Friday, April 4, 2014

It's a wrap for sports show

Shawry and Gleeso behind the microphone.
THE hosts of the Tyga FM Weekend Sports Wrap have announced that they will be taking a break from their very popular show after tomorrow's broadcast. The program has been heard every Saturday for nearly two years, first going to air in May 2012.

"Gleeso and I would really like to thank all of our loyal listeners, even the most loyal who live interstate or who have even listened while being overseas - we thank you all," Ben Shaw said in a Facebook post this morning. "It has been a great experience and one that has created some great memories and also given us the chance to do things we normally wouldn't have been able to," he said.

Ben thanked all the contributors who had sent in results and information, supplied questions for the quiz, or called in to answer the quiz. "You all have been amazing!" he said.

"To all the people who gave us their time to come in and do interviews, we really do appreciate and it really added something extra to the show, and we hope you enjoyed it too," Ben said. "Tomorrow you will be listening to 'Shawry & Gleeso on 98.9 TYYYYGAA FM' for the last time."

Wade echoed Ben's comments and thanked everyone who had contributed in any way. "It's not until now that we have realised how many listeners we had!" he said. "In the last few weeks many people have said to us how they will miss the show, one listener even said it how he always sat out in his shed ever Saturday morning and enjoyed our show. It is sad to say we are hanging up our microphones, but with many other commitments we have over the years, it's now family time for us. We haven't said we won't be back as over time I'm sure we will miss it.

"My last 'thank you' goes to Ben Shaw for coming up with the idea then asking me to join him. Ben was instrumental in getting the show to air for the first time. It's been a great ride. Also a special mention goes to my wife Chloe and children Brodie, Lucy and Cooper who have been my number one fans!"

Tune in for the final Derwent Valley Weekend Sports Wrap on 98.9 Tyga FM tomorrow from 8-9am.
  • Everyone who has contributed sports results and news to the Weekend Sports Wrap is welcome to send the same to for publication on the New Norfolk News.

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