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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New Norfolk demolishes Kingborough

Southern Football League
Round 15

NEW Norfolk cemented its tag as the red-hot favourite for the SFL flag this year with a 103–point demolition of the Kingborough Tigers at Boyer Oval on Saturday. For the first quarter it appeared the clash between the ladder-leading Eagles and second-placed Tigers might go down to the wire. Eagles spearhead Zeke Gardam kicked all three goals for the home team in the first stanza and Kingborough kept itself in the game with three late goals, including two by Ashley Woodhead.

At quarter time, Eagles coach Jon Murray demanded his players talk more to each other and show more composure. His troops didn’t let him down as the smallest player on the ground, Nathan Ross, booted the first two goals of the term. Kingborough managed just one goal in a low-scoring second term and missed opportunities to add others. It was also a quarter of off-ball clashes that had the interchange bench working overtime and the crowd voicing their opinions as the Eagles led by 15 points at the main break.

The premiership quarter was all the Eagles as Blair Wardlaw, Nic Clayton and Gardam added goals to the Eagles tally in the first seven minutes. Then an avalanche of home team goals, including a clever snap by Ross, ensued as the Eagles took a 57-point lead into the final break.

The final quarter was a duplicate of the third as the Eagles added another eight goals and with a 100-point victory in sight, appeared to go up a gear. Ross and forward Michael Thompson combined to boot two last minute goals as the Eagles cemented their ladder supremacy and shortened their price as back-to-back SFL premierships.

Murray praised his team especially the back line and on-baller Ross. “The intensity from both teams was pretty high in the first quarter and I thought our back line was outstanding,” Murray told the Mercury newspaper. “I thought our boys gained plenty of respect the way they played and what can you say about Nathan? He’s almost unstoppable.”

Kingborough coach Adam Henley was pleased with the first half but would rather forget the second half. “I thought we matched it with them for the first two quarters, then after that our boys chucked the towel in,” Henley told the Mercury. “We played against a very good football side today and we now have three weeks to get our best footy together.”

Gardam kicked six and Thompson and Ross kicked five each for the Eagles. Brett Booth took mark of the day for the home side and added two goals to the final tally. Ross, Thompson, Ben Lovell, Leigh Post, Gardam and Shane Bonnitcha were best on ground for New Norfolk. Tim Peterson, Bart Webster, Ryan Fielding, Grant King, Jordan Lovell and Chris Elliott were best for Kingborough.

The Eagles swooped to take all three grades on the day and silence the beat of the Tiger’s jungle drum. In the reserves game New Norfolk won by 67 points, whilst the early game in the Under 18s ended up 24 points in favour of New Norfolk.

New Norfolk 5.0-30 7.1-43 8.3-51 11.5-71
Kingborough 1.1-7 4.2-26 4.3-27 7.5-47
Goals - New Norfolk: B. Chaplin 4, J. Banks-Smith 2, B. Hodge 2, J. Foster 2, B. Ransley; Kingborough: C. Rawson 3, J. Paul 2, H. Bradburn, S. Legro.
Best - New Norfolk: B. Hodge, B. Kaye, J. County, J. Foster, B. Chaplin, J. Daley; Kingborough: L. Watt, C. Rawson, J. Withington, D. McAully, L. Hartog, J. Coombes.

New Norfolk 1.3-9 2.5-17 7.8-50 13.10-88
Kingborough 1.1-7 1.2-8 3.2-20 3.3-21
Goals - New Norfolk: M. Horne 7, P. Jelkic 2, D. Wall, T. Triffett, C. Curtain, J. Adams; Kingborough: B. Livingston, O. Burke, N. Townsend.
Best - New Norfolk: T. Triffett, M. Horne, C. Curtain, N. Lester, S. Bonnitcha, P. Ling; Kingborough: C. Denehey, D. Glover, R. Bevan, S. Dineley, B. Livingston, T. Riseley.

New Norfolk 3.3-21 6.6-42 14.13-97 22.20-152
Kingborough 3.1-19 4.3-27 6.4-40 7.7-49
Goals - New Norfolk: Z. Gardam 6, N. Ross 5, M. Thompson 5, N. Clayton 2, B. Booth 2, J. Hall , B. Wardlaw; Kingborough: A. Woodhead 2, S. Mansfield 2, J. Philp, N. Foale, K. Lovell.
Best - New Norfolk: N. Ross, B. Lovell, L. Post, M. Thompson, Z. Gardam, S. Bonnitcha; Kingborough: T. Peterson, J. Lovell, G. King, R. Fielding, C. Elliot, B. Webster.

Big weekend of junior footy

100-gamer Kye Tomkinson
Southern Tasmanian Junior Football League

New Norfolk Junior Football Club results
Round 14

New Norfolk Black 7.2 (42) dw Claremont 7.2 (42)
Goals - New Norfolk: T. Triffett 3, H. Morgan, T. Murray, E. McMaster, X. Maddox.
Best - New Norfolk: T. Triffett, H. Burns, X. Maddox, L. Sutton, E. McMaster, R. Booth.

New Norfolk Red 7.3 (45) d Claremont 6.6 (42)
Goals - New Norfolk: Bailey Chaplin 2, Bailey Wheeler 2, Jack Miller 2, Ryan Coppleman.
Best - New Norfolk: Ryan Coppleman, Titan Cashion, Bailey Chaplin, Jack Miller, Bailey Wheeler, Markus Black.

New Norfolk 10.8 (68) d Brighton Blue 3.8 (26) at Tynwald Park.
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Gray 4, M. Marriott 2, J. Quarrell 2, C. Kelly-Lennox , R. Blackaby.
Best - New Norfok: A. Henderson, A. Triffitt, B. Russell, J. Gray, C. Clark, T. Eiszele.

Lindisfarne Diggers 10.15 (75) d New Norfolk Red 9.5 (59) at Tynwald Park.
Goals - New Norfolk: W. Temple 2, B. Lennox 2, Z. Holloway 2, W. Watts, H. Kennedy,
K. Booth.
Best - New Norfolk: C. Gittus, C. Plunkett, C. McKenzie, B. Green, J. Britten, W. Watts.

New Norfolk Black 14.9 (93) d Sandy Bay Blue 11.7 (73) at Tynwald Park.
Goals - New Norfol: T. Bailey 4, T. Scanlon 2, Z. Holdsworth 2, B. Smith, T. Auksorius,
J. George, R. Higgins, B. Tomlin, T. Post.
Best - New Norfok: B. Golding, R. Higgins, Z. Holdsworth, C. Jenkins, T. Post, B. Russell.

Clarence White 14.13 (97) d New Norfolk 3.2 (20) at Tynwald Park.
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Cantrell , T. Harvey , R. Triffitt.
Best - New Norfolk: R. Triffitt, C. Kemmler, Z. Wheeler, Z. Rogers, J. Gordon, R. Wilton.

Lindisfarne 11.12 (78) d New Norfolk 5.6 (36) at Lindisfarne.
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Wilton 2, B. Howlett 2, C. Keleher.
Best - New Norfolk: O. Hole, B. Howlett, J. Hills, S. Holloway, C. Keleher.

New Norfolk 6.4 (40) d Kingborough Black 5.8 (38) at Kingston Beach Oval.
Goals - New Norfolk: K. Williams 2, B. Duncan, J. Bearman, T. Eiszele, T. Donaghy.
Best - New Norfolk: J. Bearman, T. Rainbird, J. Bearman, K. Williams, L. Kalbfell, T. Eiszele.
In an absolute thriller at Kingston, New Norfolk won by two points. With sheer determination and hunger to win, the young Eagles proved they are still a finals contender. Strong marking from Liam Kalbfell, Bob Rainbird ,Jye Lester and the three Ryans (Emery, Bank-Smith and Browning) kept the onballers Jye and Jake Bearman, Rhys Franklin and Jaiden Russell busy crumbing around the packs. Tyson Eiszele dominated in the ruck allowing Oliver Haigh, Jake Ransley and Oliver Bowerman to come into the game and show their true ability. Adrian Long,  Bryce Duncan, Matthew Barnes and Nathan Braybon held up the back line and stopped  the Tigers from scoring vital goals. Kade Williams and Tyler Donaghy showed guts and glory, both scoring true.  All boys gave 110% and we have mentioned the whole team because it was a team effort. Well done - Donna Rainbird.

New Norfolk 4.9 (33) d Brighton 3.13 (31) at Tynwald Park.
Goals - New Norfolk: C. Triffett 2, J. Morgan , Z. Triffett.
Best - New Norfolk: Z. Triffett, J. Guesdon, R. Williams, J. Campbell, J. Stevenson, T. Heron.

Under 16 action last Sunday. Photos
by Wade Gleeson.
New Norfolk 9.9 (63) d Glenorchy 3.6 (24) at KGV Oval.
Goals - New Norfolk: A. Blair 5, C. Salter 2, D. Smith, D. Browning.
Best - New Norfolk: J. Farrow, D. Browning, T. Oates, D. Smith, W. Lockley, P. Vout.
After a slow first quarter New Norfolk picked up their intensity to record a 39-point victory. In a game that at times was tight and untidy, New Norfolk made more of their opportunities up forward while our half-back line fought hard all game to repel Glenorchy’s attacks. Wade Lockley and Billy Pauly showed courage by attacking the hard ball while Joshua Farrow and Daniel Browning played fine games. Congratulations to Kye Tomkinson on playing his 100th club game. New Norfolk has the bye this weekend. Andrew Salter.

To view this weekend's matches, go to: Southern Tasmanian Junior Football League – Sportingpulse

Junior soccer resumes

DETAILS of the New Norfolk junior soccer matches from the weekend of July 27.

Under 6 Red gave a brilliant team effort. Jade scored seven goals despite a hand injury, supported by Hunter and Campbell who scored a goal each. Everyone showed improvement this week.

Under 6 Black played a great game against New Norfolk Red. Great goals went to Amber Rainbird and Stephanie Judges and Lucy Gleeson who scored her first - congratulations! Well done to all.

Under 6 White played a great game against Glenorchy Knights. This was their best game to date, showing great improvement with sharing the ball around and positioning themselves on the ground.

Under 7 Red had a good game against Brighton. All players tried hard and well done to Makayla on her goal!

Under 7 Black played Bagdad for a 3-all draw. Jacob and Jack were the goal-scorers. There was great teamwork all round and Jacob Priest, Declan and Hamish had some big kicks and near-misses. Well done to both teams

Under 7 White tried hard against Bagdad Red. Cale scored two goals and Jacob 1.

Under 8 played a great game against Glenorchy. Playing three short, the remaining six gave it their best. Well done to Oliver for some great saves in goals, Georgia for her first goal of the season and Maiken for his work in goals and his goal.

Under 9 went down by one goal to Holy Rosary, 5-4.  What a fast paced game it was. Everyone played really well after having a few weeks off.  Goal scorers were Ostyn 2, Aidan 1 and Luke 1. A half each in the goals by Luke and Alex B saw some great saves by both boys. Well done everyone.

Under 10 defeated Derwent United at Tynwald. Well done to Jorja and Montana for their unwavering pressure in defence and to Thomas and Lucy for playing a half each for the opposition. Ella, Lane and Dylan showed great footwork throughout. Levi was a powerhouse with six goals, Jed with three and Blake with one.

Under 11 had a good game against Metro after a few weeks off. It was a hard rough-and-tumble game with all players taking hard hits and standing their ground. Special mentions to both Jacobs who held the defence line as well as Jayden and Cody who worked well as a team to score four goals. Well done everyone!

Under 14C played Clarence at Tynwald Park on Saturday morning. The entire team played extremely well with smart passing and clever thinking to end the game with a 14-0 win. Goal scorers were Daniel Groom 7, Jayden Bartel 2, Lachlan Farah 2, Josh Russell, Joel White and Blake Priest with one goal each.

Under 14D played Kingborough Lions at the Showgrounds on Saturday afternoon with the first half a very close game, 1-1. After the half-time talk, New Norfolk came out firing with goals from Jakeb Rhodes, Braydon Wilson, Josh Russell and Aynsley Daft all converting to finish the game with a 9-1 win. Standouts for the game were Tayla Pelham, Britney White and Cheyenne Harwood who played extremely well.  Well done team.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Nominate a community achiever

NOMINATIONS for this year's Tasmanian Community Achievement Awards close on Wednesday, August 21. This is a great opportunity to thank an individual, business or group for their community efforts or achievements. Categories cover the broad spectrum of community contribution, including:

  • Events and Tourism Award
  • Business Enterprise Award
  • Disability Achievement Award
  • Volunteer Management Award
  • Environment Award
  • Community of the Year Award
  • Outstanding Achiever Award
  • Sustainability Innovation in Industry Award

Finalists will be announced and winners presented at a gala awards presentation ceremony at the Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart on November 22. The winners and finalists will be presented with framed certificates by Premier Lara Giddings.

Nominate online or phone 1300 556 265.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Brighter prospects for Norske Skog

ONGOING investments at the Boyer Mill and another at Saugbrugs in Norway were progressing well and would improve profit margins at both mills from next year, according to paper-maker Norske Skog's report for the second quarter of 2013.

"Despite falling demand, we are experiencing high capacity utilisation of our machines and overall improved margins," Norske Skog president and CEO Sven Ombudstvedt said of the company's global operations. "This shows that our employees manoeuvre the ship well. However, we will actively continue our efforts to cut costs and improve productivity, and if necessary, close or convert paper machines," Mr Ombudstvedt said.

Permanent capacity cuts of more than a million tonnes have been announced in Europe this year as a result of the fall in demand for paper. Combined with expected price increases in the second half, continued favourable exchange rate development and stable raw material costs, this contributes to a brighter outlook, Mr Ombudstvedt said.

The company's investment projects are progressing according to plan. In Australia, $84 million is being invested in the conversion of a machine at Boyer from the production of newsprint to catalogue paper.

Bushfire relief for Molesworth at last

Allan Sangwell, left, presents a grant to Molesworth Community
Hall representatives Sue and Michael Farley.
MOLESWORTH has not qualified for much in the way of government assistance since the bushfires of earlier this year so a contribution from Tasmania's Freemasons has been particularly welcome.

No homes were lost in the Molesworth fires, which started in Glen Dhu Rd in the first week of February and soon covered a huge area stretching as far as the outskirts of Lachlan. The fire burned for weeks in largely inaccessible areas and damage to fences and outbuildings was extensive.

The shocking start to the year stirred Tasmanian Freemasons into action with a fundraising effort launched in February and continuing until May when the task of identifying community projects most in need of assistance started. Funds are about to be distributed to assist in replacing facilities lost in the fires in the Sorell and Tasman municipalities and a presentation of $15,000 was recently made to assist the Molesworth community through its community hall.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mayor's three-round success

MAYOR Martyn Evans acquitted himself well in Saturday night's charity fight with former world champion boxer Jeff Fenech, remaining on his feet at the end of the promised three-round contest. 

A good crowd was in attendance at the Derwent Valley Sport and Recreation Centre, contributing well to fundraising auctions held during the night. The event was a benefit for a scholarship fund being established by the council.

See the Mercury newspaper's preview.

Feds to fund tourist road feasibility

THE Federal Government will fund a feasibility study into turning the Plenty Valley Link Rd into a tourist link connecting the Huon and Derwent Valleys. The $100,000 study was the only council project in the two municipalities to receive a share of the $100 million "Tasmanian jobs and growth" package announced by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in Launceston on Thursday.

Both councils submitted a raft of proposals for consideration and Huon Valley mayor Robert Armstrong in particular was disappointed with the outcome while still welcoming the Plenty Valley Link Rd project which had been put forward by both councils.

The funding announcement came a day after a Greens election candidate expressed her party's support for the project to improve the link between the two valleys and create a tourist loop.

Federal Member for Lyons Dick Adams said 31 projects across the state had been selected from 400 applications and were chosen for their job-creating ability. In Lyons, nine were chosen and they were:
  • Huon Aquaculture, Construct processing facility at Parramatta Creek ($3.5 million);
  • Elphinstone and Tasrail, Triabunna Manufacturing Jobs Initiative - 'Tasrailer' Container  Frames, ($1 million);
  • Tasmanian Wood Panels, Energy Reduction Project and Reopen Particle Board Plant ($1.305 million);
  • Tassal, Tasmanian Fish Protein and Oil Facility Triabunna ($3.85 million);
  • Derwent Valley Council,  Plenty Link Road ($0.1 million);
  • Reid Fruits, Cherry Packhouse Development ($0.5 million);
  • Hugh Mackinnon, Strawberry Production Site ($0.4 million);           
  • Fly Fishing Museum ($0.261 million).

Mr Adams said he was surprised that councils in his electorate had been critical of the announcement when they had already had received additional funds totalling $1,454,350 from Commonwealth last month, including:
  • Break O’Day Council: $112,526
  • Brighton Council: $112,981
  • Central Highlands Council: $88,083
  • Derwent Valley Council: $123,802
  • Glamorgan Spring Bay Council: $61,471
  • Kentish Council: $135,285
  • Meander Valley Council: $172,661
  • Northern Midlands Council: $143,490
  • Sorell Council: $154,178
  • Southern Midlands Council: $151,629
  • Tasman Council: $69,397
  • West Tamar Council: $128,847
“It would have been impossible to fund all the proposals that people had,” Mr Adams said. “Some looked very similar but needed a bit more work on them and others may not have given jobs in the long term.”

He said the enthusiasm shown and the ideas put forward were very encouraging for Tasmania. “These projects should be pursued further to be funded in the ongoing rounds of Commonwealth funded grant programs, such as the Innovation Investment Fund and Regional Tourism and Infrastructure fund; through State Government programs and through private investment or raise some funds for themselves through ordinary business avenues.

“This is just the start to renew the Tasmanian economy and I know those who have been funded across the state will strive now to create the jobs we so desperately need," he said.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Next community market date

Derwent Valley Community Market

Sunday, August 18, 10am-2pm

at the Derwent Valley Community House

The Avenue, Willow Court, New Norfolk

Held on the third Sunday of every month

Mayor's charity bout on tonight

Click on image to enlarge

Friday, July 26, 2013

Eagles should win tight encounter

Southern Football League – Round 14 Preview
New Norfolk v Kingborough at Boyer Oval at 2pm Saturday

NEW Norfolk will be at home at Boyer Oval tomorrow to face Kingborough after a very comfortable away win last weekend away against last year’s grand final foe in Lindisfarne.

Josh Hall and 2012 William Leitch Medalist Michael Thompson kicked 11 goals between them last week, so Ash Humphrey will have his work cut out in his return game minding the key forwards. New Norfolk have only dropped one game so far this season and had a massive victory over the Tigers last time they met with Nathan Ross and Roger Belcher unstoppable out of the middle.

However, Kingborough coach Adam Henley and his men will give themselves every chance of causing an upset. The toughest marking job for the Tigers will be to keep an eye on Ross, who has been in great form all season and that task is likely to go to Tasmanian U23 player Matthew Schenk.

If Kingborough can get first hands on the football and not allow the Eagles too many avenues to goal they are a big chance to snare an upset win away, but it’s expected that the Eagles will be too strong in a tight one and clear out on top of the ladder as they head up, up and away towards September action.

Ben Harrison
Football and Commercial Operations Management
 Southern Football League

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Greens support valley link

Click map to enlarge image.
THE Greens have thrown their weight behind calls for the upgrading of the Plenty Link Rd from a logging route to a tourist drive. The Greens candidate for Franklin, Rosalie Woodruff, today called for federal support for what she called the "Two Valleys Tourist Drive" - a route from Hobart to New Norfolk to Huonville and back to Hobart, using the Plenty Link Rd to complete the circuit.

"This 140km drive would highlight the Derwent and Huon valleys by giving Hobart-based tourists a scenic circuit that encapsulates much of Tasmania's diversity of attractions," Dr Woodruff said. "It includes wild mountain and forest scenery, riverside farmlands and excellent opportunities to sample the region's foods, wines and heritage," she said.

"This link road was identified as a priority piece of infrastructure in the Southern Tasmanian Integrated Transport Strategy 2010. As well as tourism, sealing this road would provide a more economic route for the  transport of produce between the two valleys, and would shorten the driving time to the West Coast."

"In the wake of Prime Minister Rudd expressing concern for Tasmania's higher unemployment rate, this is the right time to get federal backing for a study by all three tiers of government into upgrading and sealing the existing all-weather road linking New Norfolk and Huonville. The roadworks, including bike lanes and completed road will offer regional jobs in both the short and long term. The first step is a feasibility and costing study, which could be completed this year."

Former Greens Leader Bob Brown said the "Two Valleys Tourist Drive" would complement the proposed Wellington walking track from Hobart to the Styx Valley over the Wellington Range. "This road and the track would intersect at the Plenty saddle between the two valleys offering a two to three day walk from Hobart," Dr Brown said.

In an interview on ABC Radio this afternoon, Dr Woodruff, a Huon Valley Councillor, acknowledged that the idea of sealing the road was not her own, and that the Huon Valley and Derwent Valley councils had been discussing the proposal. Both councils have sought funding for the roadworks from the State Government in recent weeks and the Derwent Valley Council has been seeking public comment on a proposal to rename the road.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Blue day for the Two Blues

Southern Football League
Round 14

NEW Norfolk's football teams racked up another two wins and a draw at the weekend, including a lucky 13th on the trot for the seniors. Saturday started with a draw in the colts game against Kingborough at the Twin Ovals, while the reserves had a 31-point win over Lindisfarne in their encounter at Anzac Park.

“Let’s get loud”, came a shout from the New Norfolk huddle before the opening bounce of the senior game with Lindisfarne and by half-time that shout had become a deafening roar. The Eagles bolted to a 50-point lead by the long change and with its staunch defence and control of the ball through the midfield had kept the home side to a single goal. After a half-time roasting, the Two Blues launched a promising rebuttal in the third quarter, but they eventually became roadkill for a New Norfolk juggernaut that blasted its way to a 91-point win.

Coach Jon Murray is reluctant to rate this year's side better than last year's premiership-winning Eagles. "I don't think we're a better team than last year - we're a different team to last year," he told the Mercury newspaper. "I don't like to make that judgement or comparison. We have a few new players and a new way of going about things and I think we are starting to click as a unit. But I think we can still improve," he said.

Murray was far from impressed with his side's third term when they came under pressure from a resurgent Lindisfarne. "We were undisciplined, mouthing off to the umpires, and that cost us in some ways," he told the Mercury. "We seemed to get sucked in, get influenced by some of the decisions instead of getting on with the game. It happens. To the boys' credit they came back in the last quarter and really kicked away in the end, which was good."

The Eagles had an army of contributors from the backline and through the midfield, but it was double trouble up forward that did the damage. Full-forward Michael Thompson was a powerful force with big kicks to the top of the square, hauling in some beauties and drilling five goals. Skipper Josh Hall was a different creature, working hard on the lead, moving around with purpose and this yielded him six of the best. Pocket-rocket Nathan Ross also caused chaos for the Two Blues in the front half. When he wasn't spearing the ball in to the big boys, he found time to dab four goals himself. New Norfolk's win sent an ominous warning to all of the SFL's premiership hopefuls.

"We can still build on a few things," Murray told the Mercury. "We're aiming to have a great lead-up to the finals, I think that's very important, having some strong wins and hopefully not dropping a game from here to there. We've got Kingborough next week and it's going to be very important to set our mark on them too."

Report provided for publication by Ben Harrison
SFL Football Operations Management

New Norfolk 4.2 8.3 8.5 10.7 (67)
Kingborough 2.2 5.4 9.5 10.7 (67)
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Banks-Smith 6, B. Hodge 2, C. Neads , B. King; Kingborough: J. Parker 2, T. Butters 2, A. Golding, H. Bradburn, S. Legro, J. Willoughby, J. Paul, D. Beech. 
Best - New Norfolk: C. Neads, M. Thurston, J. Foster, J. Banks-Smith, B. King, J. Daley; Kingborough: S. Legro, J. Coombes, J. Willoughby, L. Watt, J. Paul, D. Beech.

New Norfolk 1.2 5.4 8.5 11.7 (73)
Lindisfarne 2.2 4.4 4.6 6.6 (42)
Goals - New Norfolk: C. Curtain 4, J. Murray 2, D. Wall 2, P. Ling, S. Fenton, A. Minchin; Lindisfarne: J. Anning 3, P. Ashlin, M. Febey, S. Halliday. 
Best - New Norfolk: T. Triffett, C. Curtain, J. Papera, J. Adams, D. Wall, S. Fenton; Lindisfarne: D. Bertoldo, S. Halliday, M. Hutchinson, M. Vanbeest, M. Febey, M. Spong.

New Norfolk 2.2 8.11 13.14 22.21 (153)
Lindisfarne 0.4 1.5 6.11 8.13 (61)
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Hall 6, M. Thompson 5, N. Ross 4, K. Styles 2, R. Belcher 2, J. Clifford, B. Chaplin, B. Booth; Lindisfarne: S. Proctor, N. Grubb, N. Hobden, C. Flood, S. Bester, M. Phillips, M. McCulloch, J. Marriott. 
Best - New Norfolk: S. Bonnitcha, J. McCulloch, N. Eiszele, J. Hall, K. Styles, S. Crane; Lindisfarne: C. Flood, S. Proctor, J. Marriott, M. Stevenson, R. Jackman.

Rain-affected round of junior footy

Brock Triffett played well.
Southern Tasmanian Junior Football League

New Norfolk Junior Football Club results
Round 13

Claremont Bulldogs 6.2 (62) d New Norfolk Black 4.2 (26) at Cadbury #2
Goals - New Norfolk: T. Triffett, T. Murray, Z. Berry, H. Morgan.
Best - New Norfolk: T. Murray, C. Triffitt, T. Triffett, H. Morgan, T. Oakley, H. Clark.

Lindisfarne 10.12 (72) d New Norfolk 1.3 (9) at Tynwald Park.
Goals - New Norfolk: T. Donaghy.
Best - New Norfolk: T. Eiszele, R. Banks-Smith, J. Bearman, J. Bearman, T. Donaghy.

Claremont 8.7 (55) d New Norfolk 2.5 (17) at Tynwald Park.
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Graham , B. Triffett.
Best - New Norfolk: J. Stevenson, J. Guesdon, Z. Triffett, D. Coppleman, B. Tomlin, B. Triffett.

New Norfolk 6.7 (43) d Sandy Bay 5.9 (39) at Tynwald Park.
Goals - New Norfolk: C. Salter 3, W. Lockley 3.
Best - New Norfolk: D. Browning, C. Triffitt, W. Lockley, T. Oates, K. Tomkinson, C. Salter.
In wet and slippery conditions at Tynwald Park, New Norfolk recorded a four-point victory to consolidate its position in the top six. At times the Eagles were not prepared to run in numbers and were often second to the ball.
The Eagles backline stood up well and repelled many of Sandy Bay's attacks, while our centre-line players battled well all game. Wade Lockley and Daniel Browning put in a great effort

All other matches were cancelled due to wet-weather ground closures.

To view this weekend's matches, go to: Southern Tasmanian Junior Football League – Sportingpulse

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Gretna Cricket Club AGM tomorrow

GRETNA Cricket Club will hold its annual general meeting tomorrow (Wednesday) at the Gretna Green Hotel at 7pm, followed by a general meeting. All welcome.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Feature film to showcase the Valley

AN adaptation of Shakespeare's All's Well That Ends Well is presently being filmed at various location in the Derwent Valley. Produced by Fentonbury Films, the feature-length film is due for national release next year.

All's Well That Ends Well was written by William Shakespeare in 1605. The project team is Aaron Luke Wilson, Peter and Janie Wilson, and John Wilson and about eight years of work has gone into their dream of adapting the 400-year-old play for the screen. Their independent film is set in the early 20th century.

The film is being shot almost entirely in the Derwent Valley. Principal photography started last week at locations including New Norfolk, Plenty, Glenora and Fentonbury, as well as Battery Point. The cast includes well-known Tasmanian actors Andrew Casey and John X.

Fentonbury Films is seeking financial support for the project and is taking pledges to help with the cost of costumes, props, lighting, catering and equipment hire. There is also a Facebook page providing regular updates and photos of the shoot.

Filming a cafe scene at Glen Derwent, New Norfolk.

Two of the actors on set at the Old Colony Inn, New Norfolk.

Local actors Nigel Tomlin and Peter Wilson in character.

Flood watch cancelled

Bureau of Meteorology - Tasmania 

Issued at 10.44am on Monday 22 July 2013

Cancellation of the Flood Watch for all southern river basins and the Lower East Coast.

Rain is now easing and contracting to the east.

All southern catchments are reasonably wet after high rainfall totals observed in the last 48 hours.

High river levels and strong flows will continue and may still be a hazard throughout the south over the next few days.

  • FloodSafe advice is available at 
  • Road closure information is available at 
  • For emergency assistance call the SES on telephone number 13 25 00.
  • For life threatening situations, call 000 immediately.

Weather Forecast: Rain, easing to showers.

For the latest rainfall and river level information see

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Flood watch continues overnight

Bureau of Meteorology - Tasmania

Note: This Flood Watch is a "heads up" for possible future flooding and is NOT a Flood Warning.

Issued at 4.27pm on Sunday 21 July 2013 by the Bureau of Meteorology, Hobart

Flood Watch Advice continues for all southern river basins, including the Huon, Coal and Lower Derwent rivers, and the Lower East Coast.

Rainfall totals in the order of 20 to 60mm have now fallen across the South and the Lower East Coast in the past 24hrs up to 3pm Sunday. A further 10 to 30mm is expected to fall overnight.

Strong stream rises can be expected in all rivers and streams about the south-east. Strong and dangerous flows will be a hazard where river and stream levels are high, with possible local flooding of roads and low bridges about the South and the Lower East Coast.

A minor flood warning has been issued for the Huon River Basin.
  • FloodSafe advice is available at
  • Road closure information is available at
  • For emergency assistance call the SES on telephone number 13 25 00.
  • For life threatening situations, call 000 immediately.
Weather forecast: Rain, heavy at times with the chance of thunderstorm about the south.

Next Issue: By 10am, Monday 22/07/2013

For the latest rainfall and river level information see

Ray's footy trivia - the Upper Derwent snap

IN a roster match of the Southern Districts Football Association on May 25, 1948, between Upper Derwent and Bridgewater at Macquarie Plains, a goal post was snapped off at the base when grabbed by a Bridgewater player.

The post fell onto the playing area without anybody being injured. The goal umpire's flag was used as a post until the original one was restored.

Bridgewater won the game with 11.14 (80) to Upper Derwent's 9.12 (66).


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Flood watch information

Bureau of Meteorology Tasmania

Note: This Flood Watch is a "heads up" for possible future flooding and is NOT a Flood Warning.

Issued at 9.43am on Sunday 21 July 2013
by the Bureau of Meteorology, Hobart

Flood Watch Advice continues for all southern river basins, including the Huon, Coal and Lower Derwent rivers, and the Lower East Coast. Rainfall totals in the order of 10 to 35mm have been reported across the South and the Lower East Coast in the 24hrs to 9am Sunday, mostly since midnight. Further rainfall, with totals in the order of 10mm to 40mm, is expected to fall across the South, particularly about the Huon, Lower Derwent and Coal rivers, during Sunday.

Southern catchments are saturated and the forecast rainfall is expected to cause significant stream and river rises. Minor flooding is possible from Sunday afternoon onwards and catchment specific warnings will be issued as required. Strong and dangerous flows will be a hazard where river and stream levels are high, with possible local flooding of roads and low bridges about the South and the Lower East Coast.

  • FloodSafe advice is available at
  • Road closure information is available at
  • For emergency assistance call the SES on telephone number 13 25 00.
  • For life threatening situations, call 000 immediately.

Forecast: Chance of thunderstorms. Rain, heavier in the south.
Next Issue: By 4pm, Sunday 21/07/2013
For the latest rainfall and river level information see

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Boyer pioneer Alan Pearson farewelled

OBITUARY - Alan John Pearson OAM
July 21, 1922 - July 2, 2013

ALAN Pearson was one of small band of scientists who unlocked the secret of successfully making paper from Tasmanian hardwoods. He came to New Norfolk in 1944 to work as a research chemist and stayed for the rest of his life. Australian Newsprint Mills (now Norske Skog Boyer) had been turning out paper by the tonne since 1941, but it did not match international standards. Between 1952 and 1957 the ANM scientists developed the cold soda process which improved both the strength and brightness of the paper produced. When started in July 1957, Boyer's "cold caustic soak'' was the first successful use of this process in the world and it continued to be used until 2009.

The eldest son of Jack and Ethel Pearson, Alan was born at Temora, New South Wales, on July 21, 1922, but grew up and attended school in Armidale. An excellent student, he won a scholarship which paid for his high school education. He was also an all round sportsman - a middle distance runner, cricketer, tennis player, bushwalker and a good shot with a rifle. As a teenager during the Great Depression, Alan helped to supplement the family larder with rabbits that he had shot, selling the pelts for pocket money.

He wanted to become a doctor, but Australia needed scientists and he studied chemistry at the University of Sydney's Armidale campus. It was there that he met Isabella Brewer - better known as Belle. After graduating he went, under wartime manpower regulations, to work at Boyer as a research chemist on the production of newsprint from eucalypt pulp. In 1945 he became very ill with hydatids and had to return to Sydney for treatment.

Belle visited Alan in hospital and their friendship was rekindled. After he recovered, Alan encouraged her to visit New Norfolk - just for a look. They married on December 21, 1946, and settled in New Norfolk for a two-year stay. Daughters Ann and Judy were born in 1948 and 1950 respectively. As it was, Alan and Belle made their life in New Norfolk, living initially in Pioneer Ave and then Trevor Tce, before being offered a company house in Derwent Tce in 1956. Alan's promotion to chief chemist in 1965 included a staff house off Sixth Ave.

Alan had a distinguished career of 43 years with ANM, despite many offers of employment both in Australia and overseas. He travelled extensively, visiting mills around the globe, attending conventions and study tours and presenting many papers. After retiring in 1987 he continued lecturing and consulting in New Zealand, South Africa and Canada until 1996. He was recognised worldwide for his work, receiving an international Pulp and Paper Manufacturer's Award from the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI) in the United States in 1975 and the Australian Pulp and Paper Industries Technical Association (APPITA) L.R. Benjamin Award in 1976. He subsequently was granted life membership by APPITA. He was made a Fellow of the Australian Chemical Institute in 1970, a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences in 1978 and a TAPPI Fellow in 1982. In 1978 he became a founder member of ERGS, the Eminent Refiner Groundwood Scientists group, which was a select group of only 20 scientsts around the world, later growing to 33.

In 1989, Alan received the Advance Australia Award for his contribution to science. He was honoured with the Centenary Medal in 2001 the the Medal of the Order of Australia in 2003 for his services to science and to the community. Alan was actively involved in serving the community until as recently as 2011. He was a founding member of the Small Bore Rifle Club, Tennis Club and Aquatic Club and was president of the ANM Sports and Social Club for 32 years.

He served as deputy warden on the New Norfolk Council for two terms in the early 1980s; was chairman of the Royal Derwent Hospital Board from 1983-99 and convener of the Southern Midlands Health Forum. He was a member of the board of Corumbene Nursing Home from 1999-2011 and was chairman for about 10 of those years. Pearson St in New Norfolk is named in his honour.

Alan was secretary and treasurer of both the Methodist and Anglican churches in New Norfolk and it was fitting that the former rector of St Matthew's Anglican Church, Canon David Lewis, returned to conduct Alan's funeral service last week. Sharing a love of music, Alan and Belle were foundation members of the Derwent Valley Concert Band and travelled overseas on most of the band's tours and attending local concerts. At home, Alan always had a garden full of fruit and vegetables, and this gave him enormous satisfaction.

Alan is survived by his wife Belle; daughters Ann and Judy; grandchildren Matthew, Judith, Andrew, Alex, Sarah and Elisabeth; and great-grandchildren Eloise, Olive, Maria, Max and Gabriel.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Lucky 13th win predicted

Southern Football League – Round 14 Preview
Lindisfarne v New Norfolk at Anzac Park at 2pm Saturday

LINDISFARNE returns home to Anzac Park after a solid win on the road against the East Coast Bombers to host last year’s grand final foe in New Norfolk tomorrow. The Eagle machine is really starting to purr again and look a complete outfit when you see William Leitch Medalist and 2012 leading goal kicker Michael Thompson back in his best form.

There is no tougher task in the competition than playing against reigning premier New Norfolk, but Lindisfarne coach Adrian Goodwin and his men would always consider themselves a chance to beat the unbeatable team if they can string together four quarters of football.

The toughest marking job for the Two Blues will be to keep an eye on Nathan Ross, who has been in great form all season. If Lindisfarne can get first hands on the football and not allow the Eagles too many avenues to goal, it will be a big chance to snare an upset win at home. However, it’s expected that the Eagles will be too strong and will register their 13th win for the season.

Ben Harrison
Football and Commercial Operations Management
 Southern Football League

Top job for local cricketer

Scott McNaughton bowling in
the UK in 2007.
FORMER Magra resident Scott McNaughton is now living his dream job. Having been involved with cricket all his life, the 28-year-old has landed the coaching position of a lifetime. And it's not just any coaching job - it's the top job in Japan! Titled high performance and pathways manager, Scott's job entails being the national coach of the men's and women's teams and also coaching and creating pathways for junior cricketers.

"I was so rapt when I got the news," Scott in an interview via Skype. "I saw the position advertised before Christmas, threw my hat in the ring, got the job mid-March and started here at the end of April. Based in the city of Sano, Scott describes the cricket grounds in Japan as very similar to that of the rocky Queenstown ground here in Tasmania. "They can be a bit on the hard side and all pitches are synthetic," he said.

Believe it or not cricket has been played in Japan since 1863 and as a celebration of their 150-year milestone, Scott and the country's men's and women's teams travelled to the UK where they played matches against English teams on the famous Lord's ground. Learning the Japanese language has been one of the challenges that have come with the job, but Scott says he is really enjoying the role and is looking forward to the next two years in his adopted country.

Gaining such a position requires a lot of experience and qualifications and Scott has it all. Prior to leaving for Japan he was employed by Cricket Tasmania from 2007 where he held many positions including game development officer and women's development officer, as well as helping to form the Tasmanian women's team, The Roar, and being appointed assistant coach. In 2011-12 he transferred to Sheffield and was the regional cricket manager on the North-West Coast.

But it hasn't just been on the administration side that this cricket fanatic has excelled. His playing days began as a strapping teenager with the Molesworth and Eagles cricket clubs. From 2001-02 to 2005-06 he played with TCA club South Hobart Sandy Bay, winning a second grade premiership. In 2006-07 and 2007-08 he played with Glenorchy and also coached their Under 15 and Under 18 teams. During the off-seasons he travelled to England and played during their summer in 2006 and 2007.

From the 2008-09 season until 2012-13 Scott played with the Lindisfarne Cricket Club, and for the last two seasons was its senior coach, winning the Premier and Statewide Twenty20 premierships this season just gone. Coaching became a real passion for McNaughton who holds a level three accreditation resulting in him being appointed as coach of the state team for four years.

Back home, Scott's parents Michael and Heather couldn't be more happier for their son "It was such a great moment when we heard that Scott had got the job," mum Heather said. Scott's dad Michael who played cricket for 25 years said he and Scott had played together on several occasions over the years and in one match playing with Sandy Bay against Clarence, Mick filled in making 85 runs while Scott took 6 for 20-odd and Sandy Bay got over the line! Michael said his proudest moment in Scott's early years was watching him make a century for the Eagles at Tynwald Park on his 16th birthday.

Come December, which is during Japan's winter, Scott will return home to marry his fiancée Haley in January. Well done Scott, you have done Tassie and the Derwent Valley as well. Maybe one day we will see you coaching the Tassie Tigers or even the Australian team!

Scott with Japanese cricket team captain Tatsuro Chino in the UK.

Scott with some of the Japanese women's team members.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Twelfth win for the Eagles

Southern Football League - Round 13
New Norfolk v Dodges Ferry at Boyer Oval

NEW Norfolk put its 12th win for the season on the board at the weekend. Zeke Gardam booted four goals and the competition’s leading onballer/small forward Nathan Ross chipped in with two goals to prove the difference in the result.

The Eagles forwards squandered a few chances and could have won by more. Regardless, the team now sits two games clear in top spot with a great percentage of 218.98.

After a close first three quarters where score was nine points to the Eagles' advantage at three-quarter time, New Norfolk broke the game open with five goals to one in the final quarter and sealed the result for the game. Ross, Ben Lovell and Josh Clifford were the best players for the Eagles on the day.

For Dodges Ferry, who still need to play four quarters to challenge in these games, Dave Cusick and Jamie Curran were the best players and Heath Barwin once again led the way on the scoreboard with four goals for the Sharks..

In the Reserves game earlier in the day New Norfolk had a victory by 177 points as Mark Cashion kicked 17 goals whilst Dodges Ferry could only manage a solitary point for the game. In the Colts New Norfolk had a solid win against the Sharks by 23 points.

Huon News player of the year votes, Round 13: Tim Cannan (DF) 3; Nathan Ross (NN) 2; Leigh Post (NN) 1.

Report provided for publication by Ben Harrison
SFL Football Operations Management

New Norfolk 3.4 6.7 9.10 10.12 (72)
Dodges Ferry 3.1 5.2 6.3 7.7 (49)
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Banks-Smith 4, B. Chaplin 2, D. Adams, J. Rowlands, B. Ransley, A. Triffitt; Dodges Ferry:
L. Edwards 3, T. Sutton 2, A. Meredith, J. Wilson.
Best - New Norfolk: J. Foster, C. Neads, H. Bielleman, B. Kaye, B. Hodge, J. Picken; 
Dodges Ferry: 
J. Bowling, J. Booth, M. Young, C. Blackley, R. Sutton, T. McKnight.

New Norfolk 7.1 12.3 19.6 28.10 (178)
Dodges Ferry 0.0 0.1 0.1 0.1 (1)
Goals - New Norfolk: M. Cashion 17, T. Triffett 2, C. Curtain 2, S. Bonnitcha 2, J. Banks-Smith, D. Triffett, B. Chaplin, J. Kelly, D. Wall.
Best  - New Norfolk: M. Cashion, T. Triffett, C. Curtain, J. Kelly, P. Ling, D. Wall; Dodges Ferry: 
D. Bell, J. Syrett, M. Gotowiski, J. Taylor-Evans, M. Wiggins, T. Hawkes.

New Norfolk 5.4 7.8 9.13 14.16 (100)
Dodges Ferry 2.1 6.3 9.4 10.7 (67)
Goals - New Norfolk: Z. Gardam 4, S. Crane 2, N. Ross 2, J. Clifford 2, B. Wardlaw, L. Joseph, B. Booth, K. Styles; Dodges Ferry: 
H. Barwin 4, T. Cannan 2, J. Curran 2, B. Tennick, D. Cusick.
Best - New Norfolk: N. Ross, B. Lovell, J. Clifford, J. Horne, B. Wardlaw, R. Heron; Dodges Ferry: 
D. Cusick, J. Hyland, J. Wiggins, J. Curran, M. Geappen, B. Tennick.

Council explores link road name change

A MOVE is on rename the Plenty Valley Link Rd to make it more attractive as a tourist route between the Derwent and Huon Valleys. Councils at both ends of the under-utilised logging road have proposed that it be upgraded using some of the $90 million in Federal Government funds available for the diversification of the Tasmanian economy.

A proposal to request a change of name for the road was discussed at last month's Derwent Valley Council meeting and mayor Martyn Evans said the Huon Valley Council would do the same at its meeting the following week. The gravel road was built several years ago and for most of its length it is wide enough for two log trucks to pass comfortably.

Starting at Glenora Rd and coming out between Lonnavale and Judbury, the route is currently called the Plenty Valley Link Rd and an alternative favoured by the Derwent Valley Council is "Southern Explorer". In an advertisement in last week's Derwent Valley Gazette, council general manager Stephen Mackey called for public comments on the proposed name change.

Submissions either supporting the name Southern Explorer or suggesting another name can be sent to Derwent Valley Council general manager Stephen Mackey, PO Box 595, New Norfolk 7140, by July 25.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Friends wanted for Magra land

The sign on the gate.
PUBLIC interest in developing a recreation ground at Magra is being gauged by the Derwent Valley Council. Last month's council meeting heard that a local resident had asked why land acquired for recreational purposes had never been developed and was instead being leased out.

The council has owned the land off Back River Rd since 1985 and there were moves to sell it in 2003. The community objected to its disposal and the land was subsequently leased to an adjoining landowner. Locals who have used the land for dog walking and football practice were surprised to find horses on the land last month, and a warning sign on the gate.

Residents interested in forming a committee to manage the property for community recreational purposes are asked to send their details to Derwent Valley Council general manager Stephen Mackey, PO Box 595, New Norfolk 7140, by July 25.

The land at Magra, off Back River Rd.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

45km/h limit proposed for Lachlan Rd

A NIGHT-TIME speed limit of 45km/h on Lachlan Rd will be recommended to the State Government to reduce the incidence of roadkill in the area. The move follows a request put to the Derwent Valley Council's community forum at the Lachlan Hall last month.

Two local residents asked whether a reduced "dusk to dawn" speed limit could be introduced on the Lachlan straight, similar to that on the Lyell Highway at Murphys Flat. Mayor Martyn Evans told the forum that he supported the roadkill prevention initiative and had been involved in recommending the Lyell Highway zone to the Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources (DIER) on behalf of a constituent.

Cr Evans said as there was already an 80km/h speed limit on Lachlan Rd, the "dusk to dawn" limit should be 45km/h and he would make this suggestion to DIER.

  • The Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources says these are advisory signs only, meaning motorists are not obliged to drive at the lower speed.

Who can it be? No. 3

THIS well-known Derwent Valley sportsman completed his schooling in Hobart where he was told to find alternative sports as he couldn’t play football or cricket. He persisted and played football with New Norfolk in 1949, including two senior games. After some indifference with the club in 1951 he went to Upper Derwent on permit for the next season and won their best and fairest award.

He returned to New Norfolk in 1953 and eventually took his game tally to 225 games with that club. He played in most positions on the field, won many club awards and represented the TFL on several occasions. He didn’t play in 1962 but had a final year as a player at New Norfolk in 1963.

The reason he didn’t play in 1962 was because he was appointed as the non-playing coach of New Norfolk, the first local to hold this position. He made a comeback to football in 1967 and kicked four goals for the winning Southern Districts Grand Finalist, Ouse, coached by Bobby Butler.

He later wrote football and cricket columns for the Derwent Valley Gazette for many years. He also played cricket with Lachlan Park, Magra, Gretna, Molesworth and New Norfolk, winning four premierships and captaining some of these teams. He was awarded Life Membership of NNDFC, New Norfolk Old Players and the Derwent Valley Cricket Association and received the Medal of the Order of Australia for his contribution to sport in the Derwent Valley.

Who can it be?

Researched by RAY AITCHISON
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Friday, July 12, 2013

Ten-goal margin tipped for New Norfolk

Southern Football League – Round 13 Preview
New Norfolk v Dodges Ferry at Boyer – 2pm

DODGES Ferry will be wanting to bounce back from a series of disappointing games when it heads to Boyer Oval to take on the rampaging New Norfolk tomorrow. The Sharks will need to match New Norfolk's midfield all day to reduce the supply to key forwards Michael Thompson and Zeke Gardam who kicked 14 goals between them in the last round.

Boyer Oval is a fortress for the Eagles and it will take every Dodges Ferry player to contribute across four quarters for them to be anywhere near competitive. Some improvement in their kicking for goal would also go a long way.

If New Norfolk gets on the board early through Thompson and Gardam it could be all over, with the tip being for New Norfolk to register another comfortable win with a 10 goal margin expected.

Ben Harrison
Football and Commercial Operations Management
 Southern Football League

Scout badge a blast from the past

Click image to enlarge.
A BADGE representing the old Derwent Valley Scout District has sold for a bargain $5 in an online auction. The cloth patch recalls an era when there were sufficient numbers of cub packs and scout troops between New Norfolk and Tarraleah to justify having our own administrative region.

The emblem was a shield featuring the international scouting logo, mountain ranges, hop kilns, hydro-electricity infrastructure, poplar trees - and something vaguely agricultural-looking in the bottom-left quadrant.

The Derwent Valley Scout District is thought to have existed from the late 1960s to the early 1980s, at which time the local groups were reincorporated into the Glenorchy district. The scout movement is still very active in New Norfolk and contact information is available here.

  • If you have any thoughts on the bottom-left corner of the badge, comment below or email us.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Planning scheme comments closing

THE public consultation period on southern Tasmania's 12 new municipal planning schemes closes tomorrow (Friday). The Derwent Valley Council and the 11 other southern Tasmanian councils have been seeking comments on their draft schemes for the past six weeks.

The draft ordinance and the draft zoning maps will be available at council offices and via the internet until July 12. Following the consultation period, the councils will consider all comments received and prepare final drafts of their schemes for formal submission to the Minister for Planning.  Access to all twelve draft planning schemes is available here. Jump straight to the draft Derwent Valley Planning Scheme here.

Submissions are being sought from all those with an interest in land use planning in southern Tasmania by close of business on July 12, 2013. Submissions may be lodged by:
  • Using the online submission function on the project website
  • Post, email or hand delivery to a council office. Download Lodgement of Submissions information here
  • Post to: The Project Manager, Southern Tasmania Regional Planning Project, GPO Box 503E, HOBART, TAS 7001 
  • Email to: 

Big night for Bushy Park cricketers

Bushy Park Cricket Club life members
Karen and Shaun Fenton
Story and pictures by WADE GLEESON

THE Bushy Park Cricket Club trophy night was held at the Star & Garter Hotel in New Norfolk on June 21. Club captain Shaun Fenton and Troy "Wizard" Smith collected a swag of trophies. Smith, who hadn't played a full season in around five years, won the club's best & fairest award as voted by the players each week. It was fitting that Troy won this award as it is presented in memory of his brother the late Chris Smith. Well done Troy, I'm sure this meant a lot to you. Trent Grant won several awards which included a hat-trick in round one, while his brothers Nathan and Dylan also featured in the awards.

A highlight of the evening was the presentation of life membership to club stalwarts Karen and Shaun Fenton. The mother and son duo have given great service to the club since Shaun started playing in season 1998-99. Karen has filled most committee roles such as secretary, treasurer and vice president, and at times has taken multiple position in the one season. Karen has a great hands-on approach and anyone who has been to the cricket at Bushy Park will know how well Karen runs the canteen. Such is Karen dedication to the club that she continued helping while Shaun had a season off.

Shaun Fenton has captained the club for three seasons and has given great service. As well as helping out off field, he has become a fine cricketer making more than 1500 runs since the club joined the SCA, including 408 runs this season. In 2002-03 when the team won their first premiership since 1985-86, Shaun took a haul of six wickets for just six runs against the Eagles Cricket Club. Shaun has also become a very good wicket keeper and pace bowler.

Karen and Shaun should be proud of their efforts and thoroughly deserve their awards. Karen's daughter Megan is the club's secretary and is doing a great job following in her mum's footsteps. Finally well done to club president and player Nick Fenton for his hard work and thank you for inviting me to what was a most enjoyable function. Well done to Bushy Park on making the grand final in the past two seasons.  

Trophy winners
Batting aggregate: Shaun Fenton 408 runs
Batting average: Shaun Fenton 29.14
Bowling aggregate: Troy Smith 31 wickets
Bowling average: Troy Smith 11.26
Fielding: Dylan Grant
Most catches: Shaun Fenton 27
Most improved: Trent Grant
Most consistent: Troy Smith
Best in finals: Shaun Fenton
Duck trophy: Mitchell Crosswell
Butter fingers: Shaun Fenton and Danny Mason
Best and fairest as voted by the players: Troy Smith
Runner up best and fairest: Mitchell Crosswell

Special awards
Trent Grant: hat trick, Round 1 v DOSA
Nathan Grant: two five-wicket hauls against Derwent in Round 5, 5 for 10; and in Round 16, 6 for 39.
Life memberships: Karen Fenton and Shaun Fenton.

Trophy winners Dylan, Trent and Nathan Grant. 

Mitchell Crosswell and his Duck Trophy.

Troy Smith with his awards from the Bushy Park Cricket Club
trophy night. 

Night of champions

Click image to enlarge.

Today's road weather warning cancelled

Bureau of Meteorology 
Cancellation of Road Weather Alert

Issued at 9.29am on Thursday 11 July 2013.

The road weather alert for the Central North, North East, Central Plateau, Midlands, Upper Derwent Valley and South East forecast districts has been cancelled, but the situation will continue to be monitored and further alerts will be issued if necessary.

For information on any road closures, please contact your local council or the Police.

Stay up to date with any Bureau of Meteorology weather alerts here.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Road weather alert - Thursday

Road Weather Alert
for Central North, North East, Central Plateau, Midlands, Upper Derwent Valley and South East forecast districts

Issued at 9.42pm on Wednesday 10 July 2013.

Icy roads will make driving conditions dangerous during Thursday in parts of the Central North, North East, Central Plateau, Midlands, Upper Derwent Valley and South East forecast districts.

For information on any road closures, please contact your local council or the Police.

The next alert will be issued by 5am Thursday.

New Norfolk demolishes Sorell

Southern Football League - Round 12
New Norfolk v Sorell at Pembroke Park

THE Sorell Eagles just could not stay in touch on Saturday as their New Norfolk namesakes led by 33 points at half time and the margin blew out to 77 points by the end of the game.

Zeke Gardam and Jarrod Horne were the best players for New Norfolk, along with Michael Thompson who bagged eight goals and Zeke Gardam who booted six.

Sorell had Joshua White as their leading goal scorer with five goals while Grant Williams was amongst their best players as he continues his good form this season.

New Norfolk also won the reserves match by 25 points but Sorell turned the tables in the first match of the day to win the colts game by five points.

Report provided for publication by Ben Harrison
SFL Football Operations Management

Sorell 2.1 2.1 4.4 5.4 (34)
New Norfolk 1.2 2.3 3.4 4.5 (29)

Goals - Sorell: S. Russell 3, M. Johnson , M. Beven; New Norfolk: B. Chaplin 2, B. Kaye, J. County.
Best - Sorell: B. Hibberd, T. McKillop, M. Beven, J. Chynoweth, D. Chapman, W. Lyon; New Norfolk: J. Whitford-Marriott, H. Bielleman, B. Chaplin, D. Pearce, B. King, R. Wakefield.

New Norfolk 1.0 5.2 9.3 10.5 (65)Sorell 1.1 1.3 1.4 6.4 (40) 
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Banks-Smith 3, D. King 2, J. Walsh 2, P. Ling, J. Papera, M. Cashion; Sorell: D. Navickas 2, B. Mather , K. Flynn, J. Latham, R. Flynn.
Best - New Norfolk:
J. Banks-Smith, J. Duggan, C. Curtain, A. Minchin, B. Kaye, B. King; Sorell: B. Mather, J. Chapman, L. White, J. Dillon, C. Braslin, D. Navickas.

New Norfolk 7.3 10.6 15.8 20.14 (134)
Sorell 2.1 5.3 7.7 8.9 (57) 
Goals - New Norfolk: M. Thompson 8, Z. Gardam 6, J. Clifford, R. Belcher, B. Booth, M. Thurston, N. Ross, S. Crane; Sorell: J. White 5, J. Williamson , J. Lansdell, J. Ferguson.
Best - New Norfolk: Z. Gardam, J. Horne, S. Crane, M. Thompson, M. Thurston, K. Styles; Sorell: G. Williams, J. White, J. Ferguson, T. Chynoweth, J. Youl, A. Parker.