Saturday, May 24, 2014

New Norfolk Cricket Club trophy night

Thanks to Anita Vagg for this photo of the New Norfolk I
players at the cricket club's trophy night.
MORE than 40 members, partners, family and life members attended the recent New Norfolk Cricket Club dinner and trophy night for the 2013/14 season at the New Norfolk District Football Clubrooms. It was a very successful season for the Red Caps, with New Norfolk I winning the SCA 2nd Grade Premiership and New Norfolk II just missing out on the finals in 5th Grade.

When the trophies were presented it was no surprise that the star all-rounder Stewart Rice would collect a bag full. Rice has served the club for more than 20 seasons and had a stellar season to say the least, winning just about every award before him including the premiership - which I'm sure was by far the best award. Another player to also collect a swag of trophies was Leigh Berry who won many awards including the 5th Grade club champion. Well done Leigh.

During the presentations, Life Membership was bestowed on Daniel Vagg and Ashley Morgan. These two players have given great service to the club over many seasons and thoroughly deserve this award. Well done guys.

During the night the club sold some 25 bottles of port to commemorate the premiership won by New Norfolk I. I'm told there will be more made up to sell during the next season. The club thanks its sponsors, DRV Welding and Fabrications, Banjos New Norfolk, Schweppes and the New Norfolk District Football Club. Thanks also to the canteen volunteers, a superb effort.

Season 2013/14 trophy winners
Batting aggregate - 2nd Grade: Stewart Rice 1112 runs; 5th Grade: Leigh Berry 500 runs
Batting average - 2nd Grade: Stewart Rice 70.13; 5th Grade: Leigh Berry 62.50
Bowling aggregate - 2nd Grade: Stewart Rice 40 wickets; 5th Grade: Jamie Hill and Josh Walsh 22 Wickets
Bowling average - 2nd Grade: Stewart Rice 12.50; 5th Grade: Jamie Hill 15.55
Club champion - 2nd Grade: Stewart Rice 2373 points; 5th Grade: Leigh Berry 575 points
Coaches award: Josh Rowlands
Duck award: Leigh Berry, three ducks
Best clubman: Jamie Hill
Best in finals - 2nd Grade: Stewart Rice 193 points; 5th Grade: Brad Kemmler 85 points
Best Under 21 player: Joshua Rowlands 714 points
Most improved: Trent Mayne
Encouragement award: Mitch Rice
Most catches - 2nd Grade: Glenn Williams 18, catches; 5th Grade: Leigh Berry, seven catches
Best fielder - 2nd Grade: Jamie Hill; 5th Grade: Nathan Rice

Rohan Heron 103 v Derwent - 2nd Grade 16/02/2014
Stewart Rice 131 v Gretna - 2nd Grade 16/11/2013
Stewart Rice 324no v MacKillop Beltas - 2nd Grade 5/01/2014
Stewart Rice 103 v Molesworth - 2nd Grade GF 29/03/2014
Leigh Berry 131no v Richmond/Cambridge - 5th Grade 14/12/2013
Leigh Berry 117 v McRobies Gully - 5th Grade 18/01/2014
Stephen Nichols 102 v McRobies Gully -5th Grade 18/01/2014

Jamie Maddox 6-15 vsDerwent - 2nd Grade 30/11/2013
Joshua Rowlands 5-31 v Molesworth - 2nd Grade 23/11/2013
Stewart Rice 5-27 v Bushy Park - 2nd Grade 1/03/2014
Stewart Rice 5-23 v Bushy Park - 2nd Grade 14/12/2013
Joshua Walsh 5-18 v Molesworth - 5th Grade 19/10/2013
Joshua Walsh 6-13 v McRobies Gully - 5th Grade 15/03/2014

Southern Cricket Association milestones
More than 100 games played: Stewart Rice 119, Jamie Hill 109, Rohan Heron 105, Glenn Williams 101
More than 50 games: Leigh Berry 65
3000 runs: Stewart Rice
1000 runs: Leigh Berry, Jamie Maddox, Glen Williams
150 wickets: Stewart Rice
100 wickets: Josh Dykes, Josh Rowlands, Josh Walsh, Ashley Morgan
50 wickets: Jamie Hill

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