Thursday, January 16, 2014

Southern cricket - Round 12

NEW Norfolk II kept its finals hopes alive in Fifth Grade with a good six-wicket win over Sorell at Sorell on Sunday. The home side had first hit but was kept to the total of 156 due to the good bowling of the Red Caps especially Jamie Hill who snared four of the Sorell batsmen. In reply New Norfolk had little trouble reaching the target with Leigh Berry (50 runs) and Mitchell Rice (46) leading the way with some great batting.

In Second Grade, New Norfolk I continued on its merry way with a nine-wicket win over Runnymede at Runnymede. Last week's run machine Stewart Rice again scored the runs with 78 while Dav Maddox made 33. Josh Rowlands was the best of the Red Cap bowlers, taking 3-18 off 10 overs in a fine display. New Norfolk is looking the goods so far and will be hard to beat coming into the finals in it maintains this form.

In the other Second Grade match Gretna easily accounted for the hapless MacKillop Beltas at Cambridge. The home side made just 102 with Craig Cunningham sending his spinners down to take 3 for 21 while youngster Daniel Browning captured two as did Jackson Ackerly. In reply Gretna lost just the two wickets in the run chase with Mathew Burns again the top-scorer with 40 runs and Todd Jarvis making the most of his chances up the order, remaining 32 not out. Well done to Craig Cunningham who played his 150th club match and Todd Jarvis who played his 50th for Gretna I.

In other matches, Molesworth I was defeated by Richmond/Cambridge by 20 runs. Chris Slater bowled extremely well, finishing with 5 for 36. For the Molesworth batsmen, Jamie Adams (38) and Daniel Coppleman (34) did their bit.

Bushy Park put up a good score last week but made just 95 against Derwent on Saturday. The Bushy Park batsmen got starts but just didn't go on with it. Mitch Crosswell top-scored with 17. For their bowlers it was also Mitch Crosswell with three wickets while captain Troy Smith tried hard taking two. Being one player short didn't help the cause.

Gretna II lost its Fourth Grade match, going down to the Knights by 26 runs. In a good all-round performance young Cody Eyles captured three wickets and then made 34 runs. Eyles put on a 49-run stand with Tom Allcock and at one stage it looked like pair might have got Gretna over the line. Peter Jelkic tried hard with the ball, taking three wickets and three good catches. Well done to Brian Smith who played his 150th match for Gretna II.

In the other Fifth Grade match Molesworth II went down to a more polished Lindisfarne on Sunday at Boyer Oval. Molesworth had first hit, making 123 with Nathan Hay 30 and captain Brayden Hodge 27 being the top scorers. In reply Lindisfarne had little trouble in the run chase, losing just the three wickets. Cody Neads, Jye County and Brayden Hodge picked up a wicket each.

SCORES - SECOND GRADE: New Norfolk I 1 for 123 off 15 overs (13 extras) d Runnymede 9 for 122 off 44 overs (16 extras) at Runnymede. New Norfolk batting: Stewart Rice 78 (6x4s, 5x6s), David Maddox 33 (1x4, 1x6). New Norfolk I bowling: Josh Rowlands 3-18 (10), Jake King 2-25 (7), Josh Dykes 2-27 (10), Brad Kemmler 1-6 (2).

Gretna I 2 for 103 off  19.4 overs (12 extras) d MacKillop Beltas 9 for 102 off 37.3 overs (22 extras) at Cambridge Oval. Gretna batting: Matthew Burns 40 (4x4s, 2x6s), Todd Jarvis 32no (3x4s), Damien Hack 12 (2x4). Gretna bowling: Craig Cunningham 3-21 (9), Daniel Browning 2-14 (4.3), Jackson Ackerly 2-25 (10), Aaron Maddox 1-17 (4), Corey Ransley 1-24 (10).

Richmond/Cambridge 10 for 159 off 40.3 overs (38 extras) d Molesworth I 10 for 139 off 31 overs (13 extras) at Richmond. Molesworth batting: Jamie Adams 38 (5x4s, 1x6), Daniel Coppleman 34 (5x4s), Chris Slater 19 (3x4s), Mark Reggett 14 (1x4), Molesworth bowling: Chris Slater 5-36 (9), Dean King 1-6 (6.3), Daniel Coppleman 1-21 (3), Nathan Eisezle 1-26 (10).

Derwent 7 for 97 off 19.4 (14 extras) d  Bushy Park 9 for 95 off 26.4 overs (22 extras) at Bushy Park Showground. Bushy Park batting: Troy Smith 17, Trent Grant 16, Mitch Crosswell 15, Nathan Grant 11, D. Colbeck 10. Bushy Park bowling: Mitch Crosswell 3-34 (7), Troy Smith 2-4 (3), Dylan Grant 1-27 (4), Nathan Grant 1-32 (5.4).

FOURTH GRADE: Knights 10 for 188 off 50 overs (35 extras) d Gretna II 10 for 162 off 44.1 (31 extras) at Gretna. Gretna batting: Cody Eyles 34 (5x4s, 1x6), Bruce Emery 23 (2x4s), Nick Wakefield 21 (3x4s), Matthew Eyles 19 (2x4s, 1x6), Brian Smith 14 (2x4s), Tom Allcock 12 (1x4). Gretna bowling: Cody Eyles 3-46 (10), Peter Jelkic 3-48 (9.4), Matthew Eyles 2-40 (10), Brock Nichols 1-13 (10), Dylan Pearce 1-26 (8).

FIFTH GRADE: New Norfolk II 4 for 158 off 28.4 overs (15 extras) d Sorell 10 for 156 off 38 overs (17 extras) at Sorell (1). New Norfolk batting: Leigh Berry 50 (8x4s), Mitchell Rice 46 (3x4s), Chris Ashcroft 23 (3x4s), B. Skelly 14 (1x4). New Norfolk bowling: Jamie Hill 4-38 (8), Graeme Rowlands 2-14 (7), Adam Nossiter 2-33 (8), Mitchell Rice 1-10 (1).

Lindisfarne 3 for 124 off 32.1 (14 extras) d Molesworth II 10 for 123 off 37.3 overs (24 extras) at Boyer Oval. Molesworth batting: Nathan Hay 30 (3x4s), Brayden Hodge 27 (1x4, 1x6), Brad Ransley 14 (1x4), Aaron Triffitt 11. Molesworth bowling: Cody Neads 1-20 (5), Jye County 1-22 (8), Brayden Hodge 1-37 (8).

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