Thursday, January 2, 2014

Russell Falls track closed

THE Russell Falls walking track at Mt Field National Park has been closed until further notice due to high winds. Falling limbs and trees have made walking in this forest extremely dangerous.

The track will reopen when condition change. Strong gusty conditions are forecast for the remainder of the day across southern Tasmania but will ease on Saturday. The Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service recommends checking local weather forecasts before going walking within any forest environment.

Check for updates at the National Parks and Wildlife Service website, Facebook, and Twitter feed.

5PM UPDATE: Mt Field National Park has experienced heavy wind gust today. One side of the walking track to Russell Fall has been reopened after heavy wind storms. All campers have been relocated to the central grassed area of the park away from major tree hazards. The Lake Dobson Rd is also now open. Discovery Ranger activities scheduled for tonight have been cancelled due to high winds but will resume tomorrow (Friday). Ranger staff will continue to update information to all visitors entering the park.

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