Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Big weekend of junior footy

100-gamer Kye Tomkinson
Southern Tasmanian Junior Football League

New Norfolk Junior Football Club results
Round 14

New Norfolk Black 7.2 (42) dw Claremont 7.2 (42)
Goals - New Norfolk: T. Triffett 3, H. Morgan, T. Murray, E. McMaster, X. Maddox.
Best - New Norfolk: T. Triffett, H. Burns, X. Maddox, L. Sutton, E. McMaster, R. Booth.

New Norfolk Red 7.3 (45) d Claremont 6.6 (42)
Goals - New Norfolk: Bailey Chaplin 2, Bailey Wheeler 2, Jack Miller 2, Ryan Coppleman.
Best - New Norfolk: Ryan Coppleman, Titan Cashion, Bailey Chaplin, Jack Miller, Bailey Wheeler, Markus Black.

New Norfolk 10.8 (68) d Brighton Blue 3.8 (26) at Tynwald Park.
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Gray 4, M. Marriott 2, J. Quarrell 2, C. Kelly-Lennox , R. Blackaby.
Best - New Norfok: A. Henderson, A. Triffitt, B. Russell, J. Gray, C. Clark, T. Eiszele.

Lindisfarne Diggers 10.15 (75) d New Norfolk Red 9.5 (59) at Tynwald Park.
Goals - New Norfolk: W. Temple 2, B. Lennox 2, Z. Holloway 2, W. Watts, H. Kennedy,
K. Booth.
Best - New Norfolk: C. Gittus, C. Plunkett, C. McKenzie, B. Green, J. Britten, W. Watts.

New Norfolk Black 14.9 (93) d Sandy Bay Blue 11.7 (73) at Tynwald Park.
Goals - New Norfol: T. Bailey 4, T. Scanlon 2, Z. Holdsworth 2, B. Smith, T. Auksorius,
J. George, R. Higgins, B. Tomlin, T. Post.
Best - New Norfok: B. Golding, R. Higgins, Z. Holdsworth, C. Jenkins, T. Post, B. Russell.

Clarence White 14.13 (97) d New Norfolk 3.2 (20) at Tynwald Park.
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Cantrell , T. Harvey , R. Triffitt.
Best - New Norfolk: R. Triffitt, C. Kemmler, Z. Wheeler, Z. Rogers, J. Gordon, R. Wilton.

Lindisfarne 11.12 (78) d New Norfolk 5.6 (36) at Lindisfarne.
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Wilton 2, B. Howlett 2, C. Keleher.
Best - New Norfolk: O. Hole, B. Howlett, J. Hills, S. Holloway, C. Keleher.

New Norfolk 6.4 (40) d Kingborough Black 5.8 (38) at Kingston Beach Oval.
Goals - New Norfolk: K. Williams 2, B. Duncan, J. Bearman, T. Eiszele, T. Donaghy.
Best - New Norfolk: J. Bearman, T. Rainbird, J. Bearman, K. Williams, L. Kalbfell, T. Eiszele.
In an absolute thriller at Kingston, New Norfolk won by two points. With sheer determination and hunger to win, the young Eagles proved they are still a finals contender. Strong marking from Liam Kalbfell, Bob Rainbird ,Jye Lester and the three Ryans (Emery, Bank-Smith and Browning) kept the onballers Jye and Jake Bearman, Rhys Franklin and Jaiden Russell busy crumbing around the packs. Tyson Eiszele dominated in the ruck allowing Oliver Haigh, Jake Ransley and Oliver Bowerman to come into the game and show their true ability. Adrian Long,  Bryce Duncan, Matthew Barnes and Nathan Braybon held up the back line and stopped  the Tigers from scoring vital goals. Kade Williams and Tyler Donaghy showed guts and glory, both scoring true.  All boys gave 110% and we have mentioned the whole team because it was a team effort. Well done - Donna Rainbird.

New Norfolk 4.9 (33) d Brighton 3.13 (31) at Tynwald Park.
Goals - New Norfolk: C. Triffett 2, J. Morgan , Z. Triffett.
Best - New Norfolk: Z. Triffett, J. Guesdon, R. Williams, J. Campbell, J. Stevenson, T. Heron.

Under 16 action last Sunday. Photos
by Wade Gleeson.
New Norfolk 9.9 (63) d Glenorchy 3.6 (24) at KGV Oval.
Goals - New Norfolk: A. Blair 5, C. Salter 2, D. Smith, D. Browning.
Best - New Norfolk: J. Farrow, D. Browning, T. Oates, D. Smith, W. Lockley, P. Vout.
After a slow first quarter New Norfolk picked up their intensity to record a 39-point victory. In a game that at times was tight and untidy, New Norfolk made more of their opportunities up forward while our half-back line fought hard all game to repel Glenorchy’s attacks. Wade Lockley and Billy Pauly showed courage by attacking the hard ball while Joshua Farrow and Daniel Browning played fine games. Congratulations to Kye Tomkinson on playing his 100th club game. New Norfolk has the bye this weekend. Andrew Salter.

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