Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Petition just a stunt - Adams


Federal Member for Lyons


Dick Adams, the Federal Member for Lyons dismissed the Liberals petition to break the forest agreement as a cynical election stunt and would not make any difference to the future of the forest industry, but would irreparably damage the markets.

"Over the last few years the whole industry has changed, sawmills have closed, workers are being retrained and the resource is being reassessed. Even if they reversed the agreement, and no further resource was locked up, access to that resource, ability to process and the available markets, have been completely changed and it would be impossible to go back to the past industry. Triabunna mill has closed, the pulp mill has not eventuated yet and there are problems of dealing with waste from the harvesting and processing which still haven't been solved.”

Mr Adams said that the Legislative Council should get on and finalize the legislation so that everyone could get on with the job of transitioning the industry. "We need to encourage new investment, develop new processes and making sure there is stability for the industry to revive and value add to our great resource. The IGA agreement has allowed this to start, we already have one company on the starting blocks to manufacture timber products with reconstituted wood in Lyons Norske Skog in the Derwent Valley is changing its paper type as newsprint is becoming obsolete. By using the agreement money to kick start some new directions, it is allowing the industry to change direction, while other rural industries can start their expansion plans to take up the labour that has been displaced."

Mr Adams said that forestry should not be used as a wedge tool, this major change should have bipartisan support. "My ‘how to vote’ recommendation shows my commitment to stable majority government and I will continue to campaign for that." Mr Adams concluded.

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