Thursday, November 28, 2013

Funds to catalogue Willow Court items

FINANCIAL support for the cataloging of heritage items at Willow Court was announced today by Premier Lara Giddings. In a media release, MsGiddings said the "Derwent City Council" would receive funding for The Barracks building at Willow Court.

It is understood the funding amounts to just over $10,000, provided under Arts Tasmania’s 2014 Small Museums and Collections Program. Ms Giddings said the program would provide invaluable professional advice and expertise for small museums and collections throughout Tasmania.

"Our small museums and other collections are both storytellers and custodians of our state’s heritage,” Ms Giddings said. “They provide us with amazing experiences, while protecting and maintaining the history of Tasmania. It is important that we provide a funding program to assist our museums and collections, particularly as they are almost entirely volunteer-run."

The existence or otherwise of an accurate inventory of items at Willow Court was a thorny issue for the council under previous mayor Tony Nicholson.


  1. As you should know approximately 15 yrs ago an interested group of NN residents collated an extensive list of WC artifacts. I was told by one of those involved that the list is held by the DV Historical Society.

  2. Why should we know Anonymous? Is this list available for all to view? If so, why would there need to be a rather large grant awarded to do something that was already done? Puzzles me! I would be more interested in the list of all the items at the time of the handover from the state to the council - where is that one?