30)

RESERVES: New Norfolk 15.9 (99) d Sorell 9.6 (60)

COLTS: New Norfolk 16.13 (109) d Sorell 7.3 (45)

Claremont 32 points
New Norfolk 28
Dodges Ferry 24
Lindisfarne 20
East Coast 20
Brighton 12
Hobart 8
Huonville 8
Sorell 4
Cygnet 4

D Hunt (Claremont) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(6) 28
C Wilson (New Norfolk). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  (6) 28
Z Gardam (New Norfolk) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  (3) 27
J Hall (New Norfolk). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  (6) 25
M Darcy (Cygnet) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(5) 24

SATURDAY: Under 23 Rep Game.