Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Massive win to the Eagles


New Norfolk 33.21 (219) defeated Cygnet 6.7 (43)
NEW Norfolk showed once again while it will be one of the sides to beat in the 2014 season when it thrashed a disappointing Cygnet at Boyer Oval and eventually ran out winners by a mammoth 176 points. The percentage-boosting win moves New Norfolk up to third place on the ladder.

The Eagles clearly decided they would not let the Port into the contest, with a powerful seven-goal first-term blew their rivals away. The Eagles looked to be in for a big day when they raced to a 43-point lead at the first change while the opposition could only manage one goal.

The second term became a bit more competitive as Cygnet seemed to lift in the conditions and used the wide open spaces to keep the ball away from New Norfolk’s bigger players. The Port was able to kick two goals to four but they still trailed by 54 points at half-time.

The second half saw a more dominant New Norfolk side emerge as it piled on a massive 22 goals to three and raced away to another big victory. I am sure Eagles coach Jon Murray would like some more competitive games as they face the highly fancied Lindisfarne away from home and easy victories do not help their style of play.

Best for the winners was Horne who was outstanding all day around the ground, well supported by forward Cayden Wilson with eight goals, Gardam with six goals, McCulloch and Thompson who bounced back to his best form also kicking six goals in a dominant forward line.  Best players for the Port were Darcy who played a magnificent lone hand up forward, kicking all six goals. He received support from Wilcox and Jennings but they lacked support from their other team mates all over the ground.

New Norfolk 7.8 (50)  11.10 (76)  20.12 (132)  33.21 (219)
Cygnet 1.1 (7)  3.4 (22)  6.6 (42)  6.7 (43)
Goals - New Norfolk: C. Wilson 8, Z. Gardam 6, M. Thompson 6, B. Booth 4, J. Hall 2, R. Belcher 2, A. Tonks, M. Horne, J. Horne, J. Clifford, T. Rainbird; Cygnet: M. Darcy 6.
Best - New Norfolk: J. Horne, C. Wilson, Z. Gardam, J. McCulloch, R. Belcher, M. Horne; Cygnet: P. Wilcox, R. Jennings, M. Darcy, A. Palmer, M. Direen, A. Direen.

New Norfolk 4.4 (28)  10.4 (64)  13.6 (84)  18.12 (120)
Cygnet 1.0 (6) 1.0 (6)  2.1 (13)  2.1 (13)
Goals - New Norfolk: K. Cashion 5, S. Bonnitcha 3, A. Minchin 2, D. Triffett 2, J. Murray 2, H. Bielleman, B. Hodge, S. Triffitt, N. Clayton; Cygnet: B. Bester , J. Wilcox.
Best - New Norfolk: K. Cashion, J. Ackerley, S. Bonnitcha, L. Menzie, J. King, D. Triffett; Cygnet: S. Reinmuth, L. Auderset, B. Bester, B. Smith, J. Doyle, D. Duggan.

New Norfolk 10.3 (63)  17.7 (109)  23.15 (153)  30.21 (201)
Cygnet 0.0 (0)  1.0 (6)  2.0 (12)  2.0 (12)
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Banks-Smith 10, B. Ransley 6, A. Pearton 3, B. Hodge 3, B. Chaplin 2, N. Wakefield, R. Wakefield, C. Stewart, C. Neads, T. Gray, H. Bielleman; Cygnet: J. Direen, M. Coulson.
Best - New Norfolk: J. Banks-Smith, B. Ransley, B. King, A. Pearton, J. Whitford-Marriott, T. Purdon; Cygnet: J. Doyle, M. Coulson, J. Direen, B. Gordon, T. Palmer, T. Bannister.

Other games (seniors)

Dodges Ferry 14.10 (94) defeated Brighton 8.11 (59)
DODGES Ferry continued its impressive start to the season and cemented its spot with a game clear in the top five by defeating a disappointing Brighton by 35 points on their favoured Shark Oval.

Claremont 21.17 (143) defeated Hobart 8.10 (58)
CLAREMONT remains undefeated and on top of the ladder following its 85-point win over an improved Hobart Tigers who looked under manned throughout the game and were eventually defeated under lights at Abbotsfield Park.

East Coast 19.12 (126) defeated Huonville 5.6 (36)
THE East Coast Bombers thrashed a listless Huonville at the Lauderdale Oval, eventually running out winners by 90 points in wet and windy conditions. They remain undefeated this season.

Lindisfarne 15.15 (105) defeated Sorell 6.10 (46)
LINDISFARNE again showed it is a top-four side with a defensive display against an improving Sorell, eventually running out winners by 59 points in a great win away from home.

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