Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Twelfth win for the Eagles

Southern Football League - Round 13
New Norfolk v Dodges Ferry at Boyer Oval

NEW Norfolk put its 12th win for the season on the board at the weekend. Zeke Gardam booted four goals and the competition’s leading onballer/small forward Nathan Ross chipped in with two goals to prove the difference in the result.

The Eagles forwards squandered a few chances and could have won by more. Regardless, the team now sits two games clear in top spot with a great percentage of 218.98.

After a close first three quarters where score was nine points to the Eagles' advantage at three-quarter time, New Norfolk broke the game open with five goals to one in the final quarter and sealed the result for the game. Ross, Ben Lovell and Josh Clifford were the best players for the Eagles on the day.

For Dodges Ferry, who still need to play four quarters to challenge in these games, Dave Cusick and Jamie Curran were the best players and Heath Barwin once again led the way on the scoreboard with four goals for the Sharks..

In the Reserves game earlier in the day New Norfolk had a victory by 177 points as Mark Cashion kicked 17 goals whilst Dodges Ferry could only manage a solitary point for the game. In the Colts New Norfolk had a solid win against the Sharks by 23 points.

Huon News player of the year votes, Round 13: Tim Cannan (DF) 3; Nathan Ross (NN) 2; Leigh Post (NN) 1.

Report provided for publication by Ben Harrison
SFL Football Operations Management

New Norfolk 3.4 6.7 9.10 10.12 (72)
Dodges Ferry 3.1 5.2 6.3 7.7 (49)
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Banks-Smith 4, B. Chaplin 2, D. Adams, J. Rowlands, B. Ransley, A. Triffitt; Dodges Ferry:
L. Edwards 3, T. Sutton 2, A. Meredith, J. Wilson.
Best - New Norfolk: J. Foster, C. Neads, H. Bielleman, B. Kaye, B. Hodge, J. Picken; 
Dodges Ferry: 
J. Bowling, J. Booth, M. Young, C. Blackley, R. Sutton, T. McKnight.

New Norfolk 7.1 12.3 19.6 28.10 (178)
Dodges Ferry 0.0 0.1 0.1 0.1 (1)
Goals - New Norfolk: M. Cashion 17, T. Triffett 2, C. Curtain 2, S. Bonnitcha 2, J. Banks-Smith, D. Triffett, B. Chaplin, J. Kelly, D. Wall.
Best  - New Norfolk: M. Cashion, T. Triffett, C. Curtain, J. Kelly, P. Ling, D. Wall; Dodges Ferry: 
D. Bell, J. Syrett, M. Gotowiski, J. Taylor-Evans, M. Wiggins, T. Hawkes.

New Norfolk 5.4 7.8 9.13 14.16 (100)
Dodges Ferry 2.1 6.3 9.4 10.7 (67)
Goals - New Norfolk: Z. Gardam 4, S. Crane 2, N. Ross 2, J. Clifford 2, B. Wardlaw, L. Joseph, B. Booth, K. Styles; Dodges Ferry: 
H. Barwin 4, T. Cannan 2, J. Curran 2, B. Tennick, D. Cusick.
Best - New Norfolk: N. Ross, B. Lovell, J. Clifford, J. Horne, B. Wardlaw, R. Heron; Dodges Ferry: 
D. Cusick, J. Hyland, J. Wiggins, J. Curran, M. Geappen, B. Tennick.

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