Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Molesworth's Targa muddle

MOLESWORTH residents have been receiving mixed messages about the status of a proposed targa stage through their locality this Sunday. Targa Tasmania 2014 got under way today and will make its way around the state until Sunday when it will once again head for Hobart from the West Coast via the Derwent Valley.

Competitive stages will be conducted at Tarraleah and Ellendale, and, depending on what you have read or heard, possibly at Molesworth. The local area was letterboxed several weeks ago, indicating that a Molesworth targa stage would be run this Sunday, Mothers Day, with Molesworth Rd and Glenlusk Rd to be closed between 11.33am and 4.03pm.

It has now become apparent that the Molesworth stage has been cancelled, but no notification has been provided in the local area. The Molesworth course still appears in reconnaissance notes on the official website and it was included in a course outline published in The Examiner today. Many local residents will still be making the necessary arrangements to avoid the probably non-existent Molesworth and Glenlusk road closures as they go about their business and family commitments this Mothers Day Sunday.

There will probably be great viewing opportunities from late Sunday morning as the targa fleet makes its way through the valley, and presumably through New Norfolk, on the way to the next stage at Grasstree Hill, but no information has been provided.

Derwent Valley residents have been big supporters of Targa Tasmania since the inaugural event in 1992 and deserve better communications from this motorsport business enterprise.

  • Comment has been sought from Targa Tasmania.

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  1. I am disgusted with the targa people as my mum lives at Molesworth and she hasn't heard anything since she got the letter saying the roads would be closed. We had made arrangements to go see her from late afternoon, disrupting our usual way of spending all the day with her. Unless I had read this, we would not have known. Very poor show