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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Youth league cricket

Youth League
Round 11

Gretna 3 for 104 off 20 overs (21 extras) d New Town Lee 8 for 42 off 13.2 overs (17 extras) at Queens Walk. Gretna batting: Josh Eyles 31no, Blake Eyles 15no, Tyler Farrell 14no, Jack Smith 12, Sam Jackson 6, Jamieson Farrell 3no, Aiden Featherstone 1no, Jacob Blackwell 1no. Gretna bowling: Tyler Farrell 3-2 (2), Blake Eyles 2-1 (1), Conor Kelly-Lennox 1-2 (.2), Josh Eyles 1-8 (2), Aiden Featherstone 1-9 (2).

University Red 7-105 (20 overs) defeated New Norfolk  7-82 (20 overs) at Mt Nelson Oval.
New Norfolk bowling: Jordan Gittus 1-9 (2), Lochlan Bowerman 1-9 (2), Will Banks 3-6 (2). New Norfolk batting: Nathan Rice 24no, Jordan Gittus 10.

Molesworth 5 for 88 off 34 overs (15 extras) d Gretna 10 for 81 off 28.4 overs (21 extras) at Boyer Oval. Molesworth batting: J. Evans 36, J. Franklin 21. Gretna bowling: N. Eyles 3-18 (8), Z. Crosswell 2-10 (5). Gretna batting: Z. Crosswell 17, L. Crosswell 8. Molesworth bowling: J. Bearman 3-13 (7), T. Oates 2-5 (4), N. Wakefield 1-4 (2), J. Franklin 1-5 (2), J. Ransley 1-6 (5.4), J. Evans 1-12 (4), J. Daniels 1-17 (4).

Sunday, February 23

Well done to all the junior sides from the Derwent Valley for yet another great season and best of luck to the Molesworth Under 13s and Gretna Under 15s who play in their grand finals on Sunday.

Under 13 -matches start at 9am.
Gretna v New Town Lee at Gretna.
New Norfolk v New Town Carlton at Tynwald Park.
Grand Final - Molesworth v Kingborough Gold at St Aloysius Catholic College.

Under 15 - matches start at 12.30pm.
Grand Final - Gretna v Wellington at Eady St Oval.
Molesworth v St Anne's at Boyer Oval.

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