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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Derwent ferry service starts today

A TOURIST ferry connecting Hobart and New Norfolk has had its first official run up the Derwent today. A media launch was held earlier in the week and was covered in the Mercury newsaper here. Contrary to negative remarks posted online, the ferry is an expansion of the existing water taxi service operating in Hobart - not a replacement for it.

Hobart Water Taxis describes the new service as a scenic half-day experience cruising through beautiful wetlands to New Norfolk, which has become known as southern Tasmania’s antique capital. A shuttle bus funded by the Derwent Valley Council and local businesses will transfer passengers to the town centre where they can have lunch and browse the area for three and a half hours before returning to Hobart.

The service operates on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays, departing from Watermans Dock in Hobart. The cost is $55 for adults ($50 concession), $40 for children and $170 for a family of four. There is also the option of traveling one-way only.

While at New Norfolk, the ferry will be used for 40-minute river cruises costing $25 for adults ($20 concession) or $65 for a family of four. This will provide the first regularly scheduled opportunities to experience the river up-close since the iconic Devil Jet rides ceased nearly two years ago.

Bookings are essential. For more information visit the website or phone 0407 036 268.


  1. Well done. Looks well thought out, particularly using the downtime between trips to provide shorter river cruises. Hope this succeeds.
    I noted the negative comments in the Mercury article. Similar negative comments appear with the article about the expansion of street dining in Salamanca Place. It seems that there is a core of Mercury readers who delight in knocking everything new, regardless of its merits.

  2. Fantastic idea hope it is supported, I for one will be taking my family on it, it is also a bonus for the river

  3. Its an interesting concept,although i'm not sure how this service can co exist with jet skis and Powerboats pulling biscuits and skiers.The river is fairly narrow around the Millbrook boat ramp to New Norfolk.