Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Norfolk's 15th in a row

Southern Football League
Round 16

HUONVILLE hosted New Norfolk as the Eagles notched up their 15th victory in succession and stayed two games clear in top spot after going through the motions to register a 43 point victory. The result saw Huonville slip two spots outside the final five from this loss.

The Eagles would be comfortable with three of their quarters, particularly given their dominance in the second when they scored six goals to the Lions' solitary behind. The Eagles finished with a seven-goal second half and didn’t allow Huonville any opportunities to get going during the last three quarters of game.

Michael Thompson delivered business as usual up forward with four goals whilst both Simon Crane and Nathan Ross chipped in with two majors each. Crane, Kurt Styles and playing Coach Jon Murray were named in the best players for the team.

Huonville would have hoped to return to their home ground winning form against New Norfolk but the Lions have not been able to put four quarters of football together regularly this season and now must win their last two matches to be in the finals mix. Adam Johns was the Lions' best player and Cameron Johns was again the leading goal kicker with three goals.

In the Reserves game earlier in the day New Norfolk were victors by 103 points while in the Under 18s game Huonville defeated New Norfolk by 13 points.

Report provided for publication by Ben Harrison
SFL Football Operations Management

Huonville 3.0 (18) 8.4 (52) 8.4 (52) 10.9 (69)
New Norfolk 3.6 (24) 3.6 (24) 7.10 (52) 7.14 (56)
Goals - Huonville: B. Bester 3, J. Phillips 3, B. Bassingthwaighte, T. Barnett, B. Watson, A. Tatnell-Cowen; New Norfolk: J. Banks-Smith 4, B. Ransley, J. Daley, J. County.
Best - Huonville: S. Price, C. Jackman, B. Bester, M. Nichol-Hawkes, W. Watson, B. Bassingthwaighte; New Norfolk: C. Neads, R. Wakefield, M. Thurston, J. County, J. Daley, B. Kaye

New Norfolk 3.4 (22) 8.6 (54) 12.9 (81) 19.15 (129)
Huonville 2.3 (15) 2.6 (18) 3.8 (26)  3.8 (26)
Goals - New Norfolk: K. Cashion 4, P. Jelkic 4, D. Triffett 3, M. Cashion 2, D. Wall 2, P. Ling, N. Lester, C. Curtain, M. Horne; Huonville: P. Kelly, C. Stubbs, T. McCarty.
Best - New Norfolk: P. Ling, M. Horne, D. Triffett, S. Fenton, K. Cashion, P. Jelkic; Huonville: A. Duggan, T. Lovell, P. Kelly, H. Thorp, A. Burgess, C. Cordwell.

New Norfolk 0.4 (4) 6.8 (44) 8.10 (58) 13.15 (93)
Huonville 3.1 (19) 3.2 (20) 5.4 (34) 7.8 (50)
Goals - New Norfolk: M. Thompson 4, S. Crane 2, N. Ross 2, B. Wardlaw, R. Belcher, B. Booth, J. Clifford, N. Clayton; Huonville: C. Johns 3, P. Carroll 2, B. Sullivan, D. Garth.
Best - New Norfolk: S. Crane, K. Styles, J. Murray, B. Lovell, R. Belcher, R. Heron; Huonville: A. Johns, B. Griffin, L. Causon, S. Watson, M. Smith, T. Wilcox.

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