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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Southern cricket - round 17

AN excellent 194 from New Norfolk II batsman Richard Munnings helped the Red Caps to a huge 330-run victory over Dynnyrne at Wentworth Park on Sunday. New Norfolk racked up the massive total of 6 for 463 off its 50 overs, with four batsman making more than 50. Munnings belted 30 fours and two sixes during his stay at the crease. The century-maker had partnerships of 146 with Jamie Hill, 143 with Rohan Heron and 109 with Leigh Berry who also got amongst the runs with 82 (16 fours). Munnings was eventually bowled out with the score at 5-459. In reply the home side was no match for New Norfolk and was bundled out for 133. Brad Kemmler with three wickets and Ashley Morgan with two were the best of the Red Cap bowlers.

In Second Grade, Molesworth I kept its winning run intact, defeating Sandford by 177 runs. Molesworth had first hit making 233, with the Adams brothers Jamie 58 and Daniel 24 leading the way. In reply Sandford was bundled out for just 56. This was due to the great bowling of Mathew Smith 5-17 and Chris Slater 4-20. The pair skittled through the Sandford batsman like ninepins. It wasn't all good news for Molesworth though, with this match being moved to Bushy Park due to the pitch at Boyer Oval being vandalised.

New Norfolk I sewed up top spot on the Second Grade ladder with a hard-fought three-wicket win over Montagu Bay. The visitors had first dig and made 90. In reply the Red Caps made hard work of the run chase, losing seven wickets to only just grab a victory. All-rounder Stewart Rice stood tall for for New Norfolk, taking 4-10 off 10 overs and then top-scoring with 24. Josh Rowlands also bowled well, taking 2-24 off his 10 overs.

Gretna I suffered a shock loss to Derwent, going down by 142 runs. Chasing 210 for victory, Gretna was bowled out for 67 with Corey Ransley the only batsman to make double figures with 14. For the bowlers, Rhys Browning was the main wicket-taker with three.

Bushy Park went down to Runnymede by seven wickets. Nathan Grant and D. Colbeck both made 25 with the bat and Colbeck also took two wickets.

In the Fourth Grade, Gretna II had a great win over second-placed DOSA at Gretna. In his 200th match for Gretna, Bruce Emery top-scored with 66 while Joey Eyles made 55. Peter Jelkic (five wickets) and Matthew Eyles (three) did the damage with the ball. No other details were available of the match at the tome of writing.

In the battle for fifth spot in Fifth Grade, Moleswoth II was defeated by McRobies Gully by three wickets. Molesworth made the very good score of 276 only to be over-run in what must have been a great match. Piuselli 47 and Chaplin 41 were the top run-scorers while captain Brayden Hodge tried hard with the ball and took four wickets.

Scores - Second Grade: New Norfolk I 7 for 94 off  30.4 overs (14 extras) d Montagu Bay 10 for 90 at Tynwald Park. New Norfolk batting: S. Rice 24, J. Dykes 17no, J. King 15, G. Williams 12no. New Norfolk bowling: S. Rice 4-10 (10), J. Rowlands 2-24 (10), A. Eiszele 1-7 (4), J. Dykes 1-20 (8.4), J. Maddox 1-21 (10).

Derwent 9 for 209 off 50 overs (20 extras) d Gretna I 10 for 67 off 19.5 overs (20 extras) at North Warrane. Gretna batting: C. Ransley 14. Gretna bowling: R. Browning 3-30 (4), T. Jarvis 2-19 (3), M. Burns 2-26 (7), C. Ransley 1-25 (10), A. Maddox 1-36 (10).

Molesworth I 9 for 233 off 42 overs (42 extras) d Sandford 10 for 56 off overs at Bushy Park Showground.  Molesworth batting: J. Adams 58, D. Adams 24, J. Mann 23, C. Slater 22no, D. King 19, L. Menzie 18no, B. Coppleman 15, M. Smith 12. Molesworth bowling: M. Smith 5-17 (10), C. Slater 4-20 (6.4), L. Menzie 1-10 (3).

Runnymede 3 for 125 off 32 overs (6 extras) d Bushy Park 9 for 121 off 31.4 overs (6 extras) at Runnymede. Bushy Park batting: N. Grant 25, D. Colbeck 25, G. Crosswell 23, M. Crosswell 16, D. Mason 12, T. Smith 10. Bushy Park bowling: D. Colbeck 2-33 (9), D. Mason 1-24 (6).

Fourth Grade: Gretna v DOSA  detailed results not received.

Fifth Grade: New Norfolk II 6 for 463 off 50 overs (42 extras) d Dynnyrne 8 for 133 off overs at Wentworth Park. New Norfolk batting: R. Munnings 19, L. Berry 82, S. Nichols 63, R. Heron 52, B. Kemmler 12no. New Norfolk bowling: B. Kemmler 3-26 (8), A. Morgan 2-11 (1), J. Hill 1-18 (3.1), J. Walsh 2-40 (7).

McRobies Gully 7 for 280 d Molesworth II 10 for 276 off 44.4 overs (53 extras) at Shoobridge Park. Molesworth batting: N. Piuselli 47, B. Chaplin 41, B. Ransley 33, B. Hodge 32, N. Reggett 21, C. Neads 11. Molesworth bowling: B. Hodge 4-69 (10), J. County 2-62 (9.1), A. Triffitt 1-47 (10).

Ladders (unofficial) after Round 17
Top five teams play off for finals after round 18

Second Grade
New Norfolk I 87
Molesworth I 72
Gretna I 69
Montagu Bay 69
Richmond/Cambridge 60
Derwent 48
Sandford 36
Runnymede 24
MacKillop Beltas 21
Bushy Park 18

Fourth Grade
Hobart 81
Gretna II 66
Knights 63
Marquis 63
Dynnyrne 42
Bagdad 39
Old Beach 36
Wellington 21
Derwent 21

Fifth Grade 
Claremont 78
Montagu Bay 72
Lindisfarne 69
New Norfolk II 63
McRobies Gully 57
Molesworth II 57
Richmond/Cambridge 36
Dynnyrne 33
St Adians 33
Sorell 24
Old Beach 24

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