Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Young man's amazing attitude after car crash

Josh Walsh's car yesterday.
A NEW Norfolk man has taken to social media to express his appreciation to friends and neighbours who offered assistance after his car was hit by a bus yesterday.

"A bus accidentally hit my car yesterday when my nephew and I were in it," Josh Walsh posted on Facebook tonight. "It could've been so much worse if I didn't brake to a complete stop when I saw the bus coming and if the bus was actually speeding, which it wasn't."

Josh, who works at the New Norfolk RSL, said his car had been written-off but neither he or his nephew were injured. "Complete strangers who live in New Norfolk made sure everyone was OK and did everything they could to help."

The New Norfolk cricketer and junior football coach has taken a positive approach to the accident and says no-one was to blame. He also says the crash has reinforced his view of all that is good about New Norfolk. "I've seen a few accidents and tragedies during my life, but one thing that can't be argued is the community sticking together and being there when another community member needs them," Josh said.

Good on you Josh!

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