Friday, July 12, 2013

Ten-goal margin tipped for New Norfolk

Southern Football League – Round 13 Preview
New Norfolk v Dodges Ferry at Boyer – 2pm

DODGES Ferry will be wanting to bounce back from a series of disappointing games when it heads to Boyer Oval to take on the rampaging New Norfolk tomorrow. The Sharks will need to match New Norfolk's midfield all day to reduce the supply to key forwards Michael Thompson and Zeke Gardam who kicked 14 goals between them in the last round.

Boyer Oval is a fortress for the Eagles and it will take every Dodges Ferry player to contribute across four quarters for them to be anywhere near competitive. Some improvement in their kicking for goal would also go a long way.

If New Norfolk gets on the board early through Thompson and Gardam it could be all over, with the tip being for New Norfolk to register another comfortable win with a 10 goal margin expected.

Ben Harrison
Football and Commercial Operations Management
 Southern Football League

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