Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Eagles maintain their dominance


New Norfolk 26.14 (170) defeated Dodges Ferry 10.8 (68)
FOURTH-PLACED Dodges Ferry was reminded of the large gap between it and the top sides when it hosted New Norfolk and was totally out played all day last Saturday, eventually losing by 112 points. The Eagles wanted to make a statement away from home and they did that in the first term, piling on four goals. Even though the Sharks flooded their forward line they were able to generate many scoring options and raced to a handy 25-point lead at the first change.

The second term was again all one way for New Norfolk as its defence started to tighten up and limited the scoring opportunities for the Sharks. The Eagles kicked a further seven goals and raced to a match-winning lead of 57 points at the main break. By then the only interest in this game was how much the Eagles were going to win by.

The second half followed the same pattern but more importantly New Norfolk really tightened its defence, allowing the home side to kick only one goal as they raced away to another commanding victory and sent out a warning to other sides in the competition that this powerful side is nearing its peak.

Best players for the Eagles were Belcher, Horne and forward Thomson whilst key forwards Hall kicked fie and Wilson kicked four. With many options up forward they again showed they have superior scoring ability. Better players for the Sharks were Cannon, Curran, Little and Jackson as they now know the benchmark of what they need to match it with the top sides.

New Norfolk 8.4 15.10 21.11 26.14 (170)
Dodges Ferry 4.3 6.7 6.12 7.16 (58)
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Hall 5, C. Wilson 4, A. Tonks 3, R. Belcher 3, B. Booth 2, M. Thompson 2, J. Banks-Smith 2, Z. Gardam 2, J. Daley, J. Clifford, J. Horne; Dodges Ferry: J. Scott 2, A. Gilmour 2, I. Bennett, O. Dodge, R. Sutton.
Best - New Norfolk: R. Belcher, B. Wardlaw, J. Horne, M. Thompson, J. Clifford, D. Triffett; Dodges Ferry: T. Cannan, J. Curran, T. Little, B. Jackson, M. Cusick, R. Sutton.

New Norfolk 2.5 7.10 15.13 21.17 (143)
Dodges Ferry 3.2 5.4 5.5 6.5 (41)
Goals - New Norfolk: N. Clayton 5, K. Cashion 5, Z. Graham 4, A. Minchin 2, S. Bonnitcha, S. Triffitt, T. Triffett, B. Chaplin, M. Bearman; Dodges Ferry: M. Hadfield 2, S. Cusick, T. Howells, S. Monson, S. Fiddler.
Best - New Norfolk: N. Clayton, Z. Graham, S. Crane, J. Kelly, J. King, T. Triffett; Dodges Ferry: S. Monson, L. Minty, S. Fiddler, C. Matthew, L. McLean, N. Meers.

New Norfolk 0.2 4.6 8.7 11.8 (74)
Dodges Ferry 4.2 6.4 8.5 10.8 (68)
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Whitford-Marriott 2, C. Neads 2, B. Ransley 2, B. Hodge 2, J. County, B. Chaplin, H. Bielleman.
Best - New Norfolk: B. King, C. Neads, D. Browning, H. Bielleman, J. Foster, J. Whitford-Marriott.


Claremont 19.18 (132) defeated Sorell 13.5 (83)
CLAREMONT continued its unbeaten start to the season and defeated the gallant Sorell by 49 points.  The Magpies moved to a handy 20 point at the first change. The second term saw the visitors take control of the midfield battle and they were able to kick five goals for the term and reduce the margin to 10 points at the main break. The third term saw the Magpies step up a gear as they dominated all over the ground, slamming on seven goals for the term and they moved to a match-winning lead of 33 points at the last change. The last term saw Claremont register a comfortable victory but the young Eagles would have pleased Coach Lewis with their effort against the top side of the competition.

Lindisfarne 10.15 (75) defeated Brighton 8.15 (63)
LINDISFARNE moved two games clear in the top five after a real battle away from home, eventually defeating a gallant Brighton by 12 points in a low-scoring affair. Lindisfarne tried to make a statement in the first term and they did that from the first bounce as they put in a dominant to display to kick six unanswered goals and raced to a 36 point lead at the first change and looked to be in for a big victory. The young Brighton side worked its way back into the game in the second half and kept the opposition scoreless while kicking three goals of their own to reduce the margin to 17 points at half time. Brighton kicked another five unanswered goals to again keep the highly-rated opposition without a goal in the third term as they moved to a nine-point lead and looked set to run away with a great win in front of their home crowed.  In the final term the Two Blues really got their game going, kicking four unanswered goals and holding the Robins to only six behinds as they went on to a gutsy win away.

Cygnet 11.18 (84) defeated Huonville 8.7 (55)
CYGNET recorded its first win of the season with a great display at home, eventually defeating arch-rivals Huonville by 29 points. The margin would have been greater except for inaccurate kicking.

East Coast 19.22 (136) defeated Hobart 11.14 (80)
THE East Coast Bombers remain firmly entrenched in the top four after a percentage-boosting 56-point victory over an improving Hobart.

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