Saturday, April 12, 2014

Big price on old invoice

Image from eBay. View listing here.
A 150-YEAR-OLD invoice for medical treatment at Willow Court is being offered for sale in an online auction. A seller on eBay has listed the Hospital for the Insane invoice with a starting bid of $499 or a "buy it now" price of $750.

The invoice is dated October 1864 and was made out to Mr Charles H. Leake in respect of patient W.M. Leake for "medical treatment and maintenance" from September 1-30, at a charge of five shillings (50c) per day.

The listing can be viewed on eBay here. Items relating to Willow Court are fetching big prices both online and elsewhere. Most recently, a copy of Troubled Asylum by the late Ralph Gowlland attracted 40 bids and sold for $310 on eBay.

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