Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New Norfolk demolishes Sorell

Southern Football League - Round 12
New Norfolk v Sorell at Pembroke Park

THE Sorell Eagles just could not stay in touch on Saturday as their New Norfolk namesakes led by 33 points at half time and the margin blew out to 77 points by the end of the game.

Zeke Gardam and Jarrod Horne were the best players for New Norfolk, along with Michael Thompson who bagged eight goals and Zeke Gardam who booted six.

Sorell had Joshua White as their leading goal scorer with five goals while Grant Williams was amongst their best players as he continues his good form this season.

New Norfolk also won the reserves match by 25 points but Sorell turned the tables in the first match of the day to win the colts game by five points.

Report provided for publication by Ben Harrison
SFL Football Operations Management

Sorell 2.1 2.1 4.4 5.4 (34)
New Norfolk 1.2 2.3 3.4 4.5 (29)

Goals - Sorell: S. Russell 3, M. Johnson , M. Beven; New Norfolk: B. Chaplin 2, B. Kaye, J. County.
Best - Sorell: B. Hibberd, T. McKillop, M. Beven, J. Chynoweth, D. Chapman, W. Lyon; New Norfolk: J. Whitford-Marriott, H. Bielleman, B. Chaplin, D. Pearce, B. King, R. Wakefield.

New Norfolk 1.0 5.2 9.3 10.5 (65)Sorell 1.1 1.3 1.4 6.4 (40) 
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Banks-Smith 3, D. King 2, J. Walsh 2, P. Ling, J. Papera, M. Cashion; Sorell: D. Navickas 2, B. Mather , K. Flynn, J. Latham, R. Flynn.
Best - New Norfolk:
J. Banks-Smith, J. Duggan, C. Curtain, A. Minchin, B. Kaye, B. King; Sorell: B. Mather, J. Chapman, L. White, J. Dillon, C. Braslin, D. Navickas.

New Norfolk 7.3 10.6 15.8 20.14 (134)
Sorell 2.1 5.3 7.7 8.9 (57) 
Goals - New Norfolk: M. Thompson 8, Z. Gardam 6, J. Clifford, R. Belcher, B. Booth, M. Thurston, N. Ross, S. Crane; Sorell: J. White 5, J. Williamson , J. Lansdell, J. Ferguson.
Best - New Norfolk: Z. Gardam, J. Horne, S. Crane, M. Thompson, M. Thurston, K. Styles; Sorell: G. Williams, J. White, J. Ferguson, T. Chynoweth, J. Youl, A. Parker.

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