Saturday, May 24, 2014

School seeks a work of art

The entrance to the Materials Design and Technology area
at New Norfolk High School
THE Education Department is seeking expressions of interest from contemporary artists to create an artwork for the recently upgraded Materials Design and Technology (MDT) facility at New Norfolk High School.

The department would like a metal/timber wall or freestanding artwork to be located either in or around the entrance area to the upgraded building. Many old-scholars will remember the building as the woodwork block.

"The artwork will inspire students who are studying MDT and artists are encouraged to consider the nature of the making process and material richness as themes and inspiration for the concepts guiding the artwork," the brief says.

The amount of the commission is just under $7000. "Themes such as traditional, current and future metal and timber technologies would be relevant to the students. The facility has been equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for metal and timber work, and the artist might be able to utilize some of the equipment for the fabrication of the artwork depending on the complexity and scope of the project."

It would be great to see this commission go to a local artist. More information is available at the Tasmanian Government's arts@work website. 

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