Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New Norfolk junior soccer details

THE coaches of New Norfolk's junior soccer teams report on last weekend's matches.

Under 6 Red: Played a great game against Brighton Black. Well done team!

Under 6 Black: Played a great game at Tynwald Park. A special mention to our new player Gemma White who put in a fantastic effort!

Under 6 White: Played a great game against Metro. Anthony and Brady showed great defensive play and Will was in great form scoring three goals for the team. Well done boys!

Under 7 Red: Played Brighton at Brighton in windy conditions. A great effort by Makayla, Caitlin, Nayte, Daniel and Mia who tried hard all game.

Under 7 Black: Had a bye.

Under 7 White: Had another great game against Brighton Gold. Players showed great teamwork and defensive skills. Josh tried hard all game.

Under 8: Played an awesome game against Dominic at home. With three players down the team rallied around and gave it their best. A big thank you to Ella from Under 7s for filling in and for her fantastic goal. Congratulations to Sam on his first goal and best game. Well done Maiken for another goal.

Under 9: What a morning, what a game. Firstly a big thank you to Luke and Kiara who played a half each for Derwent United. New Norfolk had a win, 10-0. Goal kickers were Jacob 4, Aidan 3, Ostyn 2 and Kiara with her very first goal - the crowd went wild. Well done to Luke and Aidan who had a half each as goalie. All should be very proud of how they played and the great sportsmanship showed on the ground and after the game.

Under 10: Played an exceptional game against Brighton Gold at Brighton. Outstanding effort and teamwork by all players. Well done.

Under 11: Played their best game yet! With no subs each player gave 100% and displayed excellent teamwork. Special mention to our goal kickers Josh, 2, and Cody, 1,  who worked wonderfully as a team. There was some confusion on the final score but it was a great game the our players should be proud of themselves. Well done!

Under 14C: Played a sensational game against Brighton Storm at Tynwald Park, ending the game with a 6-0 win.  The first half was evenly matched with both teams consistently putting the ball forward. The half-time score was 2-0 in our favour. The second half showed our team step up a gear and put constant pressure on Brighton’s defence with another four goals getting past their keeper.  I cannot name any standouts this week as all players were fantastic.  Goal-scorers were Blake Priest 2, Jayden Bartels, Daniel Groom, Jordan Bailey and Joel White. Well done team!

Under 14D: Played Glenorchy Knights at Tynwald Park in an evenly matched and at times very rough game. Both teams took the ball forward time and again but each defence and goalkeepers refused to allow many in. Adam Blackwell always does such a great job in goals and Nathan Coleman’s speed stopped many a charge forward from Glenorchy.  Joel White played his best game of the year until a hamstring twinge took him off the ground. In fact minor injuries on both teams resulting in players off the ground saw the last ten minutes of the game a struggle to try and gain an advantage but not getting it so the game ended in a 1-1 draw. Well done players.

There are no games this long weekend.

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