Monday, April 14, 2014

More high school memories

Names provided by Steve Balmforth. Back row from left: Lester Jones, Ray
Rainbird, Greg Mitchell, Ray Ackerley, Ian Oakley,Peter Olechwski, Tony
Richards, John Eadie, Steve Balmforth. Middle row: Mr Singh, Gerald Russell,
Charles Sinesi, Brian Townsend, Peter Marriott, Michael Braslin, Christopher
Dando, James Stewart, Shane Thorpe, John Plunkett, Miss Voss; Front row:
Julie Graham,Lynette Revell, Judy Triffitt, Jennifer Young, Jillian Triffitt, Anne
 Triffitt, Sue Ransley, Sandra Strong and Ruth Davis. 
THIS picture was taken at New Norfolk High School of the Grade 8, D3 Class of 1965, with class teachers Mr Singh and Miss Voss who was the physical education teacher at the time.

During the 1960s the school had a large number of students from the Hydro towns of Tarraleah, Wayatinah and Strathgordon who boarded at the Carinya Hostel and amongst this class picture are some of those students. They would travel to New Norfolk on a Sunday evening and return on Friday to their homes in the highlands. Many of those students would leave the school when the Hydro scheme their parents were working on had been completed. Many were from eastern European backgrounds and some may have travelled back to their homelands.

Steve Balmforth who was a member of this class is trying to locate as many of his classmates as possible, mainly from an personal interest point of view and to see just what the class members have been up to in their lives. He would like to briefly document as much information as possible on the class members to include in his recording of his time growing up in the Derwent Valley.

If anyone has any information on any of those in the photograph, including their contact details, Steve would be most appreciative of any information. He can be contacted on email or via post at 101 Field St, Clifton Hill, VIC 3068.


  1. You might find a few on this fb group.

  2. Also try the facebook group called Tangara and Carinya Hostel, cheers, Russell