Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bushy Park and New Norfolk in the news

Journalist Edith Bevin reporting from
Bushy Park on tonight's ABC TV News.
DERWENT Valley localities were the hottest places in Tasmania today. At 5pm officially observed temperatures at Bushy Park and Ouse were hovering around 40 degrees celsius, while New Norfolk residents reported temperatures of up to 42 degrees.

Once again New Norfolk may have topped the state but we will never know as there is no weather station in the town.

It was a big day at the Bushy Park Swimming Pool, which opened about an hour earlier than usual due to the demand for relief from the heat.

Today's temperatures peaked at 40.2 degrees at 4.22pm at Bushy Park and 39.6 degrees at Ouse at 3.40pm. At about 8.30 tonight it was still 30.2 at Ouse and 27.8 at Bushy Park. At 9pm in New Norfolk it is 29.7 degrees.

Media outlets including the Mercury and the ABC and visited the Derwent Valley today. ABC TV's report can be seen here and a selection of screen grabs appear below.

Youngsters swimming at New Norfolk's Black Jetty on
ABC TV News tonight.

A patron at the Bushy Park Swimming Pool on the ABC
TV  News tonight.

A firefighter's jacket on the lawn at the Bushy Park Pool on
ABC TV News tonight.

Maree Butler checking the Bushy Park weather station on
ABC TV News tonight.

Youngsters swimming near the scenic walk at New Norfolk
on the ABC TV News tonight.

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  1. So it's a total fire ban day and the people who stay overnight on the new development off Pearson St are burning off the waste. Fire engines have just arrived. Hope the people are fined for their stupidity!!!