Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Long ride home to Cygnet

Southern Football League
Round 16

NEW Norfolk maintained its dominant form in Round 17 of the Southern Football League home and away season with a massive victory at home against Cygnet. Senior coach Jon Murray would be happy with his players' consistent form against all teams heading into the finals.

New Norfolk finished with the four points against a Cygnet team which should have been determined to throw everything at the Eagles in an effort to stay in the hunt for a finals berth. The game was never really a true contest as at half-time the Eagles had already amassed a 58-point lead, with Cygnet kicking only 1.3 to half-time including a scoreless second quarter.

In the second half it was all one-way traffic as New Norfolk piled on 22 goals from 31 scoring shots compared to the whimpering Port’s 5.5. Josh Hall led the scoring for New Norfolk with seven majors whilst regular stars Nathan Ross kicked six and Michael Thompson scored five goals. Ross and Shane Bonnitcha both played outstanding games.

Cygnet coach Matt Tyrell would have been hoping to get back into final five contention with an improved performance against the league leaders at the Boyer fortress, but even the firepower of the SFL’s leading goalkicker Ben Halton - who finished with two majors - was restricted as Cygnet finished up a dejected group of travelers back to the Huon Valley. Adam Duggan and Sam Dean were clearly Cygnet’s best players on the day.

In the Reserves game earlier in the day New Norfolk were victors by 105 points. The Eagles also took out the Colts game by 133 points.

New Norfolk 4.5 (29) 10.11 (71) 16.13 (109) 22.16 (148)
Cygnet 0.2 (2) 0.2 (2) 2.3 (15) 2.3 (15)
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Banks-Smith 6, J. Foster 3, J. Daley 2, B. Chaplin 2, J. County 2, J. Kelly-Clements, B. Kaye, T. Purdon, B. Ransley, H. Bielleman, D. Adams, D. Pearce; Cygnet: M. Coulson, K. Keel.
Best - New Norfolk: J. Foster, R. Wakefield, H. Bielleman, J. Banks-Smith, B. Kaye, T. Purdon; Cygnet:
M. Coulson, J. Doyle, R. Polley, J. Shaw, J. Ross, K. Keel.

New Norfolk 5.4 (34) 7.5 (47)  12.8 (80)  20.11 (131)
Cygnet 0.0 (0) 2.1 (13) 3.1 (19)  4.2 (26)
Goals - New Norfolk: K. Cashion 9, M. Cashion 4, P. Jelkic 4, C. Curtain, S. Bonnitcha, D. Triffett; Cygnet: M. Bradley 2, S. Clark, J. Shaw.
Best - New Norfolk: K. Cashion, J. King, C. Curtain, D. Wall, D. Triffett, A. Tonks; Cygnet: E. Ross, T. Bone, P. Ford, M. Coulson, S. Clark, J. Shaw.

New Norfolk  5.2 (32) 10.7 (67)  20.10 (130)  32.16 (208)
Cygnet  1.3 (9)  1.3 (9)  4.6 (30)  6.8 (44)
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Hall 7, N. Ross 6, M. Thompson 5, Z. Gardam 4, R. Belcher 4, J. Murray 2, S. Crane, M. Horne, J. Clifford, J. Horne; Cygnet: B. Halton 2, R. Jennings, D. Bone, S. Dean, M. Darcy.
Best - New Norfolk: N. Ross, J. Hall, S. Bonnitcha, R. Belcher, Z. Gardam, R. Heron; Cygnet: A. Duggan, S. Dean, B. Halton, D. Bone, K. Nielsen, D. Davie.

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