Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Colonial heritage demolished

The Willow Court Oval change-rooms site this evening
THE heritage-listed colonial basement of the destroyed football change rooms at Willow Court was demolished today.

Contractors moved in early this morning to remove the roof and other remains of the weatherboard change rooms, which were razed in a deliberately-lit fire on Saturday afternoon.

Despite the intervention of passers-by who were concerned about the apparently unnecessary demolition of the basement level, the structure was levelled after a temporary halt, and most of the brick and sandstone was removed. Only a few pieces of hand-hewn stone remained this evening.

The Willow Court Conservation and Management Plan said the change-rooms building must be preserved but could be relocated. It is believed that the change-rooms were cut off from the part of the property sold by the Derwent Valley Council to a supermarket developer.

Stone from the colonial-era basement.

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