Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Councillors disappointed with party leaders


Councillors Disappointed with Party Leaders


“Councillors Judy Bromfield, Chris Lester and James Graham from the Derwent Valley Council have expressed a deep disappointment at the lack of commitment shown to the Derwent Valley by party leaders and independents in the upcoming State Election.

“Council contacted all party leaders and the independent candidate that had been declared for Lyons at the time, offering to organise a community forum for leaders and the independent to put forward their vision for the future of the Derwent Valley.  The lack of response to this invitation was staggering.

“As two Councillors from the Derwent Valley are standing for election in the State Election, the invitation was extended only to party leaders and the independent candidate to ensure that no individual candidate was perceived to be given preference.  

“A choice of two dates was given for the forum, along with an RSVP date to allow time for the forum to be organised.  At the time of the RSVP no party or independent had acknowledged the invitation.  The leaders of three parties contacted Council after the RSVP date - one advised that they would be able to attend; two advised that they would not be able to attend, but offered an alternative candidate to attend; the Tasmanian Nationals, Labor Party and the independent candidate did not respond in any way.

“The decision was made by Councillors not go ahead with the forum, due to the lack of response, but instead to allow the Palmer United Party leader, the only party leader that had agreed to attend the forum, to speak with Councillors directly.

“Councillors Bromfield, Lester and Graham are extremely disappointed at the lack of courtesy shown to the community of the Derwent Valley by all party leaders and the independent candidate in their lack of response to the invitation in a timely manner.

“This is indicative of the general interest shown to the Derwent Valley over a long period by all involved in the State Government.”


Councillor Judy Bromfield OAM

Councillor Chris Lester

Councillor James Graham

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  1. Why am I not surprised. The total lack of respect that every person standing has shown the electorate during this election is staggering. Most refuse to return calls, ignore queries, and simply don't participate in a forum if they think that the electorate might ask some difficult questions.

    Some of this is understandable: Giddings knows she will lose, so why treat the electorate with respect, Hodgman knows he will win, so why bother to answer questions. Independents don't have a view, or have such a narrow platform with no real plans that they don't want to be quizzed lest they be revealed to be as naked as the Emperor.

    The utter contempt that all candidates have shown the electorate is staggering. The frightening thing is that some subset of them will be elected, and the electorate will soon regret their choices.

    John Davidson