Thursday, January 2, 2014

Severe weather warning

Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology

Severe Weather Warning
for damaging winds
for people in the South East forecast district

Issued at 5:54am on Thursday 2 January 2014.

A low passing to the south of the state will produce strong and gusty winds about the southeast of Tasmania until later this afternoon.

Weather Situation

A low is passing to the south of the state and is expected to move away to the southeast into this afternoon.

Damaging winds around 70km/h with peak gusts of 100km/h are forecast for parts of the South East forecast district.

Wind gusts of 94km/hr have been observed at Hobart Airport, with gusts to 91km/hr being observed at Hobart.

The State Emergency Service and Tasmania Police advise that people should:

  • Secure or put away loose items around your house, yard and balcony.
  • Take care when driving on exposed roads, bridges and causeways. Remain indoors as much as possible.
  • Keep clear of fallen power lines.

For emergency help in floods and storms, ring the SES on 13 25 00.

The next warning will be issued by 11am Thursday.

Strong Wind Warning for the following areas:
Derwent Estuary, Far North West Coast, Central North Coast, East of Flinders Island, Upper East Coast and Central West Coast

Small Craft Alert for the following areas:
Central Plateau Lakes and South West Lakes

Wind Warnings for Friday 3 January

Small Craft Alert for the following area:
South West Lakes

The next marine wind warning summary will be issued by 4:05pm Thursday.

Check the latest Coastal Waters Forecast or Local Waters Forecast for information on wind, wave and weather conditions for these coastal zones.

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