Thursday, October 10, 2013

Reader's letter: Tip talk

LAST weekend I planned my Saturday around a "trip to the tip". I loaded the station wagon with all sorts of smelly rubbish and set off just after lunch only to find at the bottom of the street leading to the tip a sign saying "TIP CLOSED".

If it is likely to happen that the New Norfolk tip is closed at any time for any reason (especially on high volume days like the first Saturday in the month) why can an alert not be placed on the Derwent Valley Council website (surely a two-minute job for someone with access) so that out-of-town residents can check before leaving home and making (in some cases) a 20-30km round trip for nothing. This problem could also no doubt lead to some (irresponsible) people dumping rubbish over embankments or worse.

Also signs should be placed on town entrances e.g. Molesworth Rd, Magra, Lachlan etc saying "Tip Closed - Check Website" and saving unnecessary traveling.


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