Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pedestrians to have priority at Tynwald Park



A change is happening at Tynwald Park in New Norfolk. Traffic conditions and speed limits in the Park will be altered to improve safety for pedestrians in and around Tynwald Park. Tynwald Park is often used by children and families. Recently concerns about the speed of cars travelling through the park have been raised by parents who are supervising children in the park.

Visitors to Tynwald Park will notice the erection of new signs indicating that the park is now a "shared zone" and that the motor vehicle speed limits in the park have been reduced to 10km/h throughout section of the park. These changes create a right of way for pedestrians who travel along existing roadways in Tynwald Park.

In accordance with the law, in a shared zone, motor vehicles are required to give way to pedestrians at all times. The changes will make it easier and safer for people supervising children who want to have access to the playground, barbecue huts and bicycle track. It will ensure that everyone can safely access all the facilities in Tynwald Park.

A number of options in relation to increasing road safety within the park have been considered by the Derwent Valley Council’s Tynwald Park Development Committee, with the creation of a shared zone determined to be the most logical and economically viable option for council to implement.

It is hoped that all road users, whether pedestrians, cyclists or motor vehicles, will take care as everyone adapts to the new conditions. The main thing to remember is that these areas may have people walking on them and to slow down and give way to them.

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