Sunday, January 26, 2014

Australia Day 2014

A MODEST crowd attended the Derwent Valley Council's annual Australia Day observance at Tynwald Park, New Norfolk, today. In very warm conditions of about 25 degrees, New Norfolk High School principal and master of ceremonies Malcolm Elliott kept the program running smoothly as the Derwent Valley Concert Band played, the New Norfolk Lions Club cooked a sausage sizzle, the Derwent Valley Youth Future Action Team and the Salvation Army conducted children's games and the national flag was raised by two scouts. The Australia Day Fun Run attracted about 180 entrants but most did not stay for the presentations that followed.

Award recipients at the New Norfolk Australia Day event.
Australia Day Ambassador Bruce Englefield spoke about the importance of good citizenship and reflected on his own story that began with a career in English television working with everyone from Benny Hill to Dr Who, to farming, and on to a new life in Tasmania in 2000 and becoming the Tasmanian Australian of the Year in 2010. "Australia Day is a great time to revitalise our own commitment to citizenship, to be active citizens," Mr Englefield said. "Our communities depend on, and live through, the actions of good citizens driven by friendship and collaboration," he said.

Mr Englefield said it was good citizenship that fired the friendly hand that helps with Meals on Wheels, or joins the volunteer fire brigade or cleans up Australia. "Good citizenship is about volunteering time, energy and commitment to the wellbeing of others. Good citizenship is a model for others. Let's be the model for all new citizens, about how we can all contribute and embrace the values of this young but old country in a spirit of harmony, dignity and generosity."

A presentation was then made to Mr Englefield by New Norfolk Woolworths representative Maree Kennedy in acknowledgement of his service as an Australia Day Ambassador.

Australia Day Awards announced by Derwent Valley mayor Martyn Evans were as follows:
  • Derwent Valley Citizen of the Year: John Simpson
  • Derwent Valley Young Citizen of the Year: Daniel Coppleman
  • Derwent Valley Sportsperson/Group/Team of the Year: New Norfolk Fire Brigade Competition Teams
  • Derwent Valley Young Sportsperson of the Year: Daniel Groom
  • Derwent Valley Community Event of the Year: Elsie Rayner, Can Hope Cancer Support Group events.
Community appreciation certificates were awarded to: Stan Harrex, Eating with Friends Group (Derwent Valley Community House), Deb Morgan, Corumbene Leisure Lifestyle group, Barbara Davis, Ptunarra Derwent Valley Child and Family Centre, Ben Rainbird, Adrian Graham, Samantha Lester, Acacia Fenton, Janine Allcock, Pat Nichols, Greg Hudson, Andrew Pegg, Jack Spinks and Sandra Johnson.

Check back later for profiles and photos of the award recipients

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  1. How dare you give Stan an appreciation award after STEALING his run from him, he has been organising with very little help for the past 24 years. Glad you didn't get the runners that he pulled in. Poorly organised from the council this year.
    I say you give the run back to him next year. He had so much organised for this year to make it bigger, but of course it all had to be cancelled. The Derwent Valley Council are PATHETIC.