Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Norfolk junior football

Under 16s footballer Adam
Byrne played his 50th game
 for New Norfolk recently.
Southern Tasmanian Junior Football League
New Norfolk Junior Football Club results
Round 10

New Norfolk Black: 6.3 (39) v Central Hawks - scores not supplied.
Goals - New Norfolk: S. Daly-Leaman 2, T. Murray, X. Maddox, I. Flynn, J. Byers.
Best - New Norfolk: L. Sutton, Z. Berry, T. Triffett, J. Bone, C. Triffitt, E. McMaster, T. Oakley.

New Norfolk Red 9.7 (61) d Brighton Blue 6.0 (36)
Goals - New Norfolk: Lewis Spaulding 3, Jack Miller 2, Samuel Jackson, James Lathey, Brodie Scanlon, Bailey Wheeler.
Best - New Norfolk:  Jack Miller, James Lathey, Conna Blackaby, Markus Black, Lewis Spaulding, Titan Cashion.

Brighton Red 17. 5 (107) d New Norfolk 8.5 (53) at Pontville.
Goals - New Norfolk: A. Henderson 2, R. Blackaby 2, C. Kelly-Lennox 2, T. Anders, A. Triffitt.
Best - New Norfolk: A. Henderson, C. Kelly-Lennox, A. Triffitt, T. Anders, J. Gray, C. Clark.

North Hobart Demons 21.7 (133) d New Norfolk Red 11.7 (73) at Tynwald Park.
Goals - New Norfolk: Z. Holloway 3, B. Lennox 2, C. Gittus, J. Britten, B. Green, K. Booth, H. Kennedy, C. McKenzie.
Best - New Norfolk: K. Booth, J. Britten, B. Green, Z. Holloway, C. McKenzie, W. Temple.

New Norfolk Black 12.6 (78) d Clarence White 9.7 (61) at Howrah Primary.
Goals - New Norfolk: B. Smith 3, T. Bailey 2, Z. Holdsworth 2, B. Golding, R. Higgins, B. Tomlin, T. Scanlon.
Best - New Norfolk: B. Russell, T. Scanlon, B. Smith, B. Tomlin, Z. Holdsworth.

Lindisfarne Blues 11.14 (80) d New Norfolk 1.4 (10) at Tynwald Park.
Goals - New Norfolk: H. Davis.
Best - New Norfolk: H. Davis, J. Triffett, J. Triffett, C. Kemmler, Z. Wheeler, G. Lazenby.

Clarence Red 14.12 (96) d New Norfolk 9.2 (56) at Howrah Primary.
No other details available

North Hobart 7.12 (54) d New Norfolk 3.3 (21) at New Town Bike Track.
Goals - New Norfolk: B. Duncan 2, T. Eiszele.
Best - New Norfolk: T. Eiszele, R. Banks-Smith, J. Bearman, A. Long, L. Kalbfell, B. Duncan.

New Norfolk 13.27 (105) d Hobart 0.0 (0) at Tynwald Park.
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Morgan 6, R. Stewart 3, J. Stevenson 2, J. Mannie, Z. Triffett.
Best - New Norfolk: J. Stevenson, J. Morgan, R. Stewart, Z. Triffett, J. Mannie, J. Campbell.

Sorell 15.4 (94) d New Norfolk 11.5 (71) at Sorell.
Goals - New Norfolk: A. Blair 5, C. Salter 3, B. Gleeson, B. Pauly, D. Smith.
Best - New Norfolk: A. Russell, P. Vout, A. Blair, C. Triffitt, B. Gleeson, C. Salter.
The Under 16s went down to Sorell on Sunday in a physical and at times close match. New Norfolk got off to a great start kicking four goals to three in the first quarter.
In the second term Sorell bounced back kicking seven goals to two and this was the quarter that hurt New Norfolk and from here they played catch-up football.
To their credit they didn’t give up, keeping things even for the remaining two quarters by kicking five goals to Sorell’s five. New Norfolk played the match out to the end which was a big improvement on the week before.
New Norfolk was well served by Aiden Russell who continues to improve week after week. Patrick Vout again played some great hard footy as did Cooper Triffitt and Brodie Gleeson who kicked a great goal on the run.
Up forward it was a great display of marking and kicking for goal by Alex Blair while Connor Salter did well booting three majors. Billy Pauly and Dakoda Smith chipped in with one goal each.

To view this weekend's matches, go to: Southern Tasmanian Junior Football League – Sportingpulse

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