Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New Norfolk junior football

Brodie Gleeson kicked two goals
for the Under 16s
Southern Tasmanian Junior Football League
New Norfolk Junior Football Club results
Round 8

New Norfolk Red 13.7 (85) d Claremont 4.4 (28).
Goals - New Norfolk: Bailey Chaplin 2, Bailey Wheeler 2, Lewis Spaulding 2, Jack Miller 2, Brodie Scanlon 2, Markus Black, Ryan Coppelmen, James Lathey.
Best - New Norfolk: Markus Black, Lewis Spaulding, Samuel Jackson, Bailey Chaplin, Bailey Wheeler, Brodie Scanlon.

Brighton Red 11.4 (70) d New Norfolk Black 4.6 (30)
Goals - New Norfolk: H. Burns  3, H. Morgan.
Best - New Norfolk: H. Burns, L. Sutton, H. Morgan, T. Oakley, J. Bone, E. McMaster.

Claremont 12.7 (79) d New Norfolk 3.4 (22) at Cadbury Oval.
Goals - New Norfolk: T. Anders , M. Marriott , B. Strong.
Best - New Norfolk: R. Blackaby, M. Marriott, B. Strong, C. Klemke, J. Quarrell, H. Townsend.

Clarence White 9.7 (61) d New Norfolk Red 7.11 (53) at Pontville.
Goals - New Norfolk: K. Booth 3, Z. Holloway 2, W. Temple, H. Kennedy.
Best - New Norfolk: K. Booth, Z. Holloway, H. Kennedy, B. Lennox, C. McKenzie, C. Plunkett.

New Norfolk Black 9.7 (61) d Brighton Red 8.8 (56) at Pontville.
Goals - New Norfolk: Z. Holdsworth 2, C. Jenkins, J. George, R. Higgins, B. Tomlin, T. Scanlon, T. Bailey, B. Russell.
Best - New Norfolk: J. George, B. Golding, R. Higgins, Z. Holdsworth, C. Jenkins, T. Post.

Details not available

North Hobart Red 12.8 (80) d New Norfolk 5.6 (36) at Tynwald Park.
Goals - New Norfolk: C. Kelleher 3, B. McRoss 2.
Best - New Norfolk: J. Wilton, O. Hole, S. Holloway, B. McRoss, J. Brown, W. Banks.

New Norfolk 7.9 (51) d Claremont 3.3 (21) at Cadbury Oval.
Details not available.

New Norfolk 7.7 (49) d Claremont 6.8 (44) at Cadbury Oval.
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Stevenson 3, J. Morgan 2, C. Triffett, C. Parker.
Best - New Norfolk: C. Triffett, B. Tomlin, J. Stevenson, J. Guesdon, J. Morgan, R. Thomason.

Southern Storm 11.5 (71) d New Norfolk 10.9 (69) at Tynwald Park.
Goals - New Norfolk: C. Salter 3, D. Smith 2, B. Gleeson 2, A. Russell, P. Vout, J. Ransley.
Best - New Norfolk: J. Farrow, C. Salter, C. Triffitt, A. Russell, P. Vout, D. Browning.
In a close game the bigger Southern Storm team came out strong to set up a good lead by quarter time. To the boys' credit New Norfolk slowly closed the gap as the game progressed and fell just short of victory.
The New Norfolk team continuously worked the ball into forward line but could not quite take advantage of their chances. They boys lifted after their performance the previous week and if they continue like this the rewards will come. Well done everyone.
Our next game is at Boyer Oval at 10am on June 15 against North Hobart.

There are no matches this long weekend. To view the next matches, go to: Southern Tasmanian Junior Football League – Sportingpulse

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