Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Council explores link road name change

A MOVE is on rename the Plenty Valley Link Rd to make it more attractive as a tourist route between the Derwent and Huon Valleys. Councils at both ends of the under-utilised logging road have proposed that it be upgraded using some of the $90 million in Federal Government funds available for the diversification of the Tasmanian economy.

A proposal to request a change of name for the road was discussed at last month's Derwent Valley Council meeting and mayor Martyn Evans said the Huon Valley Council would do the same at its meeting the following week. The gravel road was built several years ago and for most of its length it is wide enough for two log trucks to pass comfortably.

Starting at Glenora Rd and coming out between Lonnavale and Judbury, the route is currently called the Plenty Valley Link Rd and an alternative favoured by the Derwent Valley Council is "Southern Explorer". In an advertisement in last week's Derwent Valley Gazette, council general manager Stephen Mackey called for public comments on the proposed name change.

Submissions either supporting the name Southern Explorer or suggesting another name can be sent to Derwent Valley Council general manager Stephen Mackey, PO Box 595, New Norfolk 7140, by July 25.


  1. Hmmm how about

    Southern Valleys Rd

    The Rivers Link Rd

    Valley Explorer Rd

    United Valley Rd

    Forester Valley Rd

  2. Why not prepare for the future and make it a 4 lane Highway right through to Dover/Southport and call it the HARTZ MOUNTAIN HIGHWAY? Could be done in stages - open up the South of the State - create employment and ease the situation on the Brooker Highway and Southern Outlet!
    Sooo much money has been spent on the Kingston By-Pass and now the plans are to By-Pass the By-Pass with a 2 lane Road?? In long will create the same problem as the Port Arthur Highway!!! I opt for the 4 lanes and call it HARTZ MOUNTAIN HIGHWAY regardless of the cost, think of the future!