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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Ombudsman has her eye on cherry farms

UP to 10 cherry farms in Tasmania's Derwent, Huon and Coal River valleys will receive visits from officers of the Fair Work Ombudsman this summer. Ombudsman Natalie James said Fair Work inspectors would visit farms in NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania to check employers were paying fruit pickers their full entitlements during the harvest period.

Fair Work Inspectors will conduct audits at up to 65 farms, including:
• NSW: up to 35 farms in the Young, Orange and Mudgee areas during December
• VIC: up to 10 farms in the Yarra Valley area during December
• SA: up to 10 farms in the Adelaide Hills area during December
• TAS: up to 10 farms in Derwent Valley, Huon Valley and Coal River Valley regions in January.

Ms James said cherry farms were being focused on because in recent years they had been the source of several under-payment complaints from fruit pickers, including young and foreign workers such as backpackers. She said common non-compliance issues in the industry included:
• Underpayment of minimum hourly rates under the Horticulture Award 2010,
• Failure to make written piecework agreements with employees on piece rates,
• Failing to provide piece rate employees with a copy of their agreement,
• Failure to keep time-and-wages records, particularly for casual employees,
• Failure to provide the Fair Work Information Statement to new employees,
• Detailed pay slips not being provided within one day of pay day, and
• Unlawful deductions from employees’ wages for travel and accommodation.

Ms James said Fair Work Inspectors would check employers’ compliance with workplace laws and also encourage cherry pickers to come forward with any queries or concerns they have. “We are conscious that many fruit pickers are young and foreign workers who may be vulnerable if they are not fully aware of their entitlements or reluctant to complain, so it’s important that we are proactive about ensuring they are receiving their full lawful entitlements,” Ms James said.  

In any cases of non-compliance, the preference of Fair Work Inspectors would be to assist growers to voluntarily rectify their issues and educate them about the range of free resources at In cases of serious, deliberate or repeated contraventions, or if growers were not willing to co-operate, inspectors may consider taking further action.

Advice available at includes detailed information about the Horticulture Award 2010, classifications and categories of workers, hours of work, breaks and laws relating to paying piece rates. Other free resources available for download include templates for time-and-wages sheets and pay slips and copies of the Fair Work Information Statement. Information translated into 27 different languages is available at Employers and employees seeking advice or assistance should visit the website or call the Fair Work info-line on 13 13 94. A free interpreter service is available on 13 14 50.

Hospital artefacts "on loan only"

HISTORICAL artefacts of the Royal Derwent Hospital including Willow Court were loaned and not sold to the purchasers of the site when it was off-loaded by the State Government in 2001. A report by the state Auditor-General earlier this year revealed:

  • The loan would be for a 10-year duration, finishing in January 2011. 
  • Items were not to be removed, lent, sold or traded, without permission. 
  • The borrower would insure the collection. 
  • An inventory would be maintained to include details of condition of the items. 
  • The borrower was to safeguard the collection by taking reasonable steps to prevent damage, loss or theft. 
  • The borrower was to provide an annual report on the collection. 

Titled Report of the Auditor-General No. 9 of 2012–13, Royal Derwent Hospital site sale, the report said: "The RDH site included equipment, furniture, fittings and other inventory (the collection) which were considered to be of historical significance to Tasmania and which were not sold under the Agreement for Sale. Instead, those items were covered by a separate schedule that provided for the parties to enter into a loan agreement."

Seeking to confirm that the cultural artefacts from the site "were secured and had not been lost or stolen", the Auditor-General's office "found that the collection was held by Derwent Valley Council, and inspected a number of the items, which were held in a number of secure facilities."

The Auditor-General's report said there was no up-to-date inventory, thus making it impossible to perform a complete reconciliation. "Instead, we focused on some of the more obviously attractive items from the original list and we were able to locate each of those items. Our impression was that at least most of the 814 items from the original list were present. On the other hand, we found no inventory updates or annual reports to the Crown, by either Lachlan River Community Holdings or Derwent Valley Council. We were also advised that no physical handover sheets were provided, or reconciliation performed, when LRCH was dissolved and the site sold to DVC."

The auditor-general recommended that "the Derwent Valley Council does a stocktake of cultural artefacts of the RDH site and negotiates with Department of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts about future custody and display of the items."

Read the Auditor-General's report here.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Next community market date

Derwent Valley Community Market

Sunday, December 15, 10am-2pm

at the Derwent Valley Community House

The Avenue, Willow Court, New Norfolk

(Held on the third Sunday of every month)

This weekend's cricket

Southern Cricket Association, Round 7
Derwent Valley matches

THIS weekend in second grade Molesworth I takes on Gretna I at Boyer Oval for the Ben Eyles Memorial Shield. This shield was first played for last season in memory of Ben who had played for both clubs.

Saturday, November 30 - all matches start at 10.30am

Gretna I v Molesworth I at Boyer Oval.
New Norfolk I v Derwent at New Town High School.
Bushy Park v MacKillop Beltas at Bushy Park Show Grounds.

Gretna II v Dynnyrne at Gretna.

New Norfolk II v Dynnyrne at Tynwald Park.
Molesworth II v McRobies Gully at Abbotsfield Park.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Funds to catalogue Willow Court items

FINANCIAL support for the cataloging of heritage items at Willow Court was announced today by Premier Lara Giddings. In a media release, MsGiddings said the "Derwent City Council" would receive funding for The Barracks building at Willow Court.

It is understood the funding amounts to just over $10,000, provided under Arts Tasmania’s 2014 Small Museums and Collections Program. Ms Giddings said the program would provide invaluable professional advice and expertise for small museums and collections throughout Tasmania.

"Our small museums and other collections are both storytellers and custodians of our state’s heritage,” Ms Giddings said. “They provide us with amazing experiences, while protecting and maintaining the history of Tasmania. It is important that we provide a funding program to assist our museums and collections, particularly as they are almost entirely volunteer-run."

The existence or otherwise of an accurate inventory of items at Willow Court was a thorny issue for the council under previous mayor Tony Nicholson.

Next prefects named

THE New Norfolk High School prefect board for 2014 has been announced. Some 22 current Grade 9 students nominated and from that number, 12 prefects have been appointed. Congratulations to all who took part in the selection process.

The 2014 prefects will be: Sunita Browning, Zak Booth, Jazmine Cowling, Isabella Darey, Caitlin Wesley, Tom Lawrence, Jaidyn Daniels, Ebony Linnell, Tom Czaja, Latitia Maddox, Jordyn Wilton and Georgia Bailey.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Southern cricket - week six

Josh Rowlands
AFTER six rounds of the Southern Cricket Association, the all-conquering New Norfolk I is yet to be defeated in a roster match. In one of the best starts to a season for quite some time, the Red Caps are not just defeating sides, they are thumping them and last Saturday's big win over Molesworth I was no exception.

First New Norfolk bundled the visitors out for just 97, thanks to the excellent bowling of young Josh Rowlands who finished with the fine figures of 5 for 31 off 10 overs. From here, New Norfolk scored the necessary runs in just 13.1 overs. This was mainly due to the in-form Stewart Rice who off the back of 100 last week, smashed a quickfire 60 off just 18 balls. Rice belted 5-4s and 6-6s and has now hit 20 sixes in the past two matches.

Bushy Park went close to pulling off its first win of the season, going down to Richmond/Cambridge by three wickets. Danny Mason put on a well-made 56 and Mitch Crosswell 37 to be the best the batsmen for Bushy Park. Captain Troy Smith took 3 for 21 and Nick Fenton also bowled very well with figures of 2 for 13 off 9.2 overs.

The other second grade match between Gretna and Sandford at Sandford was a washout, without a ball being bowled.

In fourth grade Gretna II continued on its winning way, accounting for Derwent by seven wickets. Gretna bowlers Daniel Browning and Peter Jelkic both picked up four wickets while Cody Eyles also did well getting two. Opening batsman Bruce Emery showed his class with a well-made 40. Gretna has a great mix of youth and experience and is doing very well to date under captain Joey Eyles.

In fifth grade Molesworth II had the bye while New Norfolk II v Lindisfarne at Risdon Vale was washed out.

SCORES - SECOND GRADE: New Norfolk I 3 for 98 off 13.1 overs (5 extras) d Molesworth I 10 for 97 off 30.1 overs (13 extras) at Tynwald Park.
New Norfolk batting: Stewart Rice 60 (6-6s, 5-4s), Jake King 16 (3-4s). Molesworth bowling: Brad Coppleman 1-12 (3), Matthew Smith 1-22 (3), Chris Slater 1-22 (2).
Molesworth batting: Brad Coppleman 27 (4-4s), Josh Bomford 19 (1-4, 1-6), Daniel Adams 10. New Norfolk I bowling: Josh Rowlands 5 for 31 (10), Ashley Morgan 2-14 (5.1), Stewart Rice 2-14 (5).

Gretna I v Sandford at Sandford - match washed out.

Richmond/Cambridge 7 for 119 off 44.2 overs (18 extras) d Bushy Park 10 for 118 off 33 overs (12 extras) at Bushy Park Showground.
Bushy Park batting: Danny Mason 56, Mitchell Crosswell 37. Bushy Park bowling: Troy Smith 3-21 (6), Nick Fenton 2-13 (9.2), Mitchell Crosswell 1-12 (6), Dylan Grant 1-26 (10).

FOURTH GRADE: Gretna II 3 for 84 off 19.2 overs (7 extras) d Derwent 10 for 80 off 26.4 overs (27 extras) at Gretna.
Gretna batting: Bruce Emery 40 (4-4s), Dylan Pearce 12 (1-4), Joey Eyles 12no (3-4s), Peter Jelkic 11no (1-4). Gretna bowling: Daniel Browning 4-22 (6.4), Peter Jelkic 4-33 (7), Cody Eyles 2-14 (6).

FIFTH GRADE: New Norfolk II v Lindisfarne at Risdon Vale - match washed out.

Molesworth II had the bye.

Twenty20 cricket last week

THE Tier 1 Twenty20 cricket matches have started. Both New Norfolk and Molesworth have had a bash but both were beaten. A highlight from the Molesworth v Old Beach match was the hat-trick by Molesworth bowler Matthew Siely who finished with figures of 5 for 26 off four overs. Well done Matthew.

Old Beach 8 for 152 off 20 overs (10 extras) d Molesworth 10 for 125 off 20 overs (14 extras) at Boyer Oval. Molesworth batting: Matthew Smith 52 (4-4s, 2-6s) Brad Ransley 32 (2-4s, 2-6s). Molesworth bowling: Matthew Siely 5-26 (4) including a hat-trick, Josh Bomford 1-16 (3), Daniel Coppleman 1-34 (4).

Rokeby 1 for 103 d New Norfolk 10 for 101 off 17.3 overs (4 extras) at Pontville.
New Norfolk batting: Richard Munnings 26 (2-4s, 1-6), Jamie Hill 15, Jake King 14, Adrian Eiszele 12 1-4, Leigh Berry 10. New Norfolk bowling: Richard Munnings 1-21 (3.1).

Junior cricket

Round 4

New Town 8 for 110 off 19 overs d Gretna 3 for 103 off 20 overs at Boyer Oval.
Gretna batting: Blake Eyles 29 not out (5-4s), Josh Eyles 21no (4-4s), Ryan Emery 9 (2-4s), Brayden Butler 9no, Jacob Blackwell 4no, Conor Kelly-Lennox 6 (1-4), Aiden Featherstone 1.
Gretna bowling: Jacob Blackwell 2-12 (2), Josh Eyles 1-8 (2), Blake Eyles 1-10 (3), Ryan Emery 1-17 (2), Sam Jackson 1-18 (3).

Gretna d Glenorchy by forfeit.

Next games - Round 5
Sunday, December 1
Under 13
Gretna v North Hobart at West Hobart Oval.
New Norfolk v New Town Lee at Queens Walk.
Molesworth v New Town Carlton at Cornelian Bay.

Under 15
Gretna v Clarence at Gretna.
Molesworth v Dodges Ferry at Dodges Ferry Recreation Ground.

Havana night this Saturday

Click image to enlarge

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Big night at Big Red Box

Click image to enlarge. Get more information
 and RSVP on Facebook.
BIG Rex Box's "pop-up" store at 18a High St, New Norfolk, has become a permanent shop and its re-opening will be celebrated from 5.30pm this Friday with a charity event in aid of the Daniel Morcombe Foundation.

Proprietor Nicola Rouleston said Big Red Box handbag and gift boutique was back on High St to stay. The original plan was to operate the temporary or "pop-up" store for the winter only, but it didn't take Nicola long to realise how much she had missed the town since closing the original shop further down the street. Now she has signed a lease and completed the first stage of a two-part renovation project.

"I have decided to hold one of our charity 'Bubbles, Bags and Bling' parties and have chosen the Daniel Morcombe Foundation as the charity," Nicola said. "I will donate to 20% of the turn over from the night to this great cause."

Dress in something red for the chance to share in giveaways, prizes and educational resources to take home to your children and grandchildren to teach them about stranger danger and cyber danger.

Council meeting shunted for birthday bash

THE Derwent Valley Council will hold this year's annual general meeting in the late afternoon to avoid clashing with a party in the Memorial Hall.

A public notice in Saturday's press announced that the AGM would be held at 6.30pm on December 12 but an "amended notice" in today's Mercury newspaper changed the meeting to a 5pm start.

The earlier start will avoid a conflict with a two-hour function in the Memorial Hall to celebrate the council's 150th birthday for a third time.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Good luck Hannah

GRETNA Cricket Club junior member Hannah Mann left with the State Under 15 girls team earlier today to play in NSW. The team goes for 12 days representing the state and I'm sure Hannah and the girls will do us proud. Good luck Hannah, this is a fine achievement.

Rapid upgrade promised at NNHS

A RECENTLY announced science and technology grant for New Norfolk High School will be used to improve the school's Materials, Design and Technology (MDT) building.

Writing in last week's NNHS newsletter, principal Malcolm Elliott said work had begun as soon as the $500,000 funding was announced. "Staff have been working with Department of Education architects and project managers to ensure the upgraded facility meets our needs and vision," Mr Elliott said.

Three staff have visited Kingston High School to see how the state's newest MDT facility looked and worked. "We are all very excited about the development and look forward to its completion which is set for a date before school recommences for 2014," Mr Elliott said.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Southern cricket - week five

THANKS to a big hit of 131 from New Norfolk I allrounder Stewart Rice, the on-song Red Caps were able to defeat Gretna I at Gretna in the Southern Cricket Association matches last Saturday. Rice smashed five 4s and 14 thumping sixes, with many in succession. In a game the home side would rather forget after dropping around 10 catches - which included Rice four times - Gretna just couldn't take a trick and was left pondering what might have been. Opener Jake King also batted well adding 50 as New Norfolk posted 8 for 262 off 47 overs. The match was only 47 overs per side due to an error with the close of innings time. Aaron Maddox was the best of the Gretna bowlers with 2-45. In reply Gretna was bowled out for 153 with captain Glenn Blackwell top-scoring with 39. Red Caps bowler Brad Kemmler picked up three wickets while Dykes and Rowlands got two and the match winner Rice finished his day off with one. New Norfolk is now a game clear and on top of the second grade ladder on percentage.

It certainly seemed that nobody could catch Stewart Rice out. Well, this nearly was the case, but when Rice blasted his 14th six over near the clubhouse, former Gretna allrounder Joey Hack put his trusty hands up, only to spill it to Wade Gleeson who was standing by his side - great team work!

In a bit of a shock result at Boyer Oval on Saturday, Molesworth I went down to Runnymede by 83 runs. After the visitors posted the good score of 235, Molesworth fell well short with 152. Brad Coppleman did well making 46. Brad Ransley and Daniel Coppleman took three wickets to be the best of the Molesworth bowlers.

In the match at Bushy Park, the home side forfeited to Sandford. It's looking like a long season ahead for the Bushy Park boys, but I'm sure they will bounce back very soon.

In 4th Grade, Gretna II continued on its merry way with a five-wicket win over Bagdad at Bagdad. The home side had first hit, making 10 for 161. Matthew Eyles bowled very well for Gretna with 4-30 off 10 to be the main destroyer. In reply Gretna reached the total with five wickets in hand and nearly four overs to spare. Brian Smith continues to get amongst the runs, top scoring with 33 not out.

In 5th Grade, New Norfolk II kept the winning feeling going at the club by defeating Montagu Bay by eight wickets. Ashley Morgan topped the runs for the home team with a well-made 86 not out while Richard Munnings also did well making 59 and Mitchell Rice was next with 11. For the bowlers, young Mitchell Rice also got amongst them, taking two while his brother got 1-21.

Molesworth II had another good win, this time at the expense of Old Beach. Molesworth had first hit, making the excellent score of 231 with youngster Brett Hodge batting very well to make 78. In reply Old Beach was bundled out for 139 in 37.3 overs. Captain Brayden Hodge took three wickets as did the ever improving Jye County with 3-30.

SCORES IN DETAIL - 2nd Grade: New Norfolk I 8 for 262 off 47 (19 extras) d Gretna I 10 for 153 off 37.1 overs (30 extras) at Gretna. New Norfolk batting: Stewart Rice 131 (5-4s 14-6s), Jake King 50 (5-4s), Glenn Williams 19 (2-4s), Rohan Heron 13 (1-4). Gretna bowling: Aaron Maddox 2-45 (10), Mathew Burns 2-51 (6), Craig Cunningham 1-23 (2), Corey Ransley 1-24 (10), Jackson Ackerly 1-30 (4), Rhys Browning 1-59 (8). Gretna batting: Glenn Blackwell 39 (2-4s, 3-6s), Craig Cunningham 26 (2-4s), Aaron Maddox 15 (1-4), Mathew Burns 12 (2-4s), Ben Rainbird 10 (1-4), Rhys Browning 10 (1-4). New Norfolk bowling: Brad Kemmler 3-24 (4.1), Josh Dykes 2-27 (8), Josh Rowlands 2-28 (9), Stewart Rice 1-33 (10).

Runnymede 9 for 235 off 50 overs (38 extras) d Molesworth I 10 for 152 off 33.2 overs (21 extras) at Boyer Oval. Molesworth batting: Brad Coppleman 46, Josh Bomford 26 (3-4s), Nick Piuselli 19 (2-4s, 1-6, Larry Menzie 18 (1-4), Chris Slater 10 (1-6). Molesworth bowling: Brad Ransley 3-20 (4), Daniel Coppleman 3-29 (10), Brad Coppleman 2-53 (10).

Bushy Park forfeited to Sandford at Bushy Park Showground.

4th Grade:  Gretna II 5 for 163 off 46.3 overs (48 extras) d Bagdad 10 for 161 off 48.3 overs (26 extras) at Bagdad. Gretna batting: Brian Smith 33 not out (3-4s), Peter Jelkic 24 (2-4s, 1-6), Tom Allcock 23 (1-4), Nick Wakefield 19 (1-4), Jordan Hastie 15. Gretna bowling: Matthew Eyles 4-30 (10), Joey Eyles 2-18 (7.3), Peter Jelkic 2-26 (9), Brock Nichols 1-33 (10).

5th Grade: New Norfolk II 2 for 186 off 30.5 overs (28 extras) d Montagu Bay 7 for 182 off 50 overs (18 extras) at Tynwald Park. New Norfolk batting: Ashley Morgan 86no (5-4s, 4-6s), Richard Munnings 59 (5-4s), Mitchell Rice 11 (2-4s). New Norfolk bowling: Mitchell Rice 2-42 (18), Adam Nossiter 1-21 (7), Nathan Rice 1-21 (5), Ashley Morgan 1-23 (10), Richard Munnings 1-38 (10).

Molesworth II 10 for 231 off 41.3 overs (60 extras) d Old Beach 10 for 139 off 37.3 overs (35 extras) at Boyer Oval. Molesworth batting: Brett Hodge 78 (7-4s, 1-6), Brayden Hodge 19 (1-6), Jack Evans 19no, Nathan Hay 17 (3-4s), Brayden Chaplin 15 (2-4s), Jordan Eiszele 10 (1-4). Molesworth bowling: Brayden Hodge 3-14 (4), Jye County 3-30 (10), Nathan Eiszele 2-50 (10), Aaron Triffitt 1-16 (8.3), Brett Hodge 1-28 (5).

Sorell Creek speedway tomorrow

Click image to enlarge. More details on Facebook.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fitness centre approval zaps through

APPROVAL for the opening of a Zap Fitness outlet in central New Norfolk was granted at tonight's Derwent Valley Council meeting. With three councillors absent and one stepping out after declaring an interest, the application was dealt with by the bare minimum of five councillors.

All spoke in favour of the development application, which will see Tasmania's 18th Zap Fitness centre open at New Norfolk in the Browning's building on the corner of High and Burnett Sts. The gyms open 24 hours a day and seven days a week including Christmas Day, and have recently expanded into Victoria.

Councillors also voted to waive a $10,000 fee that had been recommended due to the number of parking spaces available behind the building being less than the number specified by the planning scheme. The developer will still be required to provide 14 parking spaces including one disability parking space.

Zap Fitness customers are provided with an electronic key that provides 24-hour access to all centres across the network.

High school rocks on

Click image to enlarge.
More details on Facebook.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Junior cricket

Round 3

St Annes 2 for 109 off 20 overs d Gretna 5 for 96 off 20 overs at Gretna.
Gretna batting: Josh Eyles 26 not out (6-4s), Blake Eyles 18no (2-4s), Tyronne Skinner 11no (2-4s), Conor Kelly-Lennox 4no (1-4), Tyler Farrell 4 (1-4), Nathan Barrington 1.
Gretna bowling: Conor Kelly-Lennox 1-16 (2).

Gretna 6 for 192 off 34 overs d Old Beach 5 for 153 off 40 overs at Cove Creek Oval.
Gretna batting: Sam Booth 37no (4-4s, 3-6s), Nathan Eyles 27no (2-4s, 3-6s), Ryan Emery 33 (3-4s, 1-6), Luke Crosswell 32 (3-4s).
Gretna bowling: Nathan Eyles 4-22 (7), Andrew McKenzie 1-17 (2).

Next games - Round 4
Sunday, November 24

Under 13
Gretna v New Town Lee at Boyer Oval.
New Norfolk v St Annes at Tynwald Park.
Molesworth: bye.

Under 15
Gretna v Glenorchy at Shoobridge Park.
Molesworth v Wellington at Eady St Oval.

Swimming season starts Saturday

Early evening at the Bushy Park Pool.
THE weather has taken a turn for the worse, but a warm welcome is assured when the Bushy Park War Memorial Swimming Pool opens for the summer season this Saturday.

New lifeguard/caretaker Sharyn Loller and the pool committee have the popular public facility ready for another year.

The 33m solar-heated outdoor pool will initially be open from 3-6pm on weekdays (this will change to noon-6pm during the school holidays) while on weekends the pool opens at 10am. Facilities include a kiosk and barbecue area. For more information phone 6286 2050 or visit the pool's Facebook page.

  • The New Norfolk Olympic Pool has been open for several weeks and the Maydena pool opens this weekend. Keys for the Maydena pool are available from the local shop.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Molesworth marathon pays off

Dean Metcalf completes his 24-hour run at Molesworth this
morning, accompanied by other runners including young Corey,
left, who ran for about 12 hours. Photo by Ngaire Glover
MOLESWORTH volunteer firefighter Dean Metcalf's fundraising marathon ended in triumph this morning, raising more than $5000 for important equipment for the local fire brigade.

Dean's 24-hour run-a-thon around the Molesworth Recreation Ground finished at 10am. His laps of the recreation ground had covered 135km and raised about $5627 for the fire brigade.

Other runners joined Dean at various stages and a good group of supporters completed the last lap with him.

Colleagues from the Molesworth Fire Brigade kept score on a whiteboard outside their station as Dean completed each lap. A computer kept track of his progress and produced a graph showing how quickly each lap was completed. Great cheers and a burst of the fire truck siren heralded the successful completion of the run. Dean exceeded by 15km his aim to complete 120km.

Olympian Anthony Edwards,
left, ran two stints with Dean
 Metcalf. Photo by Ngaire Glover.
Among the support runners was local Olympian Anthony Edwards who ran with Dean yesterday and again for about 90 minutes this morning. Anthony said Dean had done a great job and it was wonderful to have such a high level of community support. Anthony also congratulated 12-year-old Corey Kelleher who ran some 75km with Dean over a period of about 12 hours.

"Corey was absolutely amazing," Dean said. "He not only ran 75km but barely seemed to break a sweat and he had never run more than 5km before," he said. Dean also paid tribute to fellow firefighter Paul Foley who co-ordinated the event and worked tirelessly on the fundraising.

Dean's inspiration to raise funds for important items including oxygen equipment comes from a smoke inhalation incident during this year's bushfires at Molesworth, when oxygen had to be provided by a visiting fire brigade.

Congratulations to Dean and all who supported his run this weekend. Molesworth displayed a great self-help spirit during the bushfires and has continued to do so in the months since.

Friday, November 15, 2013

This weekend's cricket

Southern Cricket Association, Round 5
Derwent Valley matches

All matches start at 10.30am

Saturday, November 16

  • Gretna I v New Norfolk I at Gretna.
  • Molesworth I v Runnymede at Boyer Oval.
  • Bushy Park v Sandford at Bushy Park Showgrounds.
  • Gretna II v Bagdad at Bagdad.

Sunday, November 17.

  • New Norfolk II v Montagu Bay at Tynwald Park.
  • Molesworth II v Old Beach at Boyer Oval.

Fantastic photos for sale

An image of the Old Colony Inn when it was called the Old Colony Coffee Inn.
A SERIES of three 1950s-era photos of New Norfolk are up for sale on eBay.

A Melbourne seller is offering three related images in separate auctions, with each having a starting price of $19.99.

The photos were all taken in the vicinity of the Old Colony Inn. One features a view of the popular tourist attraction - looking back up Montagu St - while another is of the opposite view down the same street to where a classic Pioneer tour bus is parked. The third image looks down Ferry St to the river.

The postcard size images are described as reprints of the original photos and the auctions can be viewed here, here and here.

A Pioneer tour bus parked below the Old Colony Inn.

Ferry Street, New Norfolk

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Southern cricket - week four

DESPITE being hampered by rain at times, Round 4 of the Southern Cricket Association had some great performances.

Gretna I continued with its winning form, easily accounting for Runnymede by 113 runs in Second Grade at Runnymede. This win was helped by the in-form Mathew Burns who again top-scored with 70. Burns has been in terrific form so far this season and for the fourth week in a row he scored over 60 runs. Openers Damien Hack 36 and Ben Rainbird 29 put on 43 then Burns and Hack put on 98 to set Gretna in line for a winning total. Corey Ransley did very well down the order making 39. In reply Runnymede was bundled out for 120. The combination of the Browning brothers, Rhys (4 wickets) and Adam (2 wickets) and two from Aaron Maddox cleaned up the home side comfortably.

Molesworth I continued on its merry way with yet another convincing win, this time at the expense of the MacKillop Beltas. Molesworth had first hit, making the competitive score of 186. Opener Nick Piuselli who has been in good form so far, top-scored with a well made 41. Down the order, young Brad Ransley made the good score of 39. In reply the Beltas were bundled out for just 93. This was mainly due to the good bowling from Josh Bomford taking 5 for 26 off 9 overs. Bomford has looked the goods for Molesworth since crossing from Gretna and his perfomances to date have certainly contributed to Molesworth's success. Brad Coppleman has been a great contributor and bowled very well taking 3 for 19, while Tim Nichols kepted things in order as an opening bowler and finished with 2 for 23 off 10.

New Norfolk I kept up its winning trend, smashing Sandford by nine wickets. The ever-reliable Stewart Rice again showed that age is no barrier, skittling through the Sandford batsmen, capturing 4 for 39 to help knock over the home side for just 98. Then Rice smashed a quickfire 65 to top-score for the Red Caps in another great win for the club. Rice belted 3-4s and 6-6s in his innings, which not unexpected from the big hitter who has done this many times before. It wasn't just Rice though, with youngster Josh Rowlands opening the bowling and finishing with the excellent figures of 3 for 8 off 10 overs. Great figures indeed Josh, well done. Josh Dykes chipped in with two wickets, while Richard Munnings got one wicket and also remained 17 not out with 3-4s.

Bushy Park has been finding things difficult since moving up to second grade was beaten by Montagu Bay on Sunday going down by a closer margin of four wickets. Bushy had first hit, making the small total of 73 with all-rounder Mitch Crosswell top-scoring with 32. Next best was Danny Mason on 16. In reply Montagu Bay found it a little tough reaching the total with just four wickets in hand. Captain Troy "Wizard" Smith tried his hardest to keep the team in the match, finishing with figures of 4-48 while Mitch Crosswell picked up one wicket with the other coming from a runout.

In fifth grade Molesworth II scored another win, this time defeating Dynnyrne by 22 runs. Captain Brayden Hodge led the way with 36 while new player J.J. Mallinson made 34. Jacksyn Mann is doing well of late and put on 30. Molesworth finished 10 for 163. In reply Dynnyrne couldn't quite reach the total, finishing 8 for 141. Young Aaron Triffitt bowled very well indeed, picking up 5 for 31. Well done Aaron, keep up the good work. Larry Menzie picked up two while Dakoda Smith took 1 for 2 off 4 balls.

The other fifth grade match between New Norfolk II and McRobies Gully was washed out. In fourth grade it was the same with Gretna II and Hobart at Risdon Vale.

Scores in detail - second grade: New Norfolk I 1 for 99 off 10.2 overs (3 extras) d Sandford 10 for 98 at Sandford. New Norfolk batting: Stewart Rice 65 not out 3-4s, 6-6s. Rohan Heron 14 1-4. Richard Graham 17 not out 3-4s. New Norfolk bowling: Stewart Rice 4-39 (9.2). Josh Rowlands 3-8 (10). Josh Dykes 2-24 (10). Richard Munnings 1-23 (10).

Gretna I 10 for 233 off 49.4 overs (15 extras) d Runnymede 9 for 120 off 30.4 overs (28 extras) at Runnymede. Gretna batting: Mathew Burns 70 4-4s, 4-6s. Corey Ransley 39. Damien Hack 36 4-4s. Ben Rainbird 29 2-4s 1-6. Glenn Blackwell 19 2-4s 1-6. Jackson Ackerly 14. Gretna bowling: Rhys Browning 4-43 (9.4). Aaron Maddox 2-23 (5). Adam Browning 2-27 (10).

Molesworth I 10 for 186 off 48.3 overs (22 extras) d MacKillop Beltas 10 for 93 off 34.4 overs (9 extras) at Cambridge Oval. Molesworth batting: Nick Piuselli 41 2-4s, 3-6s. Brad Ransley 39 4-4s, 1-6. Josh Bomford 19 1-4. Daniel Adams 17. Mathew Smith 11 2-4s. Molesworth bowling: Josh Bomford 5-26 (9). Brad Coppleman 3-19 (7.4). Tim Nichols 2-23 (10).

Montagu Bay 6 for 74 off 19.1 overs (19 extras) d Bushy Park 10 for 73 off 20.5 overs (12 extras) at Geilston Bay. Bushy Park batting: Mitch Crosswell 32. Danny Mason 16. Bushy Park bowling: Troy Smith 4-48 (9.1). Mitch Crosswell 1-16 (6).

Fourth grade: Gretna II v Hobart at Risdon Vale - match washed out.

Fifth grade: New Norfolk II v McRobies Gully at Tynwald Park - match washed out.

Molesworth II 10 for 163 off 37.5 overs (25 extras) d Dynnyrne 8 for 141 off 29.4 overs (41 extras) at Boyer Oval. Molesworth batting: Brayden Hodge 36 1-4, 3-6s. J. Mallinson 34. Jacksyn Mann 30 1-4, 2-6s. Brett Hodge 19 1-4, 1-6. Larry Menzie 10 1-4.  Molesworth bowling: Aaron Triffitt 5-31 (9). Larry Menzie 2-23 (4). Dakoda Smith 1-2 (0.4).

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Premier promises high school science upgrade

THE State Government has announced a $16 million boost for science facilities at six schools including New Norfolk High School which will receive $500,000 under the School Science and Technology Stimulus Package. “Science and technology skills are a vital asset in our fast-moving modern world. The frontiers are constantly expanding. This crucial investment will help our students to keep-up and prosper in the science and technology careers of tomorrow,” Premier Lara Giddings said.

Education Minister Nick McKim said the investment would build on strong recent improvements in the Tasmanian school system. “This package builds on our unprecedented investment in educational infrastructure projects in the last State Budget. We’ve allocated $65 million over the next four years, including $22 million in this financial year,” Mr McKim said.

“We’re seeing significant recent improvements in Tasmanian school results, based on our learning improvement projects and the outstanding efforts of our teachers and staff. We know science and technology are key building blocks in the diverse and sustainable economy we’re helping to build for Tasmania. We need to make science as engaging and relevant as possible for our students, to help encourage their passion for learning. This investment helps achieve just that,” he said.

The works program includes fit-outs and improvements to classroom bench tops, tap-ware and sinks, gas fittings, safety flooring, preparation rooms with safe chemical storage, better ventilation and fume extraction, tools and equipment, and new storage. The Education Department will hire consulting architects and consult with schools shortly, to set the timeframe for each project. Much of the work is expected to happen in the upcoming school holidays.

It is not known how the funds will be used to improve New Norfolk High School's near-new $2 million science block which was opened by Dick Adams in 2011.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Junior cricket

Under 15s players Torne and Jake.
Photo by Debra Crosswell.

Under 13
New Town Carlton 3 for 105 off 19 overs d Gretna 5 for 60 off 20 overs at Gretna.
Gretna batting: Blake Eyles 9 (1-4), Jacob Blackwell 2, Jamieson Farrell 2 not out, Brayden Butler 1, Sam Jackson 1, Tyronne Skinner 1, Aiden Featherstone 1no.
Gretna bowling: Josh Eyles 1-1 (1), Conor Kelly-Lennox 1-10 (2), Jamieson Farrell 1-17 (2).

Under 15
Molesworth 10 for 88 off 29 overs (29 extras) d Gretna 10 for 83 off 27 overs (28 extras) at Gretna.
Molesworth batting: Billy Pauly 25. Nick Wakefield 13 1-4.  Gretna bowling: Nathan Eyles 2-19 (4.3), Jake Ransley 3-12 (4), Zac Crosswell 2-13 (4).
Gretna batting: Zac Crosswell 28 (2-4s, 1-6), Ryan Emery 11 (1-4). Molesworth bowling: Torne Oates 3-3 (3), Billy Pauly 1-3 (2), Nick Wakefield 1-6 (4), J. Franklin 1-7 (4), J. Bearman 1-20 (4), Jayden Daniels 1-25 (5).

The Gretna v Molesworth at Gretna  ended with a rush of wickets. Molesworth had first dig, making 10 for 88 with the Gretna bowlers doing very well. In reply Gretna was cruising at 5 for 74, but then lost their last five wickets for just nine runs. Molesworth's Torne Oates was the main destroyer, taking three of the last four wickets to finish with fine figures of 3 for 3 off three overs. Top job Torne, it shows you are never out it!

No other junior results were received. Send your results to

Next games - round three
Sunday, November 17.

Under 13
Gretna v St Anne's at Gretna.
New Norfolk v New Town Carlton at Cornelian Bay.
Molesworth v North Hobart Red at Tynwald Park.

Under 15
Gretna v Old Beach at Cove Creek Oval.
Molesworth v St Anne's at Cadbury No.1.

Supermarket site on the move

RAPID progress is expected in the development of a new supermarket at New Norfolk following the sale of the Willow Court oval to a Woolworths subsidiary.

The oval was sold to property developer Robert Rockefeller about three years ago and there has been ongoing speculation about which supermarket chain would be involved.

It was announced earlier today that the Derwent Valley Council had endorsed Mr Rockefeller's recent decision to on-sell the site to Fabcot Pty Ltd, the commercial property division of Woolworths Supermarkets.

Mr Rockefeller's company Humana Pty Ltd has also sold the existing New Norfolk Woolworths Supermarket to Fabcot. It is believed this is the first time Woolworths has owned the Charles St building, despite operating it as a supermarket since the premises were built by the Savings Bank of Tasmania in 1983.

Woolworths are believed to be keen to make a quick start on the development in order to meet the original timeframe agreed between Mr Rockefeller and the council, which remains in force.

UPDATE: More details in this week's Derwent Valley Gazette including news that work is expected to start in the new year.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy days at Heimat Chalets

One of the Heimat Chalets.
LOCAL accommodation business Heimat Chalets won the People's Choice Award at the 2013 Tasmanian Tourism Awards on Friday night. Tourism Industry Council Tasmania CEO Luke Martin said the awards played a critical role in encouraging business excellence and innovation in Tourism, while recognising those operators who were helping to make Tasmania arguably the hottest destinations in Australia.

“Heimat Chalets at Black Hills, near New Norfolk, won the prestigious ‘People’s Choice Award’ based entirely on guests’ feedback from over 4500 customer survey forms submitted throughout the State over the past 12-months,” Mr Martin said.

Congratulations to owner/operators Linda and Frank Pearce.

New coal mine proposed near Hamilton

The proposed mine site near Hamilton.
A PROPOSED open cut coal mine near Hamilton in the upper Derwent Valley is being assessed by Tasmania's Environmental Protection Agency. Indicoal Mining Australia Pty Ltd proposes a new open cut mine 4km west of Hamilton.

The Langloh Open Cut Coal Mine would cover about 385 hectares be adjacent to the existing Kimbolton mine off the Lyell Highway. The project could supply both domestic and export customers over a period of about eight years.

The new mine is planned to have an annual production of 900,000 tonnes of thermal coal. Raw coal would most likely be transported to port at Bell Bay, with transport by truck, train and barge being investigated. More information about the project can be found at the Environment Department website.

Coal was discovered at Langloh, between Hamilton and Ouse, in 1849 but commercial mining did not start until 1938 when the Langloh Coal Mining Company started underground extraction. This continued until 1942 when the lease was transferred to the Hamilton Coal Company which mined the site until 1963.

Remembrance Day special - A man to remember

LOCAL HERO: Walter Ernest Brown, wearing
his Victoria Cross and Distinguished Conduct
Medal ribbons.
#1689 Corporal
20th Battalion, 5th Brigade, 2nd Division of the AIF.

New Norfolk-born “Wally” Brown was one of only three Australian World War I Victoria Cross recipients to see active service during the next great conflict, World War II.  He enlisted, understating his age by 15 years and saying he had no previous military experience.

Wally believed it was his duty to fight for his country and his family’s freedom.  The other two Victoria Cross recipients who served overseas in WWII were Walter Peeler who understated his age by 14 years and Arthur Blackburn who was serving as a Lieutenant-Colonel with the 18th Light Horse (Machine Gun) Regiment when war was declared.

World War I

Walter Ernest Brown was born at New Norfolk on July 3, 1885, the son of timber miller Francis Sidney Brown and his wife Agnes Mary (nee Carney) who were living at 48 Bathurst St, Hobart, by the time Wally enlisted in the AIF on July 11, 1915.  Wally had attended school at New Norfolk before working in a grocery shop in Hobart. He had moved to Sydney in 1911 where he worked in a Petersham grocery store until he enlisted.

Walter Brown's World
War I enlistment.
He was 30 years and one month of age when he was accepted into the Army on July 26, 1915. Five foot seven inches tall, weighing 10½ stone he had a fair complexion, fair hair and blue eyes.  His religious denomination was Church of England.

Following his three months initial training at Liverpool, NSW, Wally embarked from Sydney on the SS Hawkes Bay on October 23 with 49 members of the 11th Reinforcements for the 1st Light Horse Brigade. Disembarking in Egypt he entered the training camp at Tel-el-Kebir.  He was admitted to the 2nd Auxillary Hospital in Cairo on December 12 with a chronic infection of the middle ear in both ears. Discharged from Hospital on New Year’s Eve 1915, he was assigned to the 1st Light Horse Regiment, which was being re-formed and brought back to full strenghth after many of its members had served as infantrymen on Gallipoli.

After a further six months training with the 1st Light Horse Regiment, Wally became frustrated at being no nearer the fighting and devised a plan that he hoped would get him to France.  Reporting the loss of his false teeth, he requested leave to see a dentist in Cairo.  In Cairo, on August 21, he obtained a transfer to the 5th Training Battalion. Two months later he was assigned to the 55th Battalion at Estaples

The announcement of Walter
Brown's DCM
Transferred on November 15, 1916, to the 1st Australian Field Butchery, he was still with the 2nd AFB on July 22, 1917, when transferred to the 20th Battalion of the 5th Brigade and saw action at Menin Road on September 20, two years and two months after he had volunteered in Sydney. Wally was recommended for a Distinguished Conduct Medal for his actions during the Battle at Broodeseinde when, under heavy fire on the night of October 5/6, he had displayed courageous leadership, taking command of his section following the wounding of his sergeant. Wally had cared for the wounded members of his section while being sniped at by the enemy.

Three days later during the last terrible phase of the fighting at Passchendaele, the 2nd Division was again in the thick of it when a close friend of Wally, #9712A Private Claude Clark Hughes, a butcher from Whittlesea, Victoria, was posted as missing. Wally was offered leave in England but chose to stay and scour the battlefield searching for his mate’s body. Told where Claude had been hastily buried in a shallow grave, Wally and some of his comrades erected a large and elaborate headstone bearing the following inscription; “This Cross was erected in loving memory of Pte C. C. Hughes of the 20th Btn, and to the memory of others of the above Btn, who lie in this neighbourhood”.  Wally photographed the grave and sent a copy to Claude’s parents. After the war the War Graves Commision failed to locate the grave and placed Claude’s name on the Addenda Panel, No 59 at the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial).

Returning to duty 10 days later, Wally was made a Lance Corporal. He was wounded for the first time on November 3 and spent five days in hospital before returning to his unit. Wally was made Corporal on April 7, 1918.  He was with the 20th at Hangard Wood when their commander, Brigadier-General Robert Smith, led the 5th brigade as they forced the enemy to retreat. The Awarding of his Distinguished Conduct Medal appeared in the London Gazette June 3, 1918.

On July 6 as the 20th Battalion relieved the 21st in the front line, they were harassed by enemy snipers and machine gunners. Wally spotted the offending enemy post 65 metres from his position.  He picked up two Mills bombs and ran through the heavy rifle and machine gun fire across open ground towards the enemy. Although his first bomb fell short, the enemy withdrew from their post to a nearby dugout. Wally reached the dugout and called upon them to surrender. The first man to emerge attempted to disarm Wally who, holding his remaining Mills bomb aloft, managed to knock the German out with his free hand. An officer of the 137th German Infantry Regiment then led 12 men out of the dugout to surrender to Wally. Wally guided his prisoners back across the open ground to his mates, ignoring the furious enemy fire that was raining down on them.  When his sergeant was wounded again Wally stepped up to take charge of the party. The machine gun Wally captured is at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.

The London Gazette
announces Walter
Brown's VC.
The London Gazette of August 7, 1918, published the awarding of a Victoria Cross to Corporal Walter Ernest Brown and the next day Wally was wounded in the knee at Amiens. Rejoining his unit from hospital on August 25 he was wounded again six days later at Mont St Quentin. Promoted to Sergeant on September 13, Wally was attached to the AIF Administration Headquarters in London a week later. Wally Brown was invested with his Victoria Cross by King George V at a ceremony at Sandringham on October 7 and was granted one week's leave.

Two weeks after returning to the Administration Headquarters, Wally and other Australian VC recipients were offered leave to return to Australia at their own expense.  Common sence prevailed when the transport section of the army was instructed to arrange free transport to Australia for these men. Wally declined the trip home and requested he be returned to the 20th Battalion.  He rejoined them on November 18, a week after the Armistice. The 20th was disbanded on April 20, 1919, and Wally remained in London on the army payroll while he successfully completed a course in cinema projection.  On November 4 he embarked on the HT Nestor for the voyage to Sydney. Upon disembarking on December 15, doctors found the ear infection that had plagued him for over four years had destroyed his hearing. Corporal Walter Brown VC DCM was discharged on February 15, 1920, and granted a War Pension.

His service medals were the 1914/15 Star #68872, British War Medal #20570 and Victory Medal #20351. Major General Sir Charles Rosenthal, who had as Commander of the 2nd Division recommended Wally Brown be awarded a Victoria Cross on July 10, 1918, was watched by 700 spectators as he unveiled the Victoria Park War Memorial at St Mary’s on November 18, 1922.  Rosenthal also unveiled the tablets on the three sides of the Memorial.  A 75mm Trench Mortar captured by the 20th Battalion on the night before Mont St Quentin fell was unveiled to the west of the Memorial by Mr R. B. Walker, MLA.

Wally worked in Sydney for 10 years as a brass-finisher, then moved to Leeton working as a water bailiff for the NSW Water Conservation and Irrigation Commission.  On June 4, 1932, Wally and his Irish-born bride, Maude Dillon of Cootamundra, were married at Christ Church, Bexley, by the Reverend Robert Lyle Houston. An Anglican Church, Christ Church is situated on the corner of Dunmore St and Forest Rd, Bexley, a southern Sydney suburb.  A surprise awaited the newlyweds as they left the church. Unbeknown to them, eight Victoria Cross recipients had had gathered to form a guard of honour outside the church. The guard was formed by Major Blair Anderson Wark VC, Lieutenant John Hamilton VC, Lieutenant George Cartwright VC, Sergeant George Julian Howell VC, W/O William Matthew Curry VC, Sergeant Arthur Evans VC, Corporal Thomas James Bede Kenny VC and Corporal Arthur Percy Sullivan VC.


Walter Brown's World
War II enlistment.
Aged 54, Wally was still living in Leeton when he enlisted for World War II on June 1, 1940.  He understated his age by 15 years, claiming his date of birth was July 3, 1900.  Despite his age and lack of hearing, he passed his medical “Class 1 fit for overseas service” and entered the 8th Battalion on June 21 as temporary Corporal W.E. Brown # NX 35492.

Promoted to the rank of sergeant on July 1, he was transferred to 2/15th Field Regiment on September 2. Two months later he was assigned to a Signal Training Depot. Once again not happy with his chances of taking part in the fighting, he successfully applied to return to the rank of gunner and embarked for overseas on July 29, 1941. The 2/15th as part of the Eighth Division of the AIF, arrived in Malaya in August 1941.

When told of the impeding surrender of the allied force in Singapore on February 15, 1942, Wally picked up a quantity of grenades and walked in the direction of the enemy lines telling his mates: “There will be no surrender from me.” Some 130,000 allied servicemen were taken prisoner by the Japanese that day.

A note on the back of Walter Brown's
World War II enlistment papers
 detailing his status.
Sergeant Wally Brown was never seen again and was officially presumed missing February 28, 1942. With no known grave, Sergeant Walter Ernest Brown’s name appears on the Singapore Memorial in the Kranji Cemetery, 22km north of Singapore.  On July 19, 1945, a man claiming to be Walter Ernest Brown VC DCM applied for membership of the Mayfield-Waratah sub-branch of the RSL. When the sub-branch contacted the Army Records Department and confirmed Brown’s status as “Missing believed killed,” the impostor disappeared.

Walter Brown was survived by his wife and a daughter.  His son Walter Ernest Brown died of meningitis in June 1943. His widow Maud died 1963. The medals of Walter Brown VC DCM are on display in the Hall of Valour at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. The Memorial also houses his portrait painted by Sir John Longstaff.
©  Harry Willey

A memorial stone in the grounds of New Norfolk Primary School.

Remembrance Day service

A SERVICE for Remembrance Day will be held at 11am today (November 11) at the cenotaph in Circle St, New Norfolk. All welcome.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Kathy's hall of fame honour

FORMER New Norfolk woman Kathy Foster will be the first Tasmanian player to be admitted to the Australian Basketball Hall of Fame when Basketball Australias hold its prestigious black tie induction dinner in Melbourne on November 21. The basketball hall of fame recognises those who have made an outstanding contribution at international or national levels, across professional leagues, through States or Associations, at the local level, or to Australian basketball generally.

Basketball Australia chief executive officer Kristina Keneally congratulated all of this year's inductees for their profound and ongoing impact on basketball as players, officials and contributors. “Australia is one of the best-performing basketball nations on earth, and that is due in no small part to the contribution people as passionate and committed as these ABHF inductees have made,” the former NSW premier said.

“Our players continue to show grit and determination both here in Australia and on the international stage, while our officials and contributors selflessly dedicate great personal stock to grow the game. These men and women are the heroes of basketball both on and off the court, incredibly deserving of their place in the Australian Basketball Hall of Fame. We look forward to celebrating their invaluable work and ABHF induction with them later this month,” Ms Keneally said.

In a statement, Basketball Australia said:  "The pride of the Tasmanian town of New Norfolk, Kathy Foster is the first Tasmanian player to be inducted into the Australian Basketball Hall of Fame. In a WNBL career spanning 135 games, the three time MVP (1985, 1986, 1989) also won a Halls Medal in 1985 as the fairest and best player in South Australia (sharing the honour with fellow Hall of Famer Julie Nykiel) and was a member of the 1989 and 1990 WNBL All Star Five. At the international level, Foster represented Australia at an Olympic Games (1984) and two World Championships (1983 and 1986). Her crowning moment came in 1991 when she played a significant role in bringing a WNBL title to Hobart with the Islanders’ victory over the Nunawading Spectres. After hanging up her sneakers at the end of 1992, Foster has remained involved via coaching positions at all levels with a particular focus on her students at The Fahan School in Sandy Bay where she is deputy principal."

The Mercury newspaper has the story here.

Friday, November 8, 2013

This weekend's cricket

Southern Cricket Association, Round 4
Derwent Valley matches

All matches start at 10.30am

Saturday, November 9

  • Gretna I v Runnymede at Runnymede
  • Molesworth I v MacKillop Beltas at Cambridge Oval
  • Bushy Park v Montagu Bay at Geilston Bay
  • New Norfolk I v Sandford at Sandford
  • Gretna II v Hobart at Risdon Vale
  • New Norfolk II v McRobies Gully at Tynwald Park
  • Molesworth II v Dynnyrne at Boyer Oval

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

International study tour for NNHS teacher

A NEW Norfolk High School teacher will study educational developments in the United States as one of the recipients of the Hardie Fellowship for 2013. Education Minister Nick McKim recently named NNHS teacher Chantel Barnes as one of three individual and two group recipients of the prestigious award.

The late Professor Hardie was Dean of Education at the University of Tasmania from 1946-76. A bequest of $7.5 million from his estate enabled the establishment of a Hardie Fellowship Trust to provides a number of Tasmanian teachers to undertake a period of research or study at an approved university in the US.

Ms Barnes will study student engagement in learning with global leaders in the field. “The Hardie Fellowships have an immediate and future benefit to the government education system and Tasmania’s students," Mr McKim said. “Students and fellow-teachers have benefited from the experience and understanding fellowship holders gain through their studies, and it has been a valuable opportunity for Tasmania to establish partnerships with leading education institutions in the USA."

Junior cricket

Gretna Under 15s Zac, Ryan and Luke all scored half-centuries
at the weekend. Top effort!

Under 13
Molesworth 3 for 82 off 12.3 overs had a washout with Gretna scoring 2 for 9 off two overs at Boyer Oval on Sunday.
Gretna batting: Connor Lennox-Kelly 4 not out, Tyrone Skinner 1no.
Gretna bowling: Blake Eyles 1-6 (2), Blake Mayne 1-6, Josh Eyles 1-16 (2), Sam Jackson 0-12 (2), Brayden Butler 0-20 (2), Tyrone Skinner 9-1 (.3), Jacob Blackwell 0-31 (2).

Under 15
Gretna 6/231 (40 overs) d St Anne's 8/222 (40 overs) at Cadbury No 1 on Sunday. Gretna won the toss and batted first.
Gretna batting: Luke Crosswell 78 (6-4s), Ryan Emery 52 (3-4s), Zac Crosswell 54 (6-4s), Nathan Eyles 11 (1-4), Brody Nichols 9, Andrew McKenzie 6no, Jake Campbell 4. First wicket partnership 95, third wicket partnership 93.
Gretna Bowling: Nathan Eyles 3/31 (8 overs), Hannah Mann 3/12 (4 overs) including hat trick. There is just no stopping you, Hannah.

No other junior results were received. Send your results to

Southern cricket - week three

AT Boyer Oval on Saturday, Molesworth I captain Brad Coppleman and new player Mathew Smith carved up the Richmond/Cambridge bowling attack with a smashing 256-run partnership. Molesworth lost only four wickets as it posted the big total of 290. Coppleman and Smith came together when the score was just 3 for 34, and then went about smashing a total of 27 fours and 12 sixes between them. In reply Richmond/Cambridge gave the run chase a good crack but fell 64 runs shy, finishing 9 for 226 off 50 overs. Molesworth is certainly setting the pace in 2nd grade and will take some beating.

In other matches in second grade, Gretna accounted for MacKillop Beltas at Gretna by 83 runs. Mathew Burns continues to rack up the runs and made 71. Burns is in very good form which is pleasing for captain Glenn Blackwell. Craig Cunningham with his spinners took five wickets on Saturday. He  is certainly getting the batsmen in a spin of late. The Beltas were bundled out for just 118, resulting in Gretna's third straight win this season.

New Norfolk I easily accounted for Runnymede at Tynwald by 131 runs. Old hand Stewart Rice was again amongst the runs, top-scoring with 74 with 9-4s and 4-6s. New Norfolk made 10 for 267 to Runnymede's 7 for 145. Jake King bowled well, taking 3 for 28 off six overs to be the best of the Red Cap bowlers. Like Molesworth and Gretna, New Norfolk is undefeated and if this keeps up, the matches between these three teams will be very interesting indeed.

Bushy Park is yet to register a win this season and went down to Derwent by 138 runs. Nathan Grant top-scored with 20 while Geoff Crosswell did well taking 4-28 off 6.4. Nathan Grant got three wickets for 48 runs off nine overs. Trent Grant 2 and Mitch Crosswell 1 were the other wicket takers.

In a exciting match at Campania, Gretna II looked all but beaten towards of the Knights innings but got back into the game and managed somehow to tie the match. Batting first, Gretna made 10 for 158 and at one stage was 4 for 47. Along comes evergreen Brian Smith who steadied the ship making 55 not out. Brian shared a 71-run stand with youngster Daniel Browning who made 21 and helped Gretna to a defendable total. In reply the Knights were cruising at 5 for 130, but then Matthew Eyles finished with 4-28 and the cat was certainly among the pigeons and with some catches from Cody Eyles, Brodie Gleeson and Daniel Browning the Knights were in deep trouble. Matthew Eyles took the last of his four wickets in the dying moments, capturing the last batsman LBW to make the match a tie.

In fifth grade Molesworth II recorded a great win over Richmond/Cambridge by two wickets. Captain Brayden Hodge bowled well to limit the home side's total and finished with four wickets. In the Molesworth innings young Jacksyn Mann belted 59 in his first match for the club this season. Mann remained not out in his handy innings. Larry Menzie did well making 37 to be next best. Well done to Dakoda Smith who has been  playing well and took two wickets as did Aaron Triffitt 2-19. This young team is doing really well and will do well from their first win.

In the other fifth grade match New Norfolk II went down to Claremont by six wickets. Chris Ashcroft 43 and Josh Walsh 33no did their bit for the Red Caps. The New Norfolk bowlers tried hard all day, Adam Nossiter being the best with 1-27 while Kemmler and Mitch Rice also picked up a wicket each.

Scores in detail - second grade: Molesworth I 4 for 290 off 50 overs (14 extras) d Richmond/Cambridge 9 for 226 off 50 overs (36 extras) at Boyer Oval. Batting: Brad Coppleman 143 13-4s, 7-6s. Mathew Smith 126 14-4s, 5-6s. Bowling: Tim Nichols 2-7 (7). Mathew Smith 2-31 (6). Chris Slater 1-17 (5). Brad Coppleman 1-29 (10). Josh Bomford 1-35 (4). Daniel Coppleman 1-53 (10).
Gretna I 10 for 201 off 48.4 overs (29 extras) d MacKillop Beltas 10 for 118 off 36.5 overs (18 extras) at Gretna. Batting: Mathew Burns 71 7-4s, 3-6s. Jackson Ackerly 26 5-4s. Tom Allcock 25 1-4. Todd Jarvis 17 1-4. Glenn Blackwell 12 2-4s. Damien Hack 11. Bowling: Craig Cunningham 5-15 (8.5). Jackson Ackerly 2-18 (8). Aaron Maddox 2-19 (6). Corey Ransley 1-30 (8).

New Norfolk I 10 for 276 off 48.1 overs (31 extras) d Runnymede 7 for 145 at Tynwald Park. Batting: Stewart Rice 74 9-4s, 4-6s. Richard Graham 61 9-4s. Jake King 33 3-4s. Josh Rowlands 3-4s. Josh Dykes 18no. Rohan Heron 11 1-4. Bowling: Jake King 3-28 (6). Stewart Rice 1-14 (4). Josh Rowlands 1-15 (6). Jamie Maddox 1-33 (10). Jamie Hill 1-2 (.5).

Derwent 10 for 247 off 44.4 overs (29 extras) d Bushy Park 10 for 109 off 32.2 overs (20 extras) at New Town High School. Batting: Nick Fenton 21. Nathan Grant 20. Danny Mason 15. Shaun Fenton 14. Bowling: Geoff Crosswell 4-28 (6.4). Nathan Grant 3-48 (9). Trent Grant 2-30 (4). Mitchell Crosswell 1-27 (7).

Fourth Grade - Knights 10 for 158 off 44.2 overs (53 extras) tied with Gretna II 10 for 158 off 48.5 overs (29 extras) at Campania. Batting: Brian Smith 55no 4-4s. Bruce Emery 22 1-4. Daniel Browning 21. Clinton Millhouse 12 1-4. Bowling: Matthew Eyles 4-28 (8.2). Cody Eyles 2-22 (10). Joey Eyles 2-30 (8). Brodie Gleeson 1-4 (1). Brock Nichols 1-24 (9).

Fifth Grade - Molesworth II 8 for 187 off 47.3 overs (43 extras) d Richmond/Cambridge 10 for 186 at Richmond. Batting: Jackson Mann 59 3-4s, 1-6. Larry Menzie 37 5-4s. Tyson Gray 14. Jack Evans 11 2-4s. Dakoda Smith 10 1-4. Bowling: Brayden Hodge 4-44 (10). Aaron Triffitt 2-19 (7.3). Dakoda Smith 2-26 (9). Tyson Gray 1-17 (5). Jackson Mann 1-41 (8).

Claremont 4 for 175  off 33.2 overs (18 extras) d New Norfolk II 10 for 171 off 36.4 overs (41 extras) at Abbotsfield Park. Batting: Chris Ashcroft 43 7-4s. Josh Walsh 33 not out 6-4s. Tomas Hanson 17 2-4s. D. Langridge 16 1-4. Mitchell Rice 10 1-4.  Bowling: Adam Nossiter 1-27 (8). Brad Kemmler 1-31 (8). Mitchell Rice 1-59 (10).

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Old view of the Colony Inn

This 1950s-era image of New Norfolk's Old Colony Inn is being sold on eBay
by a West Australian seller. With a starting price of $9.95 the black and white
postcard shows the popular tourist attraction before the later addition of the
dining room on the right hand side. See the listing here

All that jazz

Jessie Robertson Barclay in full voice.
MOLESWORTH blogger Paul Beresford has posted a fantastic video from the recent Derwent Valley Concert Band 20th Anniversary Concert. It features singer Jessie Barclay belting out a rousing rendition of All That Jazz.

During her teenage years, Jessie (nee Robertson) frequently accompanied the band as a vocalist and she was just one of many former members who returned for the anniversary weekend late last month.

Watch the video at the Danson Park blog.

NNPS quiz night this Friday

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THE annual New Norfolk Primary School quiz night is on this Friday and there's still time to book a seat or a table. You can book a table of up to eight people for $80, or if there are just a couple of people you can walk-in on the night and find a spot on a table for $10 per person.

As the event is being held on school property with alcohol being sold, it is for the over 18s only. In addition to the quiz there will be silent auctions, a raffle and plenty of games as well as prizes for the first, second and third placing tables. Platters of nibbles can be pre-ordered for $10 and these will feed about four people.

For more information or to make a booking, phone the school office on 6261 2488 or email

Friday, November 1, 2013

One councillor may go

THE Local Government Board has proposed reducing the number of Derwent Valley councillors from nine to eight at the next election. The community has been invited to comment on the proposal before December 5. Read more at the Mercury newspaper website.

Tyga in the hunt for radio awards

LOCAL radio station Tyga FM has been named as a finalist in two categories at the Annual Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) Awards.

Derwent Valley Community Radio Inc president Steve Halloran said the station was a finalist for Outstanding Small Station and Excellence in IT/Technical Services and he would attend the CBAA Annual Conference and Awards Dinner in mid-November.

"I am proud of our little station for making it to the finalist stage in the premier national awards event for the community broadcasting sector," Mr Halloran said.

This weekend's cricket

Southern Cricket Association, Round 3
Derwent Valley matches

All matches start at 10.30am

Saturday, November 2

  • Bushy Park v Derwent at New Town High School
  • Molesworth I v Richmond/Cambridge at Boyer Oval
  • Gretna I v MacKillop Beltas at Gretna
  • New Norfolk I v Runnymede at Tynwald Park
  • Gretna II v Knights at Collinsvale Oval Campania
  • New Norfolk II v Claremont at Abbotsfield Park
  • Molesworth II v Richmond/Cambridge at Richmond.