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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hydro seeking centenary stories

The old HEC logo.
HYDRO Tasmania is seeking the public's help to build an online library of personal stories as it prepares to celebrate 100 years of powering the state. October will mark the centenary of the creation of the original Hydro-Electric Department in 1914.

CEO Steve Davy said the business will recognise the milestone with a program of events and initiatives later in the year. The program is still being developed and will be announced in the coming months. The people who built the business will be the central focus of the celebrations.

"The Hydro is a significant part of Tasmania's story of the last 100 years and we think it is one worth recognising and telling," Mr Davy said. "However, it is more than just a corporate history," Mr Davy said. "The Hydro is part of the living memory of thousands of workers and their families. That's why we want to hear people's stories and make them a key part of the centenary program so we can share them with others and celebrate their contribution."

Previous Hydro Tasmania logo.
Hydro Tasmania is asking anyone with a connection to the business and its history to share their stories through a centenary website. "A lot has been written about the history of our business and about the people who worked here," Mr Davy said. ""he Hydro has been integral to Tasmania's social and industrial development and along the way there have been some extraordinary human and technological achievements."

"Of course we all know that through our history there have been bumps in the road which are as much a part of our history as the feats of engineering and human endurance in building our hydro assets. But the constant through the last 100 years has been the role played by the men and women who gave so much to make the business what it is today.

Current Hydro Tasmania logo.
"Whether it be first-hand accounts or stories handed down through families, we want to hear about them. We would also welcome photos and any videos that people would like to share. Our plan is to build an online library to share with the world."

People can upload their story, photo or video here. Contributions can also be sent by email to or to Hydro Tasmania Centenary GPO Box 355, Hobart 7001

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