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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Youth league cricket wraps up

Coach Bruce Emery speakers to his
Under 15 players.
MOLESWORTH played Kingborough Gold in the Under 13 cricket grand final at the weekend, going down by eight wickets. Despite the loss, Molesworth played really well with Jayden Wilton making 39 runs.
Scores were Kingborough Gold 1 for 78 to Molesworth's 8 for 76.

In the other Under 13 matches, both Gretna and New Norfolk recorded wins over New Town. This was the final round for all junior matches. It's been a great season by all and everyone is sure to be looking forward to the trophy presentations.

The Gretna Under 15s waiting for their grand final appearance
at Eady St last Sunday.
The Under 15 grand final between Gretna and Wellington was a very even match with Wellington winning by four wickets. Nathan Eyles batted very well, making 39 while Sam Booth also did well making 24. The Gretna bowlers all did very well, picking up a wicket each. It was a great match from start to finish. Hold your heads high Gretna, it was fantastic effort. It was great to see so many parents cheering the team on - everyone was proud of your efforts.

Gretna junior trophy presentations: Under 13s, this Sunday, March 2, at 11am. Under 15s, this Friday, February 28, at 6pm. Both events will be held at the Gretna clubrooms and team photos will be taken.

Scores - Under 13 finals: Gretna  6 for 133 off 20 overs (35 extras) defeated New Town Lee 2 for 109 off 20 overs (27 extras) at Gretna. Gretna batting: J. Eyles 41no, B. Eyles 18, J. Blackwell 12, T. Farrell 9no, J. Farrell 7no, B. Butler 4, S. Jackson 4, A. Featherstone 2, J. Smith. Gretna bowling: B. Butler 1-4.

New Norfolk  5-115(20 overs) defeated New Town 4-95(20 overs). New Norfolk bowling: Zayde Hill 1-9 (2), Dylan Morgan 1-4 (2). New Norfolk batting: Lucas Higgins 31no, Dylan Morgan 23no, Jordan Gittus 16 retired, Coby Kemmler 16.

Under 15 grand final: Wellington 6 for 131 off 36.1 overs (19 extras) defeated Gretna 10 for 129 off 35 overs (10 extras) at Eady Street Oval. Gretna batting: N. Eyles 39, S. Booth 24, Z. Crosswell 20, G. Booth 11, J. Campbell 11. Gretna bowling: M. McGuire 1-8 (4), B. Nichols 1-11 (4), Z. Crosswell 1-19 (5), L. Crosswell 1-21 (8), N. Eyles 1-25 (7).

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