Monday, September 23, 2013

Not very RV friendly

NEW signs banning caravans and campervans from Molesworth appeared to take councillors by surprise when the matter was raised at last week's Derwent Valley Council meeting. During question time at the meeting on Thursday night, Molesworth resident Alby Stephenson asked why signs had been erected on Molesworth and Collins Cap Rds indicating they were unsuitable for motorhomes.

Works manager Stewart Taylor said the signs had been installed at the direction of the Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources, and that similar signs had been erected at Glenorchy.

The signs are on Molesworth Rd just off the Lyell Highway and on Collins Cap Rd just before the Wyre Forest Rd junction. There is no indication as to whether the signs are regulatory or advisory, nor whether they prohibit local residents from moving caravans and campervans to and from their homes.

Councillors asked to see a copy of the letter from DIER and in the meantime residents could be wondering why Collins Cap Rd is suitable for school buses and double-length gravel trucks but not campervans.

The new sign on Molesworth Rd


  1. It seems a sensible idea. It is clearly advisory, and makes drivers aware that the road may not be up to freeway standards.

    > wondering why Collins Cap Rd is suitable for school
    > buses and double-length gravel trucks but not campervans.

    School buses and gravel trucks are almost always driven by people familiar with the road conditions. Campervans tend to be large vehicles driven by people completely unfamiliar with local road conditions. Makes sense to let them know they should take care. This is clearly not directed at residents.

  2. Anonymous, I don't think it is clear to residents at all and definitely not to motorhome/caravan users and it certainly would have been more sensible NOT to have such at the Lyell Highway/Molesworth junction! I can understand having an advisory up Collins Cap Road and in fact that should have a warning about mad truck drivers. That road is unsuitable for trucks of any kind!
    Anonymous 2

  3. I reckon it would make more sense to improve the road rather than to cast doubt on individual driver's abilities. Saying a truck driver is a better driver is dangerous, as they are often risk takers as well. Who has the right to say all who are not professional drivers are worse than a double-B driver. Expensive and difficult to fix the road yes, but hey, engineers are doing incredible things with roads all the time.

    1. Agree - in the meantime (as highly unlikely to get Collins Cap Road to any safe standard in ther near future) perhaps advisory sign could be placed at Collins Cap/Molesworth Road junction? However, as a frequent user of the Molesworth area roads, NONE of them are of a safe standard. Have you met a large vehicle of any kind on the Bridle Path? That truly is an OMG moment!
      Anonymous 2 again