Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Election finalised, finally

Election complete!
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IT'S taken 11 days and the polling place figures still aren't available, but after 47 counts the Tasmanian Electoral Commission has tonight named the winners in the seat of Lyons following the March 15 State Election.

Following the distribution of preferences, the candidates elected are, in order:

1. Rene Hidding MHA, Liberal Party
2. Guy Barnett, Liberal Party
3. Rebecca White MHA, Australian Labor Party
4. Mark Shelton MHA, Liberal Party
5. David Llewellyn, Australian Labor Party

The result was announced at 6.42pm following the distribution of the preferences of Palmer United Party candidate Quentin von Stieglitz which saw former deputy premier David Llewellyn achieve a quota and a return to parliament after losing his seat four years ago.

Mr Llewellyn's success comes at the expense of New Norfolk's Tim Morris, who had served as a Tasmanian Greens MP for 12 years. The former Derwent Valley mayor will now consider his future options which, according to ABC News, may include university study.

Earlier today the electoral commission released the final first preference results, following the counting of postal votes. These figures appear below and it is interesting to note that the top five candidates match those arrived at after the distribution of preferences.
  1. Rene Hidding MHA, LIB 11,097
  2. Guy Barnett, LIB, 9741
  3. Rebecca White MHA, ALP, 8589
  4. Mark Shelton MHA, LIB, 8060
  5. David Llewellyn, ALP, 5262
  6. Tim Morris MHA, GRN, 5140
  7. Martyn Evans, LIB, 3005
  8. Bob Gordon, ALP, 2724
  9. Bertrand Cadart, LIB, 2560
  10. Quentin von Stieglitz, PUP, 1658
  11. Paul Belcher, IND, 1252
  12. Wayne Shoobridge, PUP, 1233
  13. Darren Clark, ALP, 1080
  14. Mark Grewar, PUP, 867
  15. Jessey Dillon, ALP, 719
  16. Hannah Rubenach, GRN, 668
  17. Pip Brinklow, GRN, 655
  18. Stephanie Taylor, GRN, 604
  19. Glenn Millar, GRN, 498
  20. Craig Davey, NAT, 295
  21. Brett Hall, NAT, 243
  22. Stewart Murray, IND, 193
  23. Anne Salt, NAT, 122
  24. Leo Perotti, NAT, 89
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